Saturday, March 31, 2007

End of March.

March is coming to an end and gosh, that's 25% of 2007 which is gone. Have you achieved what you have promised at the beginning of the year ? It is good to have goals as they act as the candles in the dark guiding you along. Without them, it will be harder to reach your targets as you might get distracted and eventually, give up. But even with these candles, you might still not achieve what you wanted to as you might have placed your candles at such a high point that they flicker so much and you lost your concentration. Well, there's no absolute in our world. I believe in that and i think there will always be solutions cater to problems.

Today, met Audrey and we talked about the different professionals. As an engineer, we were often taught that there is only one fixed answer for this particular question. And we have codes to follow, so there will only one standard answer. Arts students, on the other hand, think much more broadly as they need to be as creative as possible. Hence, there are lots of jokes about the different professionals, like Engineers VS Business men VS Scientists, etc.

Counting down, slightly more than 2 weeks to exams. Steven Goh, concentrate on the mugging !! Don't lose sight of your candle and lose your way.

Wednesday, March 28, 2007


From wiki :


an attitude of doubt or a disposition to incredulity either in general or toward a particular object,
doctrine that true knowledge or knowledge in a particular area is uncertain, or
the method of suspended judgment, systematic doubt, or criticism that is characteristic of skeptics (Merriam–Webster).

Today, somebody talked to me about Amway. Ya, i know it is MLM but he insisted his group of people do it differently.

I already guessed that he might talked to me about MLM but i kept quiet, hoping to leech some info from him.

As he passed his name card to me, i noticed that he holds an executive appointment in a local hospital. So, what's the link ?? hmmm.. i also don't know.

Well, so i actually let him talked to me about how his system works. Ya da ya da... what he told me was things i heard and knew so 45 minutes of my life today was wasted just like that... tsk tsk...

But what amazed me was that he was an intelligent man and i seriously wonder why he would be doing this. I know some people succeeded in MLM but they are just a small group. I wonder what makes him so confident about his system, it doesn't seems to be different from the MLM system that i know of. I wonder...

As we finished our conversation, i observed that he approached a few others. So, i suppose that he is telling them about the "great biz plan" that he has. Seriously, i don't think i have the mood to think about this as exams are nearing. So i guess i will give it a miss.

Skeptical, that's how i felt lah... when uncertainties are around, it is hard to make decisions.

Monday, March 26, 2007

二 + 四

二 + 四
无论是亲情,友情, 爱情,事业,梦想还是理想,我们都得好好的珍惜。
谢谢 !!!!!!

Saturday, March 24, 2007

Smell to EXperience, See to BELieve !!

Smell to EXperience, See to BELieve !!

The story goes like this, i got my room on monday and moved in on monday. The hall officer was pretty cool, nice and helpful so unlike my previous one at hall 4... O_o

But then, it turns out that my toilet mates were from India. Some thoughts flashed thru my mind. It was only confirmed after i opened the door to the toilet... It was bloody dirty and smelly and gosh... yucksssss... Seriously, i can't understand how the 2 of them can tahan this for almost 8 months... yucksss....

A nice old tree outside my room.

Hmm... at the doorstep...

The door...

Opening it...

Ta da... my part of the room.

The cupboards and mop and pails which were sponsored by Lina Lo...

Best part is the toilet!!

Woo it's dark, oops, i haven't on the lights...

Now you can see clearly...

Messy messy messy... tsk tsk...

OMFG !!!!!!

Close up a bit...

YUCksssssss !!!!!!

Do you feel like vomiting ?? I do !!!

Toilet bowl... Weird smell... and gosh... just look at the strains...

Steven reporting LIVE from H2B1L1R9 !!

So, maybe, if, probably you are interested to see it for yourself... Feel free to dropby on Mon, Wed or Thur nights... Free Admission !! And not to forget...

Free SMELLs.... O_o

Sunday, March 18, 2007


For some reasons, i am very tired this weekend. Why ah ?? Don't understand. 7hours of sleep and still like that... hmmmm... O_o

Yesterday, i didn't managed to clinch $400. Not even $200, only $100. Sad leh... It was all the SBJ's fault, just 3cm more to $200. Just 3cm !! Never mind, i still got time. I shall try again this saturday and i shall train for it.

There was an article in today's paper - it was about the relevance of the static stations and physical fitness. There was this guy who ran marathons, went for adventure races but yet, he couldn't pass his SBJ. So, LL for him lah... In fact, i think IPPT is a test that puts a person's overall fitness to the test.

Then, i will be getting my room keys tomorrow. Hopefully, i can stay with somebody who will be a good roomie. Actually got empty rooms at hall 4 and 8 but Chris wanted hall 2 badly... so no choice... hall 2 only has partially occupied rooms. Haiz... meaning, i will be sharing the room with a stranger. I just hope he is not too strange...

Steven !! Have you been Mugging ??

Friday, March 16, 2007

Steven@Hall 2

Woo hoo ~~~ I got a hall le !! Great, now i don't have to worry about waking at up late for the exams.
Many thanks to Ms Ng Bee Leng !! Thanks !!

Anyway, it has been 5 days since i bought my new player, Creative Zen Vision M(ZVM) 30Gbs. Quite a cool gadget as it plays music, photos, videos and radio. Cool hah... My song library has now 500 songs, from 180 to 250 to 380 to 500. There is still room for more. Plus, by having the photos and videos in this player, that means i can view my pictures anytime, anywhere. XP

Steven Alert !! EXams are coming soon!! Start MUGGING !!!!!!!

Thursday, March 15, 2007

What the HELL !!!

Woo... i was so mad this morning when i read the announcement in the public folder. I mean, how could SAO made us pay $15.75 again for the hall application when we paid and didn't get a room the previous round. And, why are there empty rooms available when i don't even get one ?

But it turned up to be a case of misunderstanding, read on to find out more...

This was the 1st reply i got from SAO:

===================================================================This is a computer generated email.Please do not reply to this email account.For any other queries, please contact the respective Hostel Officers.===================================================================14-MAR-2007ADHOC APPLICATION FOR ACCOMMODATION IN HALLS FOR SEM 2 IN AY2006/07.

We are sorry to inform you that you are unsuccessful in your application.Please look out for the announcement made on the public folders/notice board(students) and notice board(for official matters only) of the Exchange Outlook System s for the next round of applicaiton. It will no longer be an on-line application. Instead it will be a walk-in application at SAO, level 5, Student Services Centre.

Alternatively, you may look up off-campus accommodation(with live-in owners). You can obtain information from Off-Campus Accommodation System (OCAS) on SAO website. You could access with your matric and pin number or contact EM Services Pte Ltd (Mr Daniel , hp: 9191 7125) which offers HDB rooms nