Friday, December 31, 2010

Do you use Pearlie White Mouth Rinse?


If you are an user like me, you should take note that the Health Sciences Authority (HAS) has recall it – together with Care Wipes disposable skin cleansing wipes and Trihexid Chlorhexidine Mouth Rinse. B.cepacia bacteria were found in certain batches of the mentioned products.

More news here.

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Get your money back from LTA and the public transport operators!


Well, I can get back $0.03 and refund can be claimed at the Transitlink Machines found all over the island.


“what U is see is what u get” is now in Ovi Store!

Nokia phone users take note!!!! There is a new app in Nokia Ovi store!! Download it and it will kind of lead you to my blog!!! Get all the bestest lobang within a click and it is free (other than the tiny weeny amount of data charges)!! Download it now!!!

6” Sub at $0.14 on New Year’s Eve!!


Subway lovers take note!!! You can buy 6” Sub from Subway on this Friday for 14cents!!! Only between 3pm – 4pm at their outlet at Orchard Hotel Shopping Arcade!!! Go grab yours before they are all gone!!!

Bestest thing that happened to me in 2010!

The Bestest thing that happened to me in 2010 was to fly all the way from Singapore to the hometown of Ben & Jerry’s in the United States of America!! The flight was really tiring but hey, this was a priceless experience and was totally worth the long hours on the plane!!!! ^^ And this was the first time I travelled overseas with my sis!

We finally arrived at Vermont and it sure was cold…. but not that cold…. especially since we were well-trained in the shopping malls in Singapore. Cold? What cold? No problem…


The hotel room was very warm and cozy and look at the toiletries…

There were even cookies to make us feel at home…

Alright, then we had our first dinner in the USA…

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Remember Saving Squirrel Saver?

cards (1)

Meet ROC - the Centennial Mascot for Republic of China

ROC centennial mascot debuts in Taiwan

Meet Jay Chou in person!


Step 1: Purchase Domino’s pizzas

Step 2: Count the number of Hornets on

Step 3: Submit your particulars

That’s it and you might just see Jay Chou in person in Singapore!!!!

Win a buffet for two!


Submit a food review of a good makan place and if your review is the most popular one, you might just walk away with a buffet for 2 at the Line!!

Good luck! ^^

Monday, December 27, 2010

Goodbye 2010, Hello 2011!

In just a few more days, 2010 will come to an end and we shall all enter the year of 2011!! Here are some parties which I think are pretty awesome.

(1) Marina Bay Singapore Countdown
Well you can get the ticket to the party at the Floating Platform at $38 per person. That is if you want to get close to the actions on the stage. Otherwise, just prepare a mat and some food and go down to the Marina Bay area and find a spot to picnic! This is FOC but of course, you will have to be there really really early to secure that great spot to catch the fireworks at 12am sharp. I would say the Marina Promontory would be a good place to go to. ^^

(2) Siloso Beach Party

1 ticket to 5 parties! Main Arena, COASTES, Azzura Beach Club, Café del Mar and Wave House Sentosa!!

Thursday, December 23, 2010

My own Monopoly Deal game deck!!!

This game is some how different yet similar to the boardgame version and it is very fun!!! For the rules and regulations, can go to wiki via here. They have a Facebook page and man, Popular is selling it for $8.91 which is slightly cheaper by $1. So for those who are thinking of getting one for yourself or somebody for Christmas, can consider buying it from Popular!

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Try your luck - a chance to win a trip to Tokyo!



Good Luck!!! ^^

Facebook on the go for Free!

For Singtel users who did not sign up for data plans, do you know you can surf Facebook for free? The photos are filtered away so basically, what you see would be just the words ;which is good enough if you just want to 'stalk' people on the go for free! ^^

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Men’s Health (Singapore) Urbanathlon – 20 Feb 2011


Well, it costs $128 for each participant and I am not really sure if I want to pay this amount of moolah to do a upsized Standard Obstacles Course (SOC). I am still considering, yes or no or yes or no…

Maybe I can do one year and see how it goes. Anyway the closing date is not till 20 Jan 2011 or when the slots are all taken up (whichever comes first). I still have a few weeks to consider.

Yes or no or yes or no… hmmmmmm

Hello Janessa!


We attended the workshop conducted by Nokia and learnt how to create our own Ovi store app!! An ice-breaker game was played before the workshop started and we were fast enough to win the coffee bean vouchers!!! The ladies got theirs but I am still waiting for Nuffnang to send mine to me (I borrowed the voucher from another team who also won the vouchers for this candid shot).

So 'happy' to see the dentist...

I have never liked any of my trips to see the dentist. I am pretty sure I took care of my teeth and why do I still get toothache so often?

Rewind back to 2 weeks ago, there was this pain in one of my bottom left teeth. It hurts especially when I eat; this is really sad as I really love to eat.

