Thursday, September 29, 2011

SCSM: Race Entry Pack Collection


Signed up for the Standard Chartered Marathon Singapore 2011 already?

If not, you still have one more day to do so before it closes tomorrow!

If you already did, there is an option for you to collect your RACE PACK on 1st Dec (Thursday) before everybody else. That is, if you register your interest to collect on this date, together with 19,999 other runners, you might also stand a chance to win a iPad 2.

Registration to collect your RACE PACK (on 1st Dec) starts on 6th October 2011. First come first served, if you are slow, you can come back again from 2nd to 3rd Dec!

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

If you flipped through today’s paper…


The Straits Times (28 Sept 2011) Page B11!

Once again, thank you very much to Team Tiger Balm ACTIVE for selecting me to represent them for the marathon in NYC. I am all excited to do the run.

Run your own race!

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

SAFRA AVventura


SAFRA AVventura is back! If river swim, abseil, bike, run and kayak sounds exciting to you, this is the one race you should not miss.

It gets tougher and more challenging each year, so never take this race lightly.

Happening on 15 Jan 2012, and the Early Bird Promotion is only till 15 Oct 2011.

Challenge yourself!

SAFRA AVventura

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Outing to the Marina Barrage



It was a beautiful Saturday morning.


We left Tampines at around 9am for the Marina Barrage. Today is an outing with…


… our wheelchair bound friends.


For many of them, this was their first visit to the Marina Barrage.

4 5

We took many photos for and with them.


Auntie Mary is a very cheerful old lady who always have a ‘Words Search’ book with her. Either that or a ‘Sudoku’ book.

Another auntie said, “I am very happy. Today I get to come to the Marina Barrage and I get to see so many people. Otherwise, today will be another Saturday for me, doing the same old things at home.”

It was my N visit to Marina Barrage but this time round, I had a different feeling. I thank my friends for giving me the chance to visit Marina Barrage with them and made my Saturday morning a meaningful one.

Friday, September 23, 2011

不做,不会怎样. 做了,会不一样!


If you don’t do it, there won’t be much impact and life goes on.

If you do it, there will be a lot of impact and life might get more exciting!

We only live once, “Life is short, Live Hard”!

As much as I fear the cold, I want to challenge myself and go for the Everest Base Camp trip. Everything is confirmed now and I should be somewhere up on Mount Everest in end December.

I am still convincing myself that everything will be alright… the coldness will not be that cold… brrr….

Anyway, Team Tiger Balm ACTIVE will only announce the winner to represent them for the New York City Marathon 2011 next week. I hope I still stand a chance to represent them as I really want to run this marathon.

The ‘LIKE’s for each video are not the final scores and there will be other judging criteria, hence, I hope I can score more points in the other areas. Crossing my fingers now…

The assignments season has come and everybody is busy with assignments and more assignments. Once we get passed this season, Spring will be here and it will be time to P A R T A Y !!!!

Please vote for me!


If you are not aware, I am in the running for the one spot to represent Team Tiger Balm ACTIVE to go to New York City for the NYC 2011 Marathon in November.

One of the criteria is to gather as many ‘LIKES’ on the Team Tiger Balm ACTIVE’s Facebook page. There are seven finalists in total and all of us have reasons to go.

Please have a look at my video and ‘LIKE’ my video. It is currently the tenth post on Team Tiger Balm ACTIVE’s Facebook page. Please give me your ‘LIKE’! Thank you!


Thursday, September 22, 2011

Believe in the RUN!

This is a really cool video! Maybe if I have done something like this for the contest, I will be selected for the NYC Marathon 2011.

Well, I also believe in my run. You should too!

Monday, September 19, 2011

Send Steven to NYC 2.0

Another video to convince Team Tiger Balm Active to select me!!! ^^v

The Amazing Adventures of Mr Active!

2011-09-18 22.44.45 

Mr Active is born with the ability to relieve muscle pain. When Mr Active is around, you bet you will recover in no time to play, to run or to fly!

2011-09-19 10.15.13

Mr Active goes around taking the MRT, helping out those who are tired from all the standing.


Mr Active also visits the Raffles Place. His ability works like magic on the sore necks as well!


Mr Active hopes to go to New York City to help out those in need in NYC!

Will he ever reach NYC?

To be continued…

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Say HI to Mr ACTIVE!

2011-09-18 22.44.45

Introducing……  Mr Active!!!

