Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Cathay ups ticket prices

Gosh, watching movies is going to cost a lot more...

Think we have to order more "original" dvd from our neighbouring country.

Monday, January 28, 2008

I am going to Grand Canyon wor ~ ~ ~

Last Saturday, i went to Orchard Hotel for the Work & Travel USA interview. The company who put together the program, Stupidwing, was very nice to start the registration at 7.30am and that means i have to wake up at 6.15am to get ready. In the end, i woke up at 5.30am. How nice of them...

Maybe they got some reasons but still, getting everybody to go down so early doesn't reflects well on the company. Tsk tsk, but well then, I guess my gang and myself are used to it already. That's why we called it "Stupidwing"!!

Lousy customer service, lousy management, lousy planning... we would have opted out if not for the $50 that we have paid to them. Why should we have to bear all these nonsense from such a company? Yes, if not for the $50.

But still, i was astonished when i saw Meg, assistant HR Manager from Xanterra PArks & Resorts; all the way from USA to interview the many hopeful students including us. She looks cool and she is cool. Wooo... All the nonsenses from Stupidwing seems to disappear for a while.

We were then directed to another room to wait for our turns to be interviewed. We waited and waited and waited and waited and waited and waited... It was at least 100 minutes before we were told that it is our turn. Gosh... tsk tsk...

The interview was simple as Meg chatted with each and one of us at the table; it was a group interview with 8 people in one go. MAybe that was the reason for the long time it took to finish interviewing one group but i beileved there is definitely room to be improved.

The interview was smooth and i got the position of Snack Bar Attendant, so did Kev. Xiang Yan and Siti got the post of Guest Room Attendant, which is more commonly known as chambermaids... haha... both positions sounded pretty unglam hor ~

We are indeed going to USA to be cheap labour, just like some other people from some other countries who came to Singapore to be cheap labour as well. But i would say it is definitely going to be an extraordinary experience for myself and everybody else.

At least, i can see that there is going to be many of us going to work in Grand Canyon, at least 35 of us. Cool isn't it? haa ha..

But last night, Xiang Yan told me Siti's parent changed their mind and decided that Siti is not allowed to go to USA. Gosh, this is a sticky situation. Hopefully it can be settled when we go down to the company tomorrow.

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

White card not needed to enter Malaysia

Yeah, I have signed up for the Monopoly Challenge. Students from NTU can join as well and gosh, it is going to start in another 6 hours time. The prize is not really attractive leh, but I guess it is the process of playing the game that should be more important.

Anyway, i heard from 933 that visitors to Malaysia no longer need to fill in the white card. I was actually happy to hear it as it has always been a hassle to fill it in; there are times when we requested more of these cards so that we can keep them at home and filled it before going to the checkpoint.

So, with that piece of information in mind, I anticipated the trip to JB yesterday. And indeed, the white cards were not required and it took less than 10 seconds to clear the Malaysian checkpoint. Very very smooth. They should indeed make this policy a permanent one.

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Monopoly Challenge

Saw the poster at NIE. Cool hor, Monopoly Challenge.

I wonder if NTU students can participate or not...


Saturday, January 12, 2008

Taiwan's opposition KMT claims landslide victory in parliamentary polls

Read the full story here.

Seems like the Taiwanese are really disappointed with the
Democratic Progressive Party (DPP). Otherwise, opposition Kuomintang (KMT) would not be able to secure 86 seats in the 113-seat legislature.

I watched this election with high anticipation as I foreseed that such things will never happen in Singapore. We have a different culture and most importantly, we are only a tiny red dot. We can't afford political unrest; investors will run away. Hence, when democracy was to VS economic investments, $$ is more essential. We have no natural resources and we have to take each steps carefully.

I envy the political freedom in Taiwan but i know in my heart, this will never happen in Singapore. At least not in my lifetime.

Friday, January 11, 2008


The Red Cross is organizing the once a year NTU BLOOD CHALLENGE!! This year’s blood donation is not only held to break the previous records of the number of packets of blood that the whole NTU has contributed but more importantly to raise the awareness of blood donation and hence alert more people to the need and urgency of blood donation! This year’s blood donation will be a unique one as the Red Cross NTU Chapter will work with the bloodbank and of course, all the donors out there to accomplish three VERY important missions!!

