Friday, June 15, 2007

Fifth Week into IO.

Time really files.

All of a sudden, it has been 5 weeks since i started my industrial orientation. I must say, my boss is really a very nice person; he will go around the office greeting people, "Hi, how are you ?" or just simple, "Good morning!" He demands high standard from us but this is not without allowance for mistakes. We are all humans after all, no one is perfect. So, whether somebody made a mistake, he will point out the mistake and try to solve it. Of course, there are times when he got slightly angry; this is very very very rare.

He respects his workers and of course, this earned my respect for him. I remembered when i first met him for the interview. He told me that by having me in the company is actually a service back to the society, for students like me to experience the real working environment. Indeed, the company can still carry on their operation without me and the rest can just heck care me. But they didn't.

The others offered help when i needed them, guidance was given to me now and then. I must say, i have learnt quite a bit from them. Except the part about going home later than 5.30pm.

I mentioned before, the office will be filled with people before 8.30am everyday. Other than me and the secretary, the rest will be working at their desk when i reached. And then, when it was time to knock off at 5.30pm, the secretary was the first to leave, followed by me. I wonder what time will they stay until to. Very no life leh...

I wonder if i will become like that in the near future. Haiz, one more year to graduate, i am looking forward to it but at the same time, i really hope that it will come slowly...

Now, as the new sem approaches, there are many things to ensure.

1. I didn't get my choices from the first round of fyp. But, i have re-send another 3 choices for Dr Chiew to process. Hopefully, i will be able to get what i want then.

2. My schedules for next sem have been settled, hopefully i can get what i want.

3. I still don't have a hall at this point of time. SAO is screwed up !!

Monday, June 11, 2007

Sia lah... Sammi is soooooo hot ~~~

Gosh, guess Sammi is still HOT and popular after all!!!

All the tickets to her Genting concerts have been sold out.

None left for me.


But nonetheless, we are still going to KL !!

So, is it going to be KL tower or Eye on Malaysia for us ? Or both ?


Monday, June 04, 2007

No Room No Honey

To "buy" a room in the hall

To "buy" a room in the hall

Hello everyone:This year I failed getting a room in NTU hostel. As I do not want to move out because of many inconveniences will be brought during my final year if so, I would like to find some guys who have successfully get a room to "buy" from you.Details are here:Firstly, I need to find two vacancies, one is male and the other is female. For any double room from hall 8 to 15, I would like to pay 200$ per month to you. For any single room in these halls, I would like to pay 240$ per month. I prefer getting rooms from hall 8 to 15. However, I will also think about other halls.Anyone who is interested in this please call 8113 8039. As I will be back to China during June 15th to July 12th, you guys please email me during this period.

Last last friday i received an email from Ng Bee Leng again. And she informed me about me not getting any rooms for my final year. Simply because i don't have enough points, judging from where i stay, i have 7 points but the minimum required is 14. I have heard that in some halls, even the friendly people from the JCRC didn't get their rooms. Isn't this system outrageous ?

Then, i happened to see the above email. A student from China without a room ?? Isn't that weird ?? Foreign students are guranteed a room isn't it ?? Strange... Just what's wrong with this new system ??

Gosh and exams results will be out on 8th June. Will i get flying colours or... ???

Friday, June 01, 2007

Blogging @ Cecil Street.

Notice i mentioned Cecil Street ??

Yes, if you have realised by now, i am blogging in office. Ha ha...

Boss has just left for a meeting at Novena, so he won't be back soon. Woo hooo ~ ~ ~

Anyway, there isn't alot of people in office today ; boss had encouraged most to take leave for today so that they can enjoy a longer holiday. Since yesterday was Vesak Day, by taking leave for today, they will get to R & R for 4 days. Shiok sia...

Yesterday, I slept throughout the whole day. I really enjoyed it since i have not been sleeping enough, or rather, i have not been sleeping well for the past few weeks.

I actually wanted to help Grace for her ATC, but i just got lazy. Sorry Grace !! I know it is not easy to organise an event and the more helpers there are, the better. So Pai sei ~ ~ ~

Hmmm... about the KL trip, we almost changed it completely to Sentosa coz after last Sunday's Luge & Skyride @ Sentosa, we were attracted to the new resort,
Siloso Beach Resort. For islander's special rate, it is only $190 +++ per night. It will be a totally new sensation to stay in this new resort. Imagine... playing Vball anytime, leeching on Cafe Del Mar's music from our room... wa ha ha haa....