Saturday, December 28, 2013

Ohhhh…. Oasia Hotel

So on the last Saturday of 2013, I checked myself into the Oasia Hotel with my family. I got a good deal and booked it before I attended the OBS – it is meant as a reward for going for the 21-day Classic Challenge. Boy oh boy, the Club room at Oasia Hotel is really value for money.
The Club room comes with the Club benefits and that means we get to access the Living Room aka the Club lounge from 7am – 11pm, coffee, tea and soft drinks all day long.
From 6pm – 8pm, we tried out the cocktails and the canapé, also at the Living Room. Not much of a choice for the canapé but the drinks selection was not bad. I tried the Milky Dreams and the Oasia Bliss.
The weights room and the swimming pool are located at the 8th level but there is another swimming pool next to the Living Room, yup, specially for the guests staying in the Club room - an infinity pool and a Jacuzzi next to it. 
20131228_184914 20131228_185007
The view of the MacRitchie Reservoir is pretty awesome and the skyscrapers of the Marina Bay could be seem as well (but you will need to move yourself around).
20131228_184723             I am already looking forward to the breakfast buffet tomorrow morning. Yum yum.

Sunday, November 17, 2013


Want to win a hotel stay at RWS and tickets to a musical?

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Thursday, November 07, 2013

Hang in there!

Every step we take, we are closer to our targets.

Never should we give up.

Never should we give in.

Hang in there and we will get there!

i-Love to Run!

So the other weekend, my friends and I were involved in a Running-Man-inspired i-Love to Run challenge at Jurong Point. This was the second time that i-Weekly organised this exciting event.

We had to clear missions such as the one above – taking a jump shot with all our faces in the frame. Not that easy at first, but we managed to clear the mission after a few attempts.

Hunters were introduced at the Final stage where they eliminated participants by pasting a sticker on them. Definitely not the ones that we wanted to meet.

All in all, it was great to be able to participate in this challenge. This year’s edition was better organised and more exciting. I am looking forward to next year’s edition already.

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Roti Lobang!

$0.50 for one bun?
For SAFRA members
At selected outlets
On 25th and 26th October 2013! 

Sunday, October 13, 2013


I think this is a very interesting movie to watch. Creative? Ridiculous? Oh well, I guess there are lots of funny people around and without them, our lives will be too boring. So, Beyonce, look out for the Taiwanese ‘Single Ladies’!

Here in Singapore, we can catch this movie and surprisingly, some of the dialogues in Taiwanese Hokkien passed through the censorship board and we will get to hear 金罵沒ㄤ ~ ~ ~ Yeah!

Sunday, October 06, 2013

Win air tickets to anywhere!

Join the Travel Tails Challenge now and some of us might walk away with air tickets to anywhere and I hope I win the air tickets to New York – the city that never sleeps!

Imagine this: munching on a hotdog bun at Times Square as you people-watch and catching a musical at Broadway in the evening.

Simply match the tails of the aircrafts to the airline; do that for the next few days and we will all be in the draw!

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Saturday, September 28, 2013

NIKE We Run SG 2013

Marathon Name

Only 20,000 slots.

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Note 3 + Gear, the Perfect Match

Samsung Galaxy Note 3 was launched yesterday in Singapore and the Galaxy Gear will be here in early October. The latest phablet device by Samsung is faster, bigger (screen) yet slimmer than Note/Note 2.

Note/Note 2 users should not try to play with the Note 3 as one could really feel the improvements in Note 3 and the urge to get one will increase tremendously. This is especially so if you use the S Pen and S Note a lot – it is easier to write and save notes now with the improved S Pen and the new Air Command (shortcuts to everything you need with the S Pen).

The Galaxy Gear, a smartwatch, is compatible with Note 3. One can answer or make calls with the Gear even if the phone is a distance away. With the Memographer, one can take pictures instantly without digging out the phone. It is pretty easy to navigate the Gear by swiping and I think that’s the whole idea – to make it simple and fit only the essential apps into it.

Time to say hello to Note 3 and maybe the Gear too. Smile

Sunday, September 22, 2013

五月天《诺亚方舟》Mayday Nowhere!

Hi friends and fans! Want to catch the latest Mayday 五月天 NOWHERE 诺亚方舟 concert movie on its opening weekend? Here's a special promo for you!

Purchase tickets for the 29 Sept, 2pm screening of the above movie at GV Jurong Point, and get a free popcorn and Ben & Jerry's ice-cream with each purchased ticket! (Valid only for this specific screening, while stocks last!)

Here's how to enjoy the promo:
1. Click here to pre-purchase the tickets for the movie -  (don't buy tickets for the wrong show!)
To receive the freebies promo, you MUST purchase tickets for this stated screening session only. On 29 September itself, present your purchased tickets at the redemption booth near GV Jurong Point Box Office between 1pm to 1:45pm to redeem the free popcorn and ice cream.

P.S: When redeeming the promo items, remember to tell the redemption crew that you're my supporter, cos if I get the most number of friends/fans/followers who attend the screening, then each of my supporters will also receive one complimentary movie pass for your next visit!

Saturday, September 21, 2013

Sunday, September 08, 2013

燕姿(Yanzi) is back!

What other better way for Yanzi to announce her return to the entertainment industry than surprising everybody at Jay Chou’s concert?

Congratulations to Tokyo, Japan!

I was so happy to know that Tokyo, Japan won the bid to host the Olympic Games 2020, beating Istanbul and Madrid!!

Here are some Youtube videos that I find inspirational. Enjoy!

Friday, September 06, 2013

Happy Birthdays to Kaikai and Jiajia!

On 6th September 2012, Kaikai and Jiajia arrived in Singapore, all the way from their home in China.

On 6th September 2013, Kaikai and Jiajia celebrated their first anniversary here in Singapore and their birthdays! Yes, the pandas are September babies!

My job for today was easy – we just need to present the cake for Kaikai. Look at the cake, isn’t it yummilicious?


Kaikai rushed for the cake after we left its enclosure and boy oh boy, it was really happy to see the cake! He ate the carrots (that spelt out the letter K) and then went for the bamboo!!

On the other side, we prepared a chime made of bamboos for Jiajia. She wandered around her enclosure for a while before munching on the bamboo.


And then, it was our turns to dig in! For a Pandas Party, there must be Pandas Munchies!!!!


Here’s a short clip on what happened during the party, enjoy!

Look Good Feel Good with Dockers’ new Alpha Skinny


After attending the Pandas Party, I headed to the Dockers at Bugis+ to try out the brand new Alpha Skinny! There are 4 cool colours for this casual pants range and I love them all!


I immediately tried out one pair and was certainly impressed with the quality and cuttings of the pants – it fits perfectly on me and I think I looked better with it! If only I can get all 4 colours… maybe I will…


Just look at how I could ‘fly’ up without any problem and I guess that is the slight stretch material at work.
The sales assistants were really helpful, so do visit Dockers stores to find out more about Dockers® casual pants range. You won’t be disappointed.

Dockers is located at
313@somerset #02-37
Bugis+ #02-01
CityLink Mall #B1-24
Jem #02-11
Plaza Singapura #03-45
Raffles City #01-14
Suntec City #01-333/334


‘LIKE’ the Dockers Singapore Page for the latest updates from Dockers!


Wednesday, September 04, 2013

I am a Panda Party Planner!


I was lucky to be selected by CapitaLand to be one of the Panda Party Planners and I got really close to Kai Kai! (Thank you CapitaLand! ^^v)


So usually, I will be out there, trying to find a good spot to take pictures of Kai Kai. But last Saturday, I was with Team Kai Kai!


And this was how close I got to Kai Kai and boy, Kai Kai was surprised to see me too! The red pandas are cute too and please do take lots of pictures of them as well.

And the Panda red bean bun was yummy too! I heard from the boss (of River Safari) that there will be new flavours coming soon! (Get it from the Mama Panda Cafe.)


So what is this Panda Party Planner thing about?

Well, we will be celebrating the pandas’ first anniversary here in Singapore and their birthdays! Yes, both pandas have their birthdays in September.

