Friday, January 26, 2007

Most bloody post ever !! Be Warned !!!

OUchhhhhhh... Tooth extracted but it sure hurts a lot after it has been taken out !!

The chipped tooth plus the roots... bloody...

Dr Ng, my dentist, was like :" jia lat jia lat... very bad... " I don't know if he is just scaring me or if the condition is really that bad, but his words sure made me fearful... O_o

It was a fast "operation" and within minutes, the damaged tooth was out. It happened last year when i was munching some biscuits when i felt there was some hard particles in my mouth. No pain no nothing and my tooth, 6th from the right, was chipped. That night, i felt very gan cheong and immediately the next morning, i rushed to his clinic. It turns out i have not been brushing properly even though i brush in the morning and at night. Now, this will be a very good reminder for me to take care of my teeth properly !!

It is still bleeding at this moment... slight pain... ouch...

Steven Goh, U must remember to take the medication and, NO ALCOHOL NOR SEAFOOD for 2 weeks !!

Sunday, January 21, 2007

From third world to first.

That's the title of Mr Lee KY's 2nd book. It is about the development of Spore from 1965 - 2000. Have not finished it yet but i have heard things from people. In fact, juicy news that will never be published in books. If you want to know, you msn me lah, then maybe i will tell you.

WJ has applied from school to be excused. She got stressed out and needs to take some time off academic stuffs to recover. Sad to hear that, haiz... now i have one classmate lesser. Just hope that WJ can take this sem to look at things lightly and refrain from pressurizing herself.

Monday, January 15, 2007

I am back !!

woo hoo ~~ Back to !!

The moblogging contest is not over yet but i suppose i will be out pretty soon. Firstly, i don't like the idea of using $$ to vote. Kind of meaningless since those with more friends and $$ can just vote and vote and vote and vote and vote... Then, i don't like to ask people to vote because i asked them to. Kind of begging them to vote... no point lah seriously... but for those who did, remember to claim your free hugs from me !! haha...

Got the book, "The Singapore Story" by Mr Lee KY from the library. Yes, i know it is kind of late for me to read it now, especially it has been released long long time ago and there's even a 2nd one. But then, better late than never right ??

Almost done with it, and it really opened my eyes to Spore's history. It was really a tough period of time then, with the riots, PAP dealing with the Malaya government and eventually gaining Independence. Tough time. It is hard to imagine that Chinese and Malays were at loggerhead during the 60's. So we must really appreciate the peace that we are enjoying now. Yes, we must.

Haiz... remember LingZhi ?? She has joined fm1003. I don't like it. Can't accept the fact that she has joined the other side. Yes, i know it might be good for her since a change of environment can push her career up and up... not to mention more $$. But it is weird lah, especially she started DJ-ing from Mediacorp.

And to those who have left for IA, GIP to the various parts of the world... i will miss you people, take care leh and be back soon !!