Friday, July 22, 2011

L a n g k a w I ~ ~ ~

Langkawi Holidays - Holidays to MalaysiaSource:

I am a frequent visitor to Malaysia but I have not been to Langkawi yet. Langkawi is an archipelago of 104 islands to the North-West of Mainland Malaysia. And it faces the Andaman sea, yes, the other side of the sea is Thailand. Now the chinese name for Langkawi is 浮羅交怡 – not much meaning behind it, just words that sounded like Langkawi. As for the malay name, we have Langkawi Permata Kedahname, which means Langkawi, the Jewel of Kedah.


Palau Langkawi is the most happening island and this is the place where you can  find lots to do and lots to eat. Of course, if you plan to chill and relax by the beach, you can do so too as it is perfectly legal to do so! Did I say shopping is duty free on the island? YES, it is!!!!!


NOW…. if I get the chance to go to Langkawi, on my wish list, I hope to dive as much as possible and come back home with a new tan. My reputation of being a beach boy has become historic and I look forward to reclaim that title. 

Safra’s is organising a contest where eight lucky participants will get to go to Langkawi fully sponsored. YES, FULLY SPONSORED!!! Isn’t that fantastic?????

Sun, Sea and the Sand… that spells L A N G K A W I loud and clear, so please let me be one of those lucky 8!

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

46 x Jetstar $100 for grab!!!


The Pledge Moment 2011


No matter where you are – in Singapore or the other side of the Earth – on this National Day, 8.22pm, let’s pledge ourselves together as one united people!

Who can say no to ______?


Durian Prata!


Ice Cream!




Bread Pudding!


Chocolate Fondue!!!

Plaza Brasserie @ Park Royal Hotel (Beach Road)

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Thank you Domino’s Pizza!


A very big THANK YOU to Domino’s Pizza for the great experience. I got to know Domino’s Pizza a lot better, the food was yummy and I even got to make my own pizza.

So if you are hungry after reading my posts about the pizzas with the CHEESE BURST CRUST, you may want to taste it for yourself. There is currently a promotion going on >>>

Order it today! The online method:

Domino’s Pizza Singapore


So there we have Mr Ba U Shan-Ting – Chief Operating Officer, Domino’s Pizza Singapore & Malaysia – and the rest of the staff posing for us to take pictures. They have with them two of the pizzas with the new CHEESE BURST CRUST!


In my earlier post, I mentioned that there is another way to order your pizzas, other than the traditional method of calling them. This other method is non other than via online! The official website is

Domino’s Pizza has this GPS Tracker that customers can make used of to locate where their pizzas are. From the order to the making to the boxing, all the way till delivery, customers can click-click to check on their pizzas. With the guarantee that they will deliver within 30 minutes, no matter how hungry you are, you are always assured that your pizzas are on the way.

There are currently ten stores all over the island and the Tampines store is opening soon. ASAP I hope!!!!

1, Blk 339 #01-1587, Singapore 560339

Blk 218, Bedok North 1, #01-15 Singapore 460218

Blk 111 Jalan Bukit Merah, #01-1678, Singapore 160111

Block 253 Choa Chu Kang #01-01 ( Keat Hong Shopping Centre) Singapore 680253

Blk 625 #01-312 Elias Mall, Elias Road, Singapore 510625

301,Tanjong Katong Road,Singapore 437084

71 & 71A,Killiney Road,Singapore 239527

943/945,Upper Serangoon Road,Singapore 534710

369 Sembawang Road,#01-06 Sembawang Cottage, Singapore 758382

8 Chun Tin Road, Singapore 599595

The good people of Domino’s Pizza also shared with us the Domino’s Pizza Cheer:


Wednesday, July 13, 2011

The day the little red dot became red


This happened a few days back and gosh, the whole sky was reddish!!!!! I wonder what caused it… hmmm….

Domino’s Pizza proudly presents CHEESE BURST CRUST!


The CHEESE BURST CRUST is loaded with irresistible creamy cheddar cheese sauce, oozing from between two signature Crunchy Thin Crusts! Imagine all the Cheesy goodness blasting inside your mouth with every bite!


Now, you can choose to have your favourite specialty pizzas with the CHEESE BURST CRUST!!!


My all time favourite is HAWAIIAN PARADISE!!! I just love the pineapples, chicken and ham’s combination!


The CLASSY CHIC is pretty awesome as well!!!!


Who can say “NO” to the CLASSIC PEPPERONI??????


How about some BREADSTIX to go along with the pizzas?


The GOLDEN ROASTED DRUMMET will definitely spice up your meal!


Just before you pick up your phone to dial 6222-6333 to make your order, my next post will tell you more about Domino’s Pizza and another great way to get your pizzas!

How LONG can you HANG???


I made my own PIZZA!


YES!!!! I made my own pizza although there were like 3 more people who helped me with it. I called it the Super Duper Fuzzy Wuzzy Hawaiian Merlionic Pizza!

There was a pizza tasting yesterday at Domino’s Pizza @ Elias Mall!!! The latest and bestest thing ever happened to the pizza industry in this little red dot is the introduction of the CHESSE BURST pizzas from Domino’s Pizza.

Especially if you like CHEESE, CHEESE and more CHEESE, the CHEESE BURST pizzas from Domino’s will definitely satisfy your cravings anytime and all the time.

Want to know how the CHEESE BURST pizzas look like? Wait for my next post, coming right up!!!! 

Thursday, July 07, 2011

NDP 2011: Majulah! The Singapore Spirit!

I am involved in this year's edition of the National Day Parade (NDP) and the theme for this year is "Majulah! The Singapore Spirit!"

I will be marching during the parade and if your eyesight is good enough, try to spot me in the crowd. I am standing somewhere to the top left of the image above, holding on to the yellow flags - it will be something else on the actual day, something nicer!

Majulah! The Singapore Spirit!!!!

So exciting!!!!