Saturday, May 26, 2007

I ~ ~ ~ O ~ ~ ~

Gosh, it has been some times since i last posted anything here.

Well, i have started my IO, which means Industrial Orientation - a shorter version of Industrial Attachment (IA). My company is Duffill Watts Pte Ltd (DWPL), a transportation consultancy firm. We do things like assessing the impact of traffic when an area is undergoing development, solving congestion problems, reviewing road safety etc. From what i understand, for a transportation consultancy firm, DWPL is considered a big one with 12 staffs as compared to some with 3-4. I am really grateful to Ali, the manager of the company, who considered and accepted my application to do my IO in DWPL. It has been 2 weeks since i last started work and i must say i like it and yet, hate it at the same time.

Firstly, the office is at Cecil Street, near Tanjong Pagar MRT. It is a must for DWPL staffs to be in standard office wear, including me as well. The feeling is like going back to primary school, wearing uniform everyday. Then, being located in the CBD region simply means that there are lots of people working here. And indeed, during the AM & PK peak, there are so many people that we have to queue to use the escalator. Tsk tsk...

As i said earlier, there are 12 staffs in the company, 4 Sporeans, 2 New Zealanders, 2 Burmese, 1 Sri Lankan, 1 indian, 1 Chinese and 1 Indonesian. They are really a nice bunch of people who are willing to teach me things and guiding me along. However, they work too hard. Or rather, they don't have a choice. Office hours is from 8.30am to 5.30pm, other then me and the secretary, the rest almost started work from 8am and only finished at 6pm. For lunch, some even da-bao back to the office to eat. Kind of no life leh...

I enjoyed my lunch the most. Especially since there are many good food around. There's Amoy St Food Centre, Lau Pat Sat, and many small eating houses. Some are nice, some are cheap and nice. Amazing!! And the fact that, i am always on the look out of friends who are in the area, we can have lunch anytime together. Wa ha ha ha...

2 weeks had gone passed just like that, 8 more good weeks to come. And after that, i do hope to enjoy 2 weeks of holiday before school starts again for the final year.

Saturday, May 12, 2007

Under the Sea ~ ~ ~

If my relatives from Hongkong didn't come to Singapore for a visit, i wouldn't have the chance to visit Underwater World!!

It was a "SUGOI" (Amazing, cool in Japanese) experience as there are plenty to see and touch. Yes, touch !! There's a pool where people can touch the animals in it, Stringrays included !!

Thursday, May 10, 2007

Work @ Safra

I woke up at 6am on Wednesday coz i need to go work at Tampines Safra E1.

This is one of the reasons why I don't like morning shift. Some more, there are so many kids rushing to school, and the buses are just packed with them. tsk tsk ...

Anyway, I was supposed to end work at 6.30pm. But Dexter was late. He's the Operation Executive for E1.

Sulaiman couldn't find people to substitute so Dexter got no choice but to cover for him.

He called to say he will reach before 6.30pm. So i happily assumed he will be punctual. Then, he called to say he will be there before 7pm. Well, there was no sight of him at 7.05pm. So i waited patiently. Not that i want to make a big fuss out of this, but i was really tired.

Take note, i woke up at 6am and i am going to cover the AM shift the next day. I need my peace and quiet.

Eventually, he reached at 7.45pm in shorts and E1 polo tee. He looked kind of funny as he's too tall for such attire. Nonetheless, i showed him the things needed to be done and off i go. But of course, i do enjoy my work. And, i ate 2 days of buffet. Sinful...

Anyway, here's 2 movies goodies if you are a Safra member :

Goodie ONE, $4 for Fantastic Four : Rise of the Sliver Surfer Movie Pass

Movie passes will be available at all Safra Clubs from 14 May onwards. Max purchase of 4 movie passes per Safra member. While stock lasts!

Goodie TWO, Complimentary Tics For Harry Potter!!

As part of Safra's 35th Anniversary celebrations, each Safra member is entitled to a pair of tics. First come first served basis. [17 Jun, 10am - 2pm]

For more details, do refer to Safra's website.

I am not trying to promote Safra hor, just sharing good lobangs only !!

Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Spiderman 3 (失败的man) twiced ! !

1st May was the official day Spiderman 3 was launched. But i have a last paper the next day, so i couldn't catch it at the first minute. Well, caught it last saturday when we went over to JB. Gosh, crossing the causeway to JB on a saturday morning is definitely a different one compared to weekdays when the only people clearing the customs can be calculated with my fingers...

Took almost an hour to clear the customs but i have been thru worse situation where the queue extended beyond the glass door at JB. Right, so one of my motive going to JB is to catch the above mentioned movie. Got the tics but no good seats... so LL loh... I thought corner seats wouldn't be jialat... i was wrong... very wrong... In the end i have to tilt my head to one side for the whole 2.5 hours. tsk tsk... i guess that might be one reason why i didn't really enjoy the movie.

Well, so i decided to watch it again; since i had jio-ed my roomie, Wilson and Sam last week. One after another "disappear". No news from them... except for Wilson who agreed to watch with me. So there i go, watching it again. This time, with more comfortable and better seats, i enjoyed it more.

On the whole, the movie was ok only. Although some questions flashed thru my mind...

1. Whenever there's subtitles, i will tend to read them. For Spidery, i realised there are errors in the chinese subtitles, 我 became 握, 与 became 于. Why ??

2. Why is it that Peter's spider sense failed to work thru out the movie ?? Obvious scenario would be at the beginning of the movie when Harry attacked Peter from his back... What happen ah ?

3. Why is it that Harry only suffered a deformed face and yet Venom was blasted into pieces after coming in contact with the bomb ??

Well, seems like May is the season to cheer for movie goers !! Coz, after Spiderman 3, we have Pirates and Shrek coming to our little island...

Shrek ~~~

Welcome to Singapore ...

Sunday, May 06, 2007

200 Pounds Beauty (미녀는 괴로워)

Alright i know this is kind of old but i would still like to mention this movie again!! Quite entertaining but then i still prefer "My Sassy Girl".

Yup yup yup, this is a Korean movie, a story about Hanna who is very very very overweight! But, she has a nice voice and can sing. And she became pretty after... I will not say out the whole story, if you are interested, just go and watch them at the cinemas. :)

Here are some of the songs from the movie, and they are all sang by the lead actress, Kim Ah Joong !! Very very nice !!