However, I brainwashed myself that the pain will go away eventually. It did not. As the condition worsened, I decided to see the dentist today.

That tooth which caused me pain is one-third gone. The canal roots are infected and the conservative way to solve the problem was to fill it up with fillings. But this is only a short term solution and the better way to do this is to either go through root canal treatment or extract the whole tooth out.

Seriously, I hope that the conservative way can last me for a long long time as I can't imagine what the other 2 treatments will be like. The numbing effect from the jab remained in my gum for almost 3 hours and that is not cool. I can't talk properly and I can't eat.

This is once again, another lesson to remind me to really really really take care of my teeth.

Safari Zoo Run - 12th February 2011


Singapore Zoo
CategoryAge LimitDistanceRegistration Fees
Early Bird
(Limited to 5000)
15 Nov 2010 to
31 Dec 2010
Registration Fees
(After first 5000)
1 Jan 2011 to
15 Jan 2011
Start Time
2XU Fastest Kid(Boy)
Group A
7 & 9 yrs old*
3.2 km
(Night Safari)
$28 (PAssion member) /
$30 (Non PAssion member
$36 (PAssion member)
/ $38 (Non PAssion member)
2XU Fastest Kid(Boy)
Group B
10 & 12 yrs old*
2XU Fastest Kid (Girl)
Group A
7 & 9 yrs old*
2XU Fastest Kid (Girl)
Group B
10 & 12 yrs old*
Safari Zoo Challenge
(Men Open)
No Age Limit8 km
(Night Safari,
Mandai Lake Road
& Singapore Zoo)
$48 (PAssion member)
/ $50 (Non PAssion member)
$56 (PAssion member)
/ $58 (Non PAssion member)
Safari Zoo Challenge
(Women Open)
No Age Limit
CategoryAge LimitDistanceRegistration Fees
Early Bird
(Limited to 5000)
15 Nov 2010 to
31 Dec 2010
Registration Fees
(After first 5000)
1 Jan 2011 to
15 Jan 2011
Start Time
Safari Zoo Fun Run
No Age Limit6.2 km
(Night Safari &
Singapore Zoo)
$38 (PAssion member)
$40 (Non PAssion member)
$46 (PAssion member)
$48 (Non PAssion member)
Safari Zoo Fun Run
3 & 12yrs old
$18 (PAssion member)
$20 (Non PAssion member)
$26 (PAssion member)
$28 (Non PAssion member)

My Ovi Store App is ready for download!


Finally, the Ovi Store App that I created at the Nokia Ovi Workshop (held by Nuffnang) is approved. So people from all over the world can download the app and read my blog with a click. Cool huh?

Anyway, to download the app, just go to and you should get it done within seconds!!!

Saturday, December 18, 2010

NTUC Healthcare U RUN - 27th Feb 2011

U Run with OMB Challenge - 10km followed by a 33 storey climb up NTUC Centre!!!
65823459 or for more info.

Sun Moon Lake 日月潭

Sun Moon Lake

To get to Sun Moon Lake, I will need to get to Taichung and take a bus from there. Head to the Taichung Kan Cheng Station at Shuangshi Road or High Speed Rail Taichung Station and look out for Nan-Tou Bus (南投客運) . 1-way ticket costs NT$200 and return ticket costs NT$350.

Things to do!
  • Wenwu Temple (文武廟) - The biggest temple on the Northern bank of the lake.
  • Ita Thao (伊娜達)- The village of the Thao Aborigines, and also called Dehua village (德化社).
  • Lalu Island (拉魯島) - In the middle of the lake. Lalu (lit. "Lake Island") is the name the Thao tribe, the original inhabitants of the area, gave to this sacred land, though it was changed to Guanghua (光華 or "Glorious China") during Chiang Kai-shek's rule of Taiwan. After 1999's September 21st earthquake the Taiwanese government, attempting to show greater respect and political awareness towards the Thao, reverted the island's name back to its original Lalu.
  • Ci-en Pagoda (慈恩塔) - The Chinese style pagoda is 46 meters tall. It was built by the Chiang Kai-shek in memory of his mother. It was completed in 1971 and sits on the hill southeast of the lake.

Sun Moon Lake Hotel
Sun Moon Lake Hotel
No.5, Mingsheng St., Yuchih Township, Nantou County 555, Taiwan (R.O.C.)
Telephone : 049-2855-855


Friday, December 17, 2010


I like Makiyo's version the best!!!


Alishan or Mount Ali is located at Chiayi County and can be reached via coaches and trains from the other cities/counties.

Alishan Forest Railway

The Typhoon Morakot August 2009 damaged most transportation links to Alishan and this includes the iconic trains that go all the way up the mountain. So the only way to get up is via bus from Chiayi at NT$221 each way. Entry fee is NT$150 if we go in via public transportation, otherwise it is NT$200 person.

