Sunday, December 31, 2006

My DreamD8 II

This is a blogging contest organised by Singtel Moblog. And i am in it !!

This is my moblog, so will be updating it more frequently. would be taking a short break for this time being.

This is how the contest works.

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Sunday, December 24, 2006

i am who i am

introducing a song by Guang Liang, "i am who i am"

词:孔胜民 曲:光良


在熟悉的街道中 寻找你影踪

在世界奔走 我感觉不寂寞

有一个人 熟悉又遥远


夕阳紫色天空中 你我承诺过

众多掌声的背後 你给我最多


现在的我 站在舞台 挥洒自我

I am who I am 看著你的眼 眼神的交接 不许语言穿透我心田

I am who I am 想念你的眼 温柔却坚决 这一刻最美我失去防线

Wednesday, December 20, 2006

《满城尽带黄金甲》to be released on 21st Dec

Looking forward to this show !! Especially after it has created so much news, from Gong Li's boobs to Jay Chou's acting to Chow Yun Fatt's charisma. Yes, i am anticipating it. Liked the song, 菊花台, very much as it was beautifully arranged and the lyrics are nice. Listen to it if you never did.

黄金甲(正式版) MV


菊花台~周杰伦 (满城尽带黄金甲片尾曲)

Sunday, December 17, 2006

i saw ma ma kissing santa claus...

la la la... Xmas is coming !! in a week's time, it will be here... wooo...

today went to cover Martin at Town Club and there was a new CSA, Richael. But it turns out Richael has been working since a year ago just that she was previously busy with her exams and hence didn't work until recently. Since Aishah has gone on leave (her baby is coming out anytime now... ... ... ) Richael is covering most of the CSA's duty for the next few weeks.

Some how, the CSA is either too young - 17 or 18 - or too old - 27-32. Weird leh. What happens to the gals between 18 and 27 ?? CSA which refers to Customer Service Administrator who deals with admin stuffs. Pretty easy job but can be rather boring. Maybe that's why... hmmm...

Anyway, today was quite okay. Fun in a way. If not for the job, i would be playing mahjong for the day... But then, the tot of getting more $$ attracts me more than the "hong zhong bai ban". MJ anytime can play but a job may not come everyday.

Well, today we, or rather richael played a prank on Hueijing who was working @ TPY. Hueijing actually fell for it. WA ha aha ha a... And Richael actually got Patrick to play along with her... hahaha... Richael was like, "can i wear a G-string into the jaccuzzi... " she's only 17 so don't blame her lah Hueijing !!! It is just a joke... and... i am not evil... i am the innocent party... i was only beside Richael, laughing and playing Sonic the hedgehog nia...

Well, towards the end of the day, we played Xmas songs from 5.30-6pm !! Don't know whether will we kena complain or not but it was fun lah... haha... we brought festive moods into the gym !!! And out of 5 users, 3 actually hummed along... "we wish you a merry Xmas... "

The font for this post is bigger than normal coz last fri, terry said the words for the previous posts were a bit hard to read... hopefully this will be better...

Remember Rima ?? refer to the previous post, here is her website and her point of view on the Standard Chartered Marathon, go read :

Friday, December 15, 2006

Mawai Photos !!

Mawai Photos !! Just copy and paste the following link,

Monday, December 11, 2006

[M]awai Eco Camp 8-10th Dec 2006

Woo hoo !!! Was over at [M]awai Eco Camp (MEC) over the weekend. A very nice place. It is an Eco campsite where visitors can stay and get close to mother nature. I am lazy to explain more but here are some sites with the info,

"Mawai Eco Camp is situated by the Sedeli River, at Mawai Lama, north of Kota Tinggi town. It is designed by "

"Tay Kheng Soon, can be viewed as a pro-active participant in the above"

"The Sedili River is the camp's life-line; bird watching"

So, the company that i am working for is Edu Outdoor Activities which deals with outdoor tours and camps. It was my first trip to Mawai even though i have heard about it some times ago. Hence when Lisa was asking around whether anybody wants to go to Mawai for an instructors' gathering i immediately replied. As it has been slightly more than a year since i have met the rest of the instructors especially Pei, Yuan, Sophia and Sunny who worked with me for my 1st camp Over at farmland camp. The participants were from Woodlands Ring Primary and it was really great experience with the kids and the instructors. But unfortunately, all except for Sunny were all busy and didn't go. From what i heard, they had not lead camps for a long time due to their commitments. Haiz...

All along, i had thought that this trip is going to be a relax one ; Lisa has mention that times and times again. So i really really really thought it is a relax one. All until the night before departure, she sent the namelist of the participants to me and Jac. Suddenly, i realised myself and her will be the bus I/C for the trip, and that the participants are not solely EOA staffs but members of the Nature Society. It has turn into a "Sai kang" thing. So all of a sudden, we have to be in charge and take care of the participants, how to relax ??

