Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Earthkeepers, We all can be!



As residents of the planet Earth, all of us have the responsibilities to take good care of her. We are not doing it just for Earth but for ourselves, our children and the future generations too.

Extreme weathers have hit countries recently and we can’t say for sure if they were part and parcel of Nature or they were the results of our actions. What is definite is that these extreme weathers have caused impact on us.

Droughts. Heavy rainfalls. Unusually high or low temperatures. These phenomenon have affected us one way or another.

Come to think of it… 

Do we really need a plastic bag to contain our purchase when we can just put it in our bags?

Do we really need to use disposable cutleries when the metal ones are available?

Do we all really need to drive a car to work when there is efficient public transport? 

Earthkeepers is a term created by Timberland.

Earth = the place we live in;

Keepers = the guardians.

Together, we can play our parts and do something for Earth.

Timberland started a community project in 2001 at the Horqin Desert in the People’s Republic of China. What used to be green pasture has now become a barren desert. Overgrazing and deforestation, doings of Men caused this dramatic change.

Timberland Earthkeepers have been trying to planting trees to green up the place and as of April 2010, they have planted ONE MILLION trees.

There is a plan to increase this number to TWO MILLION trees and I hope that I can be part of the team to do so.

I have always been encouraging my friends to go green. As I always asked them, “Think! Do I really need this?”

We, humans, have survived without luxury items before. We don’t need luxury items now.

It might be hard to stop ourselves from enjoying luxury items totally but I believe we can slowly reduce our reliance. Do we really need to blast the aircon at 20 Degree Celsius?

Reflection is something that I always do. By looking back at what I have done, I then decide which path I shall take next. I don’t mind getting my hands dirty. I don’t mind embracing high temperatures. So as the goal is a good one, I will go all out for it.

I am working on a project to encourage Singaporeans to use Recycle Bags. The “Bring Your Own Bag” was not a total success but it created awareness which is good. As we progress and understand that our actions do affect our environment, I believe more people will go green. Using Recycle Bags is something small yet but brings across a strong message.

I want to be a Timberland Earthkeeper.

Be a Timberland Earthkeeper and support desert greening in Horqin!

The BEST In-Flight Entertainment


What to do when there is no In-Flight Entertainment for your flight? Well, just look out the window and enjoy the BEST IFE in the world!






More photos HERE

Sunday, June 05, 2011

Are YOU Ninja enough?


It rained so heavily a few hours before the Prelim started that I almost want to do it another day. Rainy days can be such a good excuse to procrastinate on things. From the Foodcourt at Level 3, one can see the whole course clearly. Ain’t that big but it ain’t easy too.


Sounds good huh? Rock and Roll Barrels? Well, many participants couldn’t clear this obstacle because some how they slipped between the gaps and fell into the water.


Then jump from the platform onto this obstacle called the Topsy Turvy. It spins! There are two spinning platforms and they spin in different directions.


Hug the Bear and there you zip across!


The rules are simple: get across via the bottom part of the net, you fall you out!


Bounce Bounce Bounce and you shall clear this easily.


The finale for this course is the Helipad! Basically there are six “steering wheels” and they rotate when you grab hold of it. Easy? Better to try it out yourself!

Registration is opened till 15 June, so you still have time to sign up for it if you are adventurous enough for it. Practices are from Monday to Friday, 2pm to 9pm. And oh, participants can do as many runs as they like until they are satisfied with the timing.

Head off to Velocity @ Novena Square now or sign up online via http://www.velocityurbanattack.com/

The fastest timing recorded so far is 35.56s. Fast. Very fast. I think I want to challenge myself to beat this timing. Possible?

Thursday, June 02, 2011

Eco Music Challenge 2011 SHOWCASE!


Participants from last year’s edition of the NEA Eco Music Challenge (EMC) came back to the Timbre @ The Substation to present an awesome performance! There’s Inch Chua as the poster girl for this year’s EMC. She said something like this which I thought was very well said:

“When two dots meet, everything suddenly make sense and wah-lah I am on my way…”

Ok, to be honest, I only remembered the “two dots” meeting one another, the other half of the line was something that I squeezed out of my brain. Inch was referring to composing songs and going green when she mentioned the two dots. So when these two components meet and combine in the EMC, she felt that it was a perfect platform for her to showcase her songs and to promote environmental awareness.


The stage at Timbre @ the Substation was all set up and ready for our performers! Hit it!!!!!!!!


Seriously, I have previewed some of the songs submitted for this year’s Eco Music Challenge and I felt that the standards are very very high. Most of them, I would say, can be put into an album and is ready for sale. Now who said Singaporeans are not creative and we don’t have enough talents? We just need time and with the right opportunities, they will rise.

Now if you are reading this post for some reasons, pick up your guitar and start composing something. This is a great way to step into the local music industry and doing good at the same time. You have nothing to lose but everything to gain.

Last day of submission is 20 June 2011 via the official EMC website, http://nea.ecomusic.sg/

Need some inspirations for your work? Go to the website and take a look what others have done and be impressed…. (^.^)v

Wednesday, June 01, 2011



Now here is an event that sounds and looks like it is interesting.


Quoted from the website: “In the jungle of competitive climbing competitions in Singapore, Climbnival promises to be the DMZ (de-machismo-ed zone) where both recreational and elite climbers can come together and celebrate the spirit of climbing – community, excellence and camaraderie.

Come join us for a fun-filled afternoon and climb to your hearts content!”

Seems like climb and accumulate points, the climber with the highest score wins. Simple!