Sunday, July 22, 2012

Those were the days…


Those were the days we ran after 12am. Maybe it was 1am or maybe it was 2am. And after the run, we cooked up a supper and then go to sleep.

It was great running around NTU in the early morning – cooler weather and lesser vehicles on the road. And we were not the only group of people running in campus, there were so many others as well.

If you ask me to run at 12am, 1am or 2am now, I will think you are crazy or something. Maybe I will consider waking up early at 5am to run to school.


I scream for ICE CREAM!

Do you have an ice cream recipe that is uniquely yours?

How about sharing that recipe and join this competition?

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Run run run!


I have signed up for the 4 running events:

1. SAFRA Singapore Bay Run & AHM 2012 (21km)

2. Yellow Ribbon Prison Run 2012 (10km)

3. adidas King of The Road 2012 (16.8km)

4. Standard Chartered Marathon Singapore 2012 (42.195km)

Maybe I will sign up for the Olive Run (10km) and Newton Run (30km) as well.

Let’s Get ACTIVE Together! (^.^)v