If I get to go to NYC for the NYC Marathon 2011, I will bring him around and take lots of pictures!!!! ^^v

Run for HOPE 2011


Support the Cancer cause!

Happening on 20 Nov 2011 at the East Coast Park, the run aims to raise fund for cancer research. Adults can choose to run either 2km or 10km for $45!

Register here!

Skechers PASSION Fun Walk


Skechers PASSION Fun Walk is a 4km walk around the Marina Bay on 29 October 2011 (Sunday), starting from the Singapore Flyer.

There will be a carnival and screening of a movie too! Registration fee is $15 for PAssion card members and $20 for non-members (excludes 7% GST).

Register here!

Saturday, September 17, 2011

New York City Marathon 2011


The first ever NYC Marathon was held in 1970 and since then, the first Sunday of November has been scheduled to be the marathon.

The marathon is 26.2 miles or 42.195km and covers the whole of New York City.

49 more days to the run and one runner will represent the Team Tiger Balm ACTIVE. Who will that be?

Friday, September 16, 2011

Send Steven to NYC Marathon 2011!


I am the best person to represent Team Tiger Balm® ACTIVE at the New York City Marathon 2011!!!!!

I run, I swim, I hike, I walk, I hop, I skip, I dive, I do everything!!!!

I promise I will do my best and do Team Tiger Balm® ACTIVE proud if I am selected!

So, send me there!!! ^^v

Monday, September 12, 2011

Here comes the food part!


Hygiene in the kitchen is very important – clean food, healthy and happy customers!


The 100% beef patties are grilled with no additives and fillers!


Now let’s put them together…



When the day is cold (seldom) or when one is feeling down, the golden fries from McDonald’s will surely save the day! And how can you not get the McNuggets too?


Thank you very much McDonald’s for giving me this opportunity to look beyond the counter and witnessed what was going on in the kitchen. I have always been a loyal customer and the visit shown me more about what goes into my favourite food.

Now I am assured that McDonald’s get their ingredients from reputable sources and hygiene is very important to them.

I am lovin’ it!

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Welcome to McDonald’s!


May I have your order please?

So I went for a session of the Open Doors 2011 before it officially starts on 18 Sept 2011 and had the opportunities to go beyond the counter and into the kitchen!


We have the nice people from McDonald’s to share with us some info and to show us around later.


There’s Ting, our Open Doors Ambassador! This is where the containers for the food and some condiments are stored at. It is really important to keep them tidy so that you know where to get what in the shortest period of time! This is FAST FOOD after all, remember?


With so much food in the house, we will need a HUGE refrigerator!!!



There is even a staff corner for staff to have their meals and rest during their break time. That is so considerate!!!


P9090047 P9090049

Alrighty, the next post I will touch on the more important stuff, which is the FOOD!!!!!!!!!

McDonald’s Open Doors is back!


This is going to be the third year that McDonald’s is going to open its doors to all. It is a free guided kitchen tour at selected McDonald’s restaurants where participants will learn about McDonald’s food from “farm to fork”.

Where are the raw ingredients from?

How is the food prepared?

How do the McDonald’s fries stay crispy on the outside and fluffy inside?

What are the safety and quality checks?

These are some of the questions that will be answered  during the tour. If you want to join the tour, you really have to act fast.

The slots were snapped up last year. You read right, I said "snapped up”! Happening on the 3rd Sunday of the month from 18 Sept 2011 to 19 Feb 2012, you should go to to register NOW!

Friday, September 09, 2011

Changi Airport Fabulous Friday Deal!

Still thinking of getting the iPad 2 or waiting for iPad 3? Well, Changi Airport has this great deal for iPad 2 today!

Spend $30 at the stores at Changi Airport and you will get to buy the iPad 2 at $554.75.

The sale starts at 7pm but I think people might be queuing up already!

I want to be a Tu Tu Kueh seller one day…


I was at Boon Keng yesterday to visit my grandmother and as I wondered what food should I bring her, I came across this stall selling Tu Tu Kueh (TTK). TTK is a local snack made of rice flour and different kinds of fillings to choose from – coconut or grounded peanut!

What struck me was the uncle made sure that each and every TTK was pressed to shape and he stuffed a lot of fillings into them. In today’s context, where the price for everything has gone up, it was a relieve to see that his TTK are selling at 3 for $1.

Maybe one day, I will be a TTK seller too.