Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Half-hatched Duck Eggs

The Vietnamese like this delicacy a lot. They can eat this for breakfast, for tea or just for fun.

Nope, I am not posting the picture as it might cause some to feel disgusted.

Given the chance, I think I want to try munching one down my throat.

I hope I will survive.

Drip drip drip!

vietnamese coffee slow drip


Everywhere you go, you will see coffee shops in Ho Chi Minh city. Nope, I am not talking about Starbucks or Coffee Beans & Tea leaves but local brands such as Trung Hguyen and Highlands Coffee.

The most traditional way to drink Vietnamese coffee is to put the coffee powder in the drip filter and wait for the coffee to drip down. Yes, it will takes a while but I think while waiting, the best thing to do is to read a book or watch the motorcycles and people passing by.

Let it drip, let it drip, let it drip!

Then add in the sweetened condensed milk for that sugar rush!

Beep Beep Beeeeeep!

Ho Chi Minh City        Credit: Andre Lettau

My friend once shared with me that one simply wakes up to the sounds of the motorcycles in Ho Chi Minh city. 

The large population of motorcycles in the city makes it unique and that is the first thing that pops up in people's minds. 

And trying to cross a road in Ho Chi Minh city is a must-do thing for many visitors. One tip that I heard is to cross the road without stopping, simply put, just go for it!!!! The motorcyclists will zoom past behind or in front; if we stop all of a sudden, accident might just happen! Just go for it!!!! 

Beep Beep Beeeeeep!

Tuesday, April 02, 2013

Hurray Fish Ole!


Well, I think it is perfectly fine to eat fast food once in a while. ^^

Do flash this when you order your Fish Ole ~ ~ ~

*3rd April aka tomorrow is the last day to enjoy this promo!

Bike Fair @ SAFRA Tampines


Lots of sales over this weekend and this Bike Fair looks interesting too!!!