Sunday, February 26, 2006

What !? The holidays are over ???

Gosh... school starts tml, and i have not done much mugging... this is not good... real bad sia... well, odac stuff is still taking up most of the time, but then, i must say i am still rather lazy to study... donno why, but i jus don feel like studying... haiz...

now that i have got the schedule for the entrepreneur minor, i can plan my schedule accordingly also... and, i am still thinking of doing businesses, but what? how? when ? why? it will be either online shop or a services company. But i really doubt whether i will have time for this as my studies is not here nor there also... sia lah... And then, luckily for me, project MS is pushed back to April, this allows me to concentrate on my exams...

then hopefully, i will get my exchange, then i will be able to go to Taiwan ! Yeah !! hmmm, i think my attachment should be overseas as well since i would like to go overseas to experience new things... Yeah !!

Friday, February 24, 2006

J is for Jerangkang Waterfalls

19th - 21st Feb, hmmm... that was the days when i was with 14 other ntu students, conquering Jerangkang Waterfall. It was a long jounery as we had to change from bus to taxis to 4WD. It took us like 9hrs to reach our campsite. But i must say, it is all worth it.

When we reached campsite 2, the first mini waterfall that welcomes us was an eye opener for me already. But then, being my first time visit to Jerangkang, i was also kind of worried for the unexpected stuffs that might occurred anytime. This is because, i was the trip ic, together with Xuying. We are responsible for the lives of 13 young people... gosh... So, we pitched up the tents and we had some visitors - afew of the local guys. As we didn't expect to see others on a Monday afternoon, it was a surprise, plus we were worried that they would make use of the chance to steal when we are gone... if we were to leave somebody behind to look after, it would have to be me i guess. Options were given, and everybody decided, everybody should go up together, bringing aong the valuables.

Right at the beginning of the trek, i got lost. With a wrong right turn, i ended up with a dead end in front of me. I was actually annoyed with myself... "why didn't i opt for a recce before hand?" and i know that i was on my own, luckily for me, i managed to clear my head and think properly. It was helpful as i saw the correct track soon after, and the 15 of us were on our way again. It was a rather east trek, like bukit timah, but the things that we saw is definitely 100times better !!

The waterfalls are like natural jaccuzzi, and i bet they are even better than the OXXM massage chair... Really !! We had a fun time up there, playing with the water, trying up the "jaccuzzi", eating our tuna sandwich lunch, taking plenty of pictures... it was the indeed the highlight of the trip... wa ha ha... then, it was time to go, time to go back to our campsite. We then reached one of the waterfall we had passed before, and we spent some time there. Actually, this one is more fun than the previous one as we can actually stay underneath the waterfall!! So, we swam and sprayed water and swam and sprayed water, hopefully all this will de-stress everybody and prepare themselves for the challenges back in Spore.

Dinner was mainly pasta, hotdogs, cream of chicken soup. Everyone was hungry, so it tasted bloody good. Yeah. Really. And after dinner, we went to bed early, as we really really had a long day. Lying inside my tent, the loud roaring of the waterfall's water actually sounds relaxing, and within seconds, i was asleep. Then the next day, after breakfast, we all got ready to pack up and go.

Thanks people, Dingguo, Junsheng, Jason, Yijie, Sijia, Jingyun, Jacelyn, Adelene, Jiahow, Tian Jing, Adrian, Stella, Zhuomin and Xuying for the wonderful trip. Cheers.

Thursday, February 23, 2006

Moving houses again...

Gosh, this is like my fifth blogs ! i have been changing and

changing since donno when... guess i must try to stick to this

one... hopefully i won't be changing again... coz everytime i

changed, i got to start everything from the start...

Will be uploading details about my trip to Jerangkang

Waterfall soon, once i get more photos from Yijie !!