Tuesday, January 31, 2012

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Thursday, January 26, 2012

First night in Kathmandu


I went to Nepal last year and I trekked up to the Everest Base Camp. We flew by Thai Airways - Singapore >>> Bangkok >>> Kathmandu. It was a long flight and because we had to be at the airport at 6am, I was really sleepy and tired by the time we landed at Kathmandu. The picture above was taken as we were about to land, not too sure what mountain this is but hey, it sure is cool to see this before you land.


It took forever to clear the custom, well, 1 hour to be exact. We had to queue to pay for the visa and then joined another queue to get that chop on our passports. We were greeted by a lot of ‘helpful’ locals who attempted to help us with our luggage and expected tips. Of course there are not many free meals in the world, so we were aware of this.

DSCN0601  DSCN0602

We got on the van and were ferried to Hotel Shanker, probably the best hotel around. It was a great contrast to the streets outside. With the messy traffic and tons of motorcycles, one can imagine how bad the air and noise pollution can get. There is even a swimming pool in Hotel Shanker…

DSCN0605The water was cold… very cold…

We put our luggage in our rooms and we went out to get our gears. Remember I said the traffic was messy and the bad air? We have to brave through these elements to get to the gear shop.


Lots of things to see! Things that we don’t get to see in Singapore anymore. We were also greeted by a group of friendly schoolgirls.


The temperature was 19 degree Celsius and as night fell, it got even colder. 


While getting our gears, we were approached by gentlemen persuading us to buy their products. Some made Chapati, some sold fruits and some sold Kacang Puteh!


We went back to the hotel to leave our gears before heading out for dinner. Tired. Hungry. I was.


I forgot the name but we went to this restaurant for dinner. There was performance and all I could remember was that the food took forever to come.

Very tired. Very hungry. Very cold. I was.


I only managed to take photos of these two dishes, fried potatoes and Momo!



McDonald’s Singapore

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Sunday, January 08, 2012

Let’s go to Mount Everest Base Camp!


Around three weeks ago, 22nd December 2011, a group of outdoor adventurers met at Changi Airport Terminal 1 in the early morning for our flight to Nepal.

All ready to set off for an adventure into the Himalayas and trek and trek and trek. This was a photo before we left, all looking fresh and CLEAN!!!!

More blog entries to come on our adventure. Stay tuned!