Saturday, March 14, 2009

@ Changi Airport T2

I woke up at about 5am to get ready to go to the airport with my mom and sis. The night before, I had booked the flight to Xiamen for them. Everything seems so rush and as a matter of fact, it was a rush.

I struggled with the SIA/Silkair Customer Service Officer (CSO) on the phone for 40 minutes. My hand was cramping from holding onto the phone for that long. It cost $50 more per passenger to book a flight via the phone, seriously I think they should pay passengers $50 to book via the phone. It was torturous.

From getting the correct name to payment, I have to repeat myself again and again. "Yup, Alpha, India, New, York, United, Kingdom..." Honestly, I think the problem lies with the CSO. Most of the time, she repeated the wrong details that I told her. And then, I have to repeat and repeat myself.

After enduring the "effective communication" with her, she put me on hold for 10 minutes and I have to tolerate the "wonderful" music that was played. "Singapore Air.... A Great Way to Fly..." sang the music player. A great way to fly? Maybe not.

Then the funniest thing happened - the CSO overcharged the amount to my card. I almost cried. After 30 plus minutes on the phone and this shit had to occur? I can't believe my luck.

And so, we reached Terminal 2 at about 6.50am. It was pretty crowded over at the Silkair's counters. They made everybody queue in a line leading to many counters; in a way, this is faster than having many queues at the counters. And we saw a Mediacorp artiste in the queue. Not excited just surprised to see her. Guess guess guess: She is a host from Taiwan and recently, got divorced. Easy huh...