Things to do!
  • Jhushan (祝山),
  • Giant Trees Trail
  • Shoujhen Temple (受鎮宮).
  • Two Sisters Pond (姊妹潭).

Things to Eat and Drink!
Being a tea lover, I will definitely not miss the chance to taste the High Mountain Oolong tea! It should be pretty cool up there in the mountain; hence I think having hotpot for dinner sounds like a fantastic idea. Imagine eating vegetables and animals planted or caught from the mountain, now that is what I call, 'Organic'! Now Fenchiu Lunch box is rather famous too, so it is a must-try item too!!

Where to stay?
As for staying for the night, I think I will go with Gao Shan Ching Hotel!

One more day to submit my itinerary!

Yushan (玉山) Mount Jade

Yushan climb map

How to get to Yushan? (from wikitravel)

The nearby major cities are Taichung (台中) and Chiayi (嘉義).

  • Taichung → Shueili (水里)→ Heshe (和社) → Tongpu (東埔) → Tataka Recreation Area (塔塔加遊憩區)
  • Chiayi → Alishan (阿里山) → Tataka Recreation Area

From the Tataka Recreation Area:

If you take the main route, you can park in three different places and reach the trailhead differently[1]:

  • From Tataka Visitor Center
  • From Shangdongpu (上東埔)
  • From Lulin Pass (鹿林)

The Hike (from wikitravel)

Getting from the Tatajia Visitor Center to the trailhead, a journey of over 2km, can be done on foot, or by a regular shuttle service that costs NT$100.

The hiking trail leading from the trailhead at Tatajia Anbu to Paiyun Lodge is 8.5km long. Paiyun Lodge at an elevation of 3402 metres is located below the west slope of Yushan Main Peak and is an important base for climbing the Yushan Peaks. As high mountain hikes go, it is relatively easy, with few steep or technical sections. In some sections the trail goes downhill, and there are plenty of level grade sections. The trail is clearly marked, with a distance post every half km showing distance traveled and distance remaining. There are also some interpretive signs on the way, explaining the flora and geology with varying degrees of informativeness. Along the way there's a side trail to Yushan Front Peak, which can be explored by those with the time and energy. It takes 4 to 8 hours to reach the lodge from the trailhead, depending on fitness level.

The trail from Paiyun Lodge to the peak is 2.4km long. It only starts becoming technical around the last half kilometer or so, with the last 200 meters being the steepest and most difficult section...though by high mountain standards, still relatively easy. It takes 2.5 to 3 hours to reach the peak from the lodge.

Permit is required to climb Yushan, it is possible to apply for it online in advance.

Thursday, December 16, 2010

How to get your Chunkadelic Xmas Iphone Jacket?

For those who are not aware, Ben & Jerry's is giving out Iphone Jackets to all Ben & Jerry's lovers!!!!! All you need to do is to gather 4 pint lids and go to one of the scoop shops at 12pm tomorrow.

The Iphone jackets come in a box and you will only what you get after you open it up; there is Peace, Love, Ice Cream and Mystery. If you got the Mystery one, "Congrats!!!", you will win the Special B&J's bicycle too!!

And with every Iphone Jacket, there is a coupon which you can redeem 2 scoops of Yummlicious B&J's ice cream... Yum Yum...

If you have not gotten your pint lids, 30 minutes ago, I found out that Shop and Save is selling 2 pints for $21.90. This is the lowest price I have seen over the past few days. So do consider running to the Shop and Save nearest to you if you want to have the Chunkadelic Xmas Iphone jacket! Moooooooooooooo...

I got the Ben & Jerry's Chunkadelic Xmas Iphone Jacket!!!! YEAH!!!

This is so so so cool!!!I won the Peace Iphone Jacket and I got it before anyone else in Singapore!!! That is so so cool! Anyway, in the box, there is the Iphone jacket and a coupon for 2 scoops of Ben & Jerry's icecream! Awesome!

Hellooooo... Mr Penguin... where are you?

Spot Mr Penguin in one of the featured articles and email the good people at for a chance to bring home Mr Penguin!

What I can't Live Without

Create a cloud and share gadgets/stuffs that you cannot live without and you might just be lucky enough to walk away with a personalised T-shirt!

It is just that simple, go create your cloud now!

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Who wants a Retractable Optical Mouse?

Just came back from the Ovi Store Apps workshop organised by Nuffnang!! Learnt how to create my own Ovi Store Apps Icon, meaning that people will get to read what I wrote from their Nokia Handsets, cool huh?

Anyway, they gave out Retractable Optical Mouse (as shown on the left) to the bloggers who attended the workshop and I would like to give it away!!!

Simply follow my blog via the Networked Blogs (Right hand side of this page, just below the Nuffnang's banner) and you might walk away with it!!

The closing date for this is 19th December, 2300hr. Result will be announced at 19th December, 2305hr!!!

Follow my blog NOW!!!!! ^^