Donate blood
Encourage your friends and colleagues to donate blood as well!

Why donate blood?

Donating blood is one of the kindest acts, and it requires only a small part from you. Many people need blood, and for every packet of blood that you donate, you can save three lives. Please lend a helping hand to all those in need by simply spending 45 minutes of your time.

We would like to encourage you to click on this link to widen your knowledge about blood donation.

So do come down to:
Student Activities Centre (SAC), from 15th – 18th January, 11 00 - 1700
We have set up an Express Queue for those who are interested in shortening your waiting time, we encourage you to book your donating slot at the website. You may register and check out more details at

For donors below age of 18, please print the form from the website given

Please be reminded that Singaporeans are to bring their IC or donation card, and foreigners to bring their passports.

All are welcome and do encourage your friends to come along!!! Thanks a lot for your support! We look forward to seeing you during the blood challenge!

Red Cross Humanitarian Network (NTU Chapter)

Steven says: Come to think of it, i have never donated blood. Maybe i should make this my first donation.

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Student Special [One]

Me, Xy, Kev and Wil went to the Sakae Sushi @ Frontier CC. This was my first time stepping into the building after it was completed a year or two back. To me, it is just another integrated building that combines retail shops with library with CC with a polyclinic. Convenient it is but it is just so uninteresting.

Ok, back to Sakae. The branch at Frontier CC is pretty small, not very cosy; but hey, isn't new HDB like that as well? Small and squeezy like a pigeon hole. Anyway, it was the food and friends that made the meal a great one. It had been some times since i went to Sakae for the buffet... when was the last time... hmmm... i think it was with Grace, CM and Denis. Very long ago... I still remembered somebody brought a plastic bag to hid the rice.

The verdict: the food was decent and because there weren't many people, they were served very fast. And because it is at a student price, so i would say it is worth it!! But this student is not offered to SIM students. Strange hah... On the poster, it states that the offer is only for those aged between 13-21; we were no where near this figures but students from NTU and NUS are an exception. But why are SIM students excluded?

New way of marketing? Seriously, how many students between the age of 13-21 can afford a meal @ Sakae? Is that the reason why students from NTU and NUS are an exception?

Strange but in a few months time, i won't be able to leverage on this offer anymore. Haiz...

Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Goodbye MC King

The 40-year-old comedian died on Friday after complaining of breathing difficulties.
Was it stress?



It doesn't matter.

Now that he is gone, it really doesn't matter.

MC King was never the main lead in any programs. He played more of a supporting role and he really did a good job. But i was never a fan of his.

I remembered there was a time, i was radio-channel surfing. His voice happened to appear over station FM LOVE972. He was sharing his experience over something and he chatted with callers and there was chemistry between him and Yongmei (972 deejay). I was glued to the station for that morning.

It was reported that many people turned up for his funeral. Raymond Tan, Henry Chia, Thomas Ong, Wang Libing, Wang Yuxiang... Other than the "stars" who went, there were many more who were there to see the "stars". Some even asked the "stars" for autograph. Gosh... what were they thinking?

Just before the body was to be cremated, he was given a minute of applause. Something which would have been more meaningful if done when he was alive. Why is it that he is only given recognition after his death? Why ar?

May you rest in peace, MC King.

Monday, January 07, 2008

New Last Sem in NTU

Oh no... it is the beginning of my final sem in NTU.

How time files...

Anyway, i promise myself that i will appreciate and value this final sem!!

First of all, for the last time, i have to settle my timetable. This is what everybody has to do when school starts. The add-drop period is crucial since we cannot alter the schedule anymore after this period.

Then, i have to see my fyp tutor, do my fyp...

Next, i will have to remember to sign up for the Re'kre-at NTU Programme. I want to sign up for the Beach Volleyball; it sounds cool and feels good and i think i need to brush up my skills too. Then, i can head straight for Sentosa again (I have to renew my membership... but i think is pretty worth it...)

Joining a dragonboat team is always something that i wanted to do and gosh, i have done so. PLK dragonboat team is the one that i've joined and i think it will be a superior team in the near future!!

Last but not least, i have to settle the Work & Travel USA thing by end of this month. The interview is on 26th Jan 2008. Hopefully it will proceed smoothly and we can all go to USA - to do "household chores".

Ok, i can predict that this sem will be exciting and i will be so looking forward to it.