Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Final Mug

Woo hoo... for the final mug, other than the good old NIE library, we also went down to Bugis library where there is a Study Lounge.

The Study Lounge is located on the fifth level and there are limited seats. Hence, everyday there is a lot of "kiasu" people who will queued long before it opens @ 9am. And yes, we were part of this group of "kiasu" people; I don't really like to do this but then we have no choice if we want to get a table. So boh bian loh...

The Study Lounge is bright and nice, it is a good enough place for me to mug. Plus, it is centrally located which is good for all. Not to mention that the view outside is superb.

There are plenty of rules to follow and the most important one is that no reservation is allowed. NLB even deployed their security guards to patrol the lounge to ensure nobody reserves for other people. I guess the situation must have gotten very bad last time for NLB to do so.

Sunday, April 27, 2008

Counting down...

YEAH!! Exam is over!!! And hopefully i will be able to clear all the modules for this semester; i am definitely not willing to return to do another semester. I want to GRADUATE!! Haha...

Anyway, i am still mugging busily. I am mugging on Grand Canyon and Taiwan !!! I am so looking forward to the trip. Gosh... and I talked to Peng Xin the other night and he went to GC in 2006. He shared many tips wor... very very helpful!!

At least, my doubts about the hostels are cleared. Expectations lowered and it is indeed possible for the 4 of us to stay together!!

So this is the chalet-type of dorm. Looks alright to me, and these types of dorms can accomodate up to 4 person. Hopefully we will be able to get one of these rooms.

Not exactly the best photo to display but hey, it looks cozy enough!!

Well, kind of squeezy here...

Some first hands shots of the canyon.

Very nicccccceeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee....

And Peng Xin with friends.