Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Take action NOW!


Our weather system has been acting strangely over the past few years. Drought here, hurricanes there, earthquake here, heavy snow there. I said “strangely” because these phenomenon are new to me.

Maybe they were part of Mother Nature’s solutions to balance up what the humans have done to this planet.

Maybe they are the adverse effects of deforestation and excessive carbon emission into the atmosphere.

Let’s do something before it is too late. It might be late now, I don’t know. But everybody opt to do something. Take action NOW!!

Do you really need a plastic bag for your purchase at the convenience store?

Why use disposable chopsticks or plastic forks and spoons when there are better choices available.

Do something, be it small or big, and we can save the planet.

Hang and last till the end to win $10,000!


For a chance to win SGD$10,000, how long do you think you can hang on a cliff?

One will need to outlast the other 99 contestants on the cliff to win.

Are you game for this?

Monday, May 30, 2011

NEA Eco Music Challenge 2011


Into the second year, The NEA Eco Music Challenge 2011 is back and so far the songs submitted are pretty awesome. It is great to see and hear the works of young Singaporeans. Standard is very high, now who said Singaporeans are not creative?

Here’s an entry which I think is not very mainstream but yet nice. Enjoy!

The ArtScience Museum


The ArtScience Museum may look like a lotus from far (and actually from near too) but it is not really meant to be a lotus. Instead, it is really a hand with 10 fingers joined together.

It is managed by the Marina Bay Sands and the concept of the museum is pretty cool. Most of the exhibitions are mobile and this means that there will always be something new for everybody. So if you see an interesting exhibition coming up, don’t hesitate!!! Go catch it before it is gone.

Entrance fee is SGD$30 which is not exactly the cheapest here in Singapore. If you want to maximise your time at this museum, do consider bringing a book along. There is a nice café at Basement 2 where you can chill and let time flies.

Sunday, May 29, 2011

What was Dali thinking?


Is everything really what you see is what you get?

More photos from the visit to the ArtScience Museum can be found here!

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Dali @ the ArtScience Museum


The ArtScience Museum at the Marina Bay Sands is currently having the exhibition, Dali: Mind of a Genius – The Exhibition. Read all about Dali here.


“I do not understand why, when I asked for a grilled lobster, I am never served a cooked Telephone.”


From the ArtScience Museum, this is what one will get to see.



I hope I got the name of this correct, “Dance of Time”. Dali’s style is really out of this world but yet the meaning behind each artwork can make a lot of senses. Who says 12pm must be the time to eat lunch? Why can’t you eat lunch at 2pm? Time is more than the digits found on the clock.


This is the Woman Aflame. Her body is burning in flame but yet she is stepping on water. There are drawers on her body and they were drawn opened, indicating that she has nothing to hide. She is a free person.






Besides the Dali’s exhibits, there are 2 other exhibitions going on as well: Van Gogh Alive – The Exhibition and Shipwrecked: Tang Treasures and Monsoon Winds.

Many thanks to the ASM’s team for the kind hospitality. It was definitely an eye-opener for me and I believe many visitors will learn and benefit from their trip to ASM as well.

I am glad that we have a museum of such high standard. Hopefully, MBS has more exciting plans for Singapore.

The ArtScience Museum Official website: http://www.marinabaysands.com/Singapore-Entertainment/Activities/Art-Science-Museum/

Thursday, May 26, 2011

National Family Celebrations 2011


Want to spend some time with your family at the ArtScience Museum? Or enjoy the scenery from the Sands Sky Park?

Now there is a chance for you to win tickets to some of the attractions in Singapore. 25 June is the designated Family Day Out, so many families in Singapore will be moving out together and explore these attractions together.

Of course, every day should be “Family Day”, treasure the moments that we have with our closed ones.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Eco Tree


An Eco Tree simply sums up the things that we can do save the earth. If we can change ourselves to be more GREEN, we can change everybody else.

Do you really need a plastic bag for your box of biscuits? If not, just say nicely to the cashier: “I don’t need a bag!”

There are so many things that we can start doing to play our part. The Earth is already warming up, Singapore is becoming warmer and warmer.

Do something. Now!

Jurong Lake Run 2011


I have already lost count, just how many runs and races are there in Singapore this year?

It is like there is at least one per month and gosh… they are not cheap. Here’s another on 10 July 2011. Think I shall give it a miss since it is held at a place so far away from my home.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

adidas King of the Road (KOTR)


28 August 2011, 16.8km.

$45 each for group (10 or more) registration or $50 if you register under “Individual”.

Looks interesting.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

So You Wanna Be A DJ?


Ok, maybe I shall give this one last try. For those who are interested, audition is on 29 May 2011 at Orchard Central, starts at 12pm.

Now, should I try out for YES93.3 or 987FM?


Velocity Urban Attack 2011


Something like the Ninja Warrior and it costs $18 per person. Registration closes on 17 May 2011 which is today!!!! Maybe, it is still possible to sign up.

Thursday, May 12, 2011

I <3 SG! Day 4

Day 4

The Merlion Hotel?? Well, as part of the Singapore Biennale 2011, the iconic Merlion statue has been covered up and converted into a hotel. If you want to see what is inside, you may still do so until 15 May 2011.

This is a post dedicated to SINGAPORE! 1 post a day, everyday till National Day!

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

I <3 SG! Day 3


The CBD of Singapore is the heart of the nation. Even the parliament is located a stone throw away, that really shows the significance of this area. I still cannot imagine that the whole of Marina Bay used to be the open sea and it was only because of reclamation of land that we have what we have today.

