Friday, May 23, 2008

SNOW @ Grand Canyon

I can't believe this but it is actually snowing @ Grand Canyon !!!!!!!! Snowing !!! Snow !!!!! I haven't never seen snow before and Singapore will never snow unless something goes really really wrong.

According to the people here, this is pretty abnormal too as it is suppose to be spring transiting to summer. Strange weather but the snow is really nice and cold. Very very cold...

We have settled ourself into our dorms and we successfully converted the room which was rather dirty initially into a cosy one. Real cosy man!! No doubt that it is far away from everybody else, the surrounding is pretty serene and peaceful.

Just a few more days and we will be able to move to the cabins which is at a better location - nearer to the Employee Cafe and our working places. And i heard it was suppose to be bigger than the room that we have now.

In short, things have been good and i like it this way!!!

Grand Canyon Rocks !!!!

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Counting Down = 7 days !!

In a week's time, i will be on flight China Airline to Taipei at this time of the day. Exciting wor ~ Come to think of it, it has been almost 10 months since we had the idea to do this trip. What a long way we have come to make it to this point. haha...

Seriously, flying China Airline is not exactly my first choice - 12 accidents in 30 years are too much for an airline to be "proud" of. Haiz... what to do? I can only now pray that everything will turn out fine.

So i have been googling around for more info on China Airline. I do get searches on the accidents but... BUT.. i also managed to find sites that led me to the food they serve and the Chi-Ling advertisement...

First of all, go to China Airline Food if you want to find out more about the food that is being served by China Airline. Remarks and photos are uploaded by travellers so I guess the remarks should be pretty frank!

Photo taken by: Ashley H.
Route: NRT-TPE (Tokyo, Japan - Taipei, Taiwan)
date: 06 February 2005
Ticket price: N/A
Flight duration: 3hr
Aircraft type & class: N/A, economy
Business or leisure trip: leisure
Meal type: lunch
Contents of the meal: chicken
Drink: OJ
Comments: The flight was delayed due to the heavy fog
in Taipei, so we had to stay over night in Tokyo.
China Airlines offers meal tickets for dinner, and for
breakfast the next morning. They also provided snacks
(sandwich, juice, and etc) and announced the flight
was canceled. The service was great though.
Rating 1-10 (worst-best): 8
Camera brand & type: Canon PowerShot S45

Photo taken by: Roger
Route: TPE - HKG, 6 May 2006
Ticket price: HKD888
Flight duration: 1h 20m
Class: economy
Aircraft: 747-400
Meal: Lunch - Minced Pork Noodle,
Almond Pudding
Drink: Orange Juice, Coffee
Comments: not enough for lunch, but it's ok because it's a short flight.
Rating 1-10 (worst-best): 7

Not too bad isn't it??

Then, there is the advertisement featuring Lin Chi-Ling!!

Wednesday, May 07, 2008

FYP Presentation on 5th May 2008

To be honest, i was very nervous about the FYP presentation. It was rather unusual as presentations have never been a problem for me. I really do not know why but i guess it must have something to do with my report.

It was not exactly the best report i have done and for certain parts, there were plenty of loopholes which were problematic. Hence, i guessed i was worried about the questions that my moderator might asked.

I was in school and feeling nervous and luckily i met lots of people in school who encouraged me!! And surprisingly, Weimin didn't do his presentation in the morning; his was shifted to Tuesday afternoon instead. Since his project supervisor is my moderator, he was told to sit in during my presentation.

That was a good move for me since his presence made felt slightly better. A friendly face in the audience was really i needed. Not that there were a lot of people, only 3 - my supervisor, moderator and WM. And my moderator was really kind, the questions he posed was not too challenging and I think i answered alright.

Actually i arrived at the presentation venue much earlier, i was hoping to listen to the presentation before me. Their supervisor is the same as mine hence i was hoping to find out what comments he might give. To my surprise, the moment i entered the room, my supervisor was reprimanding them - for not being serious, for doing the wrong things and stuffs...

That gave me a fright! What if... what if... what if... what if he scold me as well? haha... that was a scary sudden thought...

But it turned out pretty good. I remembered my lines and it went on pretty smooth. Good for me!

In the midst of the presentation, my mobile phone rang. Somebody was calling me and i took a quick look at it - it was my fyp partner. She called me at least 3 times but since i was presenting i didn't pick up her calls. Then i saw message and she realized she couldn't come for the presentation as she had fell sick... again. Luckily i never wanted to do the presentation together with her. Imagine she fell sick and left me alone to present without her parts... that will be a disaster...

In all, it was a very good experience and it sure marks the end of my NTU journey. Would i miss NTU? I think i would... i would miss Nanyang Lake, Hall4, Hall15, Canteen A (which has stepped into history), Subway (that i only managed to eat there a few times), Sakae Sushi (hope to eat there tomorrow), the lecture halls especially LT7 and the tutorial rooms...