River Safari has lined up various activities such as Panda Art and came up with munchies such as the Panda Birthday cake and Panda cookies to get everyone involve.

So do visit the River Safari from 7-15 September 2013 if you want to join in the fun!

Party Panda at RiverSafari

Monday, August 12, 2013

Sunday, August 04, 2013

Free climb!

This is an awesome way to celebrate Singapore’s 48th Birthday! Free climb but there are charges for the equipment which I think will still be a great opportunity to try out the wall at SAFRA Yishun!

Before heading down, do visit here for more details!

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Half-hatched Duck Eggs

The Vietnamese like this delicacy a lot. They can eat this for breakfast, for tea or just for fun.

Nope, I am not posting the picture as it might cause some to feel disgusted.

Given the chance, I think I want to try munching one down my throat.

I hope I will survive.

Drip drip drip!

vietnamese coffee slow drip


Everywhere you go, you will see coffee shops in Ho Chi Minh city. Nope, I am not talking about Starbucks or Coffee Beans & Tea leaves but local brands such as Trung Hguyen and Highlands Coffee.

The most traditional way to drink Vietnamese coffee is to put the coffee powder in the drip filter and wait for the coffee to drip down. Yes, it will takes a while but I think while waiting, the best thing to do is to read a book or watch the motorcycles and people passing by.

Let it drip, let it drip, let it drip!

Then add in the sweetened condensed milk for that sugar rush!

Beep Beep Beeeeeep!

Ho Chi Minh City        Credit: Andre Lettau

My friend once shared with me that one simply wakes up to the sounds of the motorcycles in Ho Chi Minh city. 

The large population of motorcycles in the city makes it unique and that is the first thing that pops up in people's minds. 

And trying to cross a road in Ho Chi Minh city is a must-do thing for many visitors. One tip that I heard is to cross the road without stopping, simply put, just go for it!!!! The motorcyclists will zoom past behind or in front; if we stop all of a sudden, accident might just happen! Just go for it!!!! 

Beep Beep Beeeeeep!

Tuesday, April 02, 2013

Hurray Fish Ole!


Well, I think it is perfectly fine to eat fast food once in a while. ^^

Do flash this when you order your Fish Ole ~ ~ ~

*3rd April aka tomorrow is the last day to enjoy this promo!

Bike Fair @ SAFRA Tampines


Lots of sales over this weekend and this Bike Fair looks interesting too!!!

Sunday, March 31, 2013

When the weather is cold…


… the more we cuddle together.

The amazing Tokyo Tower

Tokyo Tower 

I think the Tokyo Tower looks very elegant to me. I just can’t help but look at it whenever it is in sight. 

Outside the Tokyo Imperial Palace…

This was taken earlier this year and I was really impressed by the precision of the Japanese. This group of men carefully moved down the row of cones and ensured that they are all in line. I don’t know what this is for but hey, they were really serious about it.

Monday, March 25, 2013

The era of wireless storage is here!


I was very lucky to be invited to go on a ‘No Worries’ Road Trip with Seagate last Saturday. We started off at Newton and I was really surprised to see the Kombis parked at the parking lots.


Nope, I didn’t get to drive it but I think I can’t survive too long on the driver’s seat. Space was limited and I can’t really see what’s ahead of me unless I slouch my back.


From Newton, we made our way all the way to The Costal Settlement! It is a very nice restaurant with many retro items that I used to see a lot last time but not anymore now.

We had the good people from Seagate to share with us more on the Wireless Plus. 1TB = 1000GB now that capacity is really really…

…H U G E ~ ~ ~

What’s more, with the Wireless Plus, up to 8 devices can be connected at the same time – access to photos and videos and documents will be so much more smoother.

I guess the Wireless Plus is really good for those who are always on the go and they need to share documents with others. The Wireless Plus doesn’t require internet to work, so that is one less thing to worry about.

It is pretty light to carry around and I suppose it will be a prefect match with iPads or tablets. I mean, with the Wireless Plus, iPads and tablets will become giants with all that capacity.