This is a post dedicated to SINGAPORE! 1 post a day, everyday till National Day!

Have a break and zoom off into La La Land…


The weather has been unbearably hot for the past few days. Seriously, I wonder how much hotter can it become. I once dreamt that a glass dome covered the whole of Singapore and filled it with cool air. Imagine that happening and no more haze and no more crazy hot weather… but of course that also meant that air planes might have some troubles coming in and out.

During class today, I suddenly thought of the days when I was in the States. Along the west coast, we went to many beaches: white fine sand, bikini babes, crystal clear water and warm climate. The waves were great for surfing and we had a great time. How I wish I am there now.

A more realistic holiday in the short term could be a trip to Hong Kong especially during Winter time. It would be great to visit the Disneyland there and immerse myself in the cool weather.

Really feels like having a break…


Are you creative and like to design?

Kit Kat ®’s Yer Big Break! – a contest organised by Kit Kat ® for illustrators, designers and artists to give their own creative spin on what taking a break means to them.

More about Yer Big Break!

Illustrators, designers and artists! Fancy seeing your artwork ply the streets on a public bus? Simply create an original piece of art that is your interpretation of taking a break, and stand to win $1000 cash, as well as a chance for your design to be exhibited, produced and distributed island-wide – including a bus-wrap showcase!

Your piece can be an illustration, a photographic collage, a typography design or anything you can imagine, as long as it is two-dimensional and features a significant amount of KIT KAT ® red.

Flex your creative muscles as individuals or teams of 3 or less!


1) Original artwork should be done in at least A3 size, 300dpi, and must feature a significant amount of KIT KAT ® red.

2) Submissions must be made in pdf format no larger than 2MB in size (low-res preview)
Submissions must include:

(i) Artwork
(ii) Minimum 30 word description of how the artwork represents ‘taking a break’
(iii) Your full name, IC no, email address and mobile number
(iv) Email submissions to yerbigbreak@gmail.com before 20 June 2011.

Shortlisted finalists will be informed via phone and email, by July 2011.


1) 70% Creativity/Originality/Aesthetic Value
Are your design ideas beautiful, smart, unique and downright cool?
Does it make us go WOW and wish we’d thought of that first?

2) 30% Theme Fulfillment
How well does the artwork reflect the theme of ‘taking a break’?
Does it feature the KIT KAT ® red?

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Mizuno Wave Run [25 Sept 2011]


Well, another run to consider if you really like to run. Although landmarks at Marina Bay are featured in the banner above, note that the starting point is at Temasek Polytechnic. This could mean that the 10km run might be held at Bedok Reservoir.

It costs $45 per person so think and choose carefully as there are really many many runs coming up.

I <3 SG! Day 2


The tallest fountain in the world and a lot of people believes that the Fountain of Wealth will bring them lots of wealth if they touch the water. Well, it is fun to follow the 'tradition’ and touch the water as you go one round.

This is a post dedicated to SINGAPORE! 1 post a day, everyday till National Day!

Monday, May 09, 2011

I <3 SG! Day 1


I wonder how long will it take to clean all the ‘spikes’ on the 'durians’? To all the unsung heroes who have been cleaning up Singapore, THANK YOU!!! And to those who “accidentally” left your trashes behind, please be civilised and drop them into the bins nearby.

This is a post dedicated to SINGAPORE! 1 post a day, everyday till National Day!

Saturday, May 07, 2011



Want to win a personalised world tour and travel to your 12 favourite cities?

Well, simply sign up for an account on www.dealy.sg and you might just be able to do so. You will get to choose 12 of your favourite cities within the Dealy markets, enjoy free flights and hotels there and enjoy 3 Dealy Deals per city FREE OF CHARGE!!!!

Isn’t that the best deal????????????

Wait no more, just go to http://www.dealy.sg/world-tour-contest NOW and SIGN UP!!!!

Jump on-board the Queen Anne’s Revenge


One of the blockbusters of the year will opens here in Singapore on 19 May 2011!!!! And to make things more exciting, there are various things that one can do to ‘pirate’ up like what I did to myself. You can also create a skull and play other games. And  you could also win yourself Gala Premiere Tickets if you answer the Quiz correctly. ^^


Catch Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides movie starting from 19th May 2011 and join the official Disney Studios Singapore Facebook & Twitter page!

Friday, May 06, 2011



The gang is now in Rio de Janeiro after Brian and Mia Toretto broke Dom out of custody. There were many shots of the Chris Redentor which I really want to visit if I go to Rio one day. Anyway, the movie started with tons of actions in the beginning as Brian and Mia attempted to save Dom. They did and wah lah… suddenly they are wanted as well.

To run away from the FBI, they got themselves into Rio. Without money (which equates to everything else), they decided to do one more job. I shall not disclose too much details here, just go and catch it in the theaters.

There were tons of actions in the beginning and at the end. I personally find that the middle part of the show was a little bit draggy and naggy. Some might argue that if there are too much actions, it would be hard to tell which parts are the climax and it might not be exciting anymore since the audiences are over hyped too much.

Well, this is how I look at it. It is definitely entertaining enough for you to folk out your $$. 

Sunday, May 01, 2011

POPEYES: 5 Pieces Mixed @ $5.90 [Today Only]


5 pieces of mixed BONAFIDE Popeyes Chicken at $5.90 only!!!!! Today only!!!!!