The stress level begins to bulid up on the actual day, 8th Dec. When me and Jac reached Newton Food Centre, Liz started to give instructions as if it was a standard trip. And i slowly, yes slowly, realised it was not exactly a relaxing one. Coz she began to get stressed up and she will transfer her stress to the rest by screaming and frowning her face. This is normal as she has high standard in things and demanded people to reach her standard. But having experienced her demand for "high standard" before, it was okay. Just that, i couldn't changed from a relaxing mode to a working mode. It takes some time.

When we reached the campsite, my first time there, she was expecting me to know this and that. When A was suppose to be A, and i was doing B, she would blah blah blah. But there are times when she said it nicely probably because as she mentioned herself, this will be a relaxing trip, for her. On the whole, it was really okay dealing with the unexpected mood changes. As a friend, she is definitely a good one. As a boss, she is unpredictable.

Even with the sudden surprise with the load of sai kang, the trip is still a very good one. The mangrove forest trip was cool and fun. I would not have gotten dirty if not for the VS boys and Jac. Some of their shoes got struck and i have to pull them and Jac some how got herself trapped in the mud. There were leeches and an auntie or two were screaming and screaming. But seriously, it is just leeches... Probably they have gotten too used to a comfortable life or they are just not used to mother nature. A year without trekking has also resulted in me missing hot water for shower. I think i should go trekking more often.

Gunung Arong was an interesting one. The journey up is very very easy but going down can be rather tricky. But at the of the foot of the mountain, what welcomed us was the south china sea... wooooo... Nice !!!!! But after that is a long walk back to the chalet where we stopped to wash up and makan makan. That same night, Kok Peng, the big big boss came. And he sure is a good guitarist. That night, after dinner, we had a great session of singing and fun. It sure beats going to KBox or any where else.

On the last day, it was the time for the water obstacles !! Quite fun. Although it wasn't really that easy . I am really darm bad with my balancing. Tsk tsk... By right we were supposed to go back on a 1.30pm bus, but that bus met with an accident and so we were without a bus. The next bus can only reach at 5pm. So we do nothing and waited and played Dai dee. At about 4.30pm, Jac and i walked around to settle the stores and checked that everybody has returned their stuffs. Then came another "good" news, the bus will only reach at 7pm and we can have one more dinner. So we settled down again and waited and waited. Had our dinner but the bus was still far far away, it didn't reach at 7pm. Instead, it reached at about 8.15pm. By then, many people were rather tired and sianz...

To make the thing worse, there was a jam at the Secondlink. Jia lat, so we were trapped in the jam for 45min. Strange leh, we took less than 10min to clear the malaysian custom and yet we have to wait so long for the Spore one. Strange strange strange.

On thw whole, i would say, it was a great trip. [M]awai eco camp is really a nice place. It is peaceful, quiet and the food cooked by Ana was bagus !! I would really want to lead trips to here. So that more people can experienced what i enjoyed. Especially if Sutemi is around, the trip will be even better, bringing joys and laughters to everyone and sharing his knowledge of the nature. Su, you da man !!!

More photos coming up after i get them from Jac !!

Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Yummy yummy yum !!

Who will not enjoy a cheap and good buffet ? ? ? Wa ha ahha

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Feeling Happy...

For some reasons, i am happy.

I don't know why.

Maybe, it is because i completed my 42.195km.

Maybe, Rima Chai really touched my heart with her effort of conserving the environment.

Sunday, December 03, 2006

Standard Chartered Marathon - Run your own Race

Woo hoo !!

Finished 42.195km today... what an achievement !!! Haha... Some more the timing is way better than last year's. This year was 4hrs 35 minutes, last year's was 5hours and 05 minutes. Slight improvement, guess the training and carbo loading really works. I shall try harder next time and aim for 4hours.

Have pegged myself to Patrick Hoo from the beginnning, but reduced my speed at about 22km. He was maintaining his speed but i had to reduced mine so that i can cope with the remaining 20km. It wasn't a joke loh, the first half was good and easy, while the remaining half was tough and tiring. I was like jogging, walking, jogging, walking to the end of the race. Met many people along the way, it was like a form of gathering just that we were all moving about... Towards the last stretch of the race, about 3oom to the end point, i saw Sharon and Lina among the many many supporters. When they saw me, they cheered for me!! Having people cheering you on is good feeling and with this good feeling, i ran all the way till the end.

Now my legs are darm "soured" aka tired. Machaim become very heavy le... I was like blaming myself during the run, "why do i want to pay $36 to suffer like this ?" Seriously, it is really a self challenge. If you ask me whether i will be joining next year again, my answer will be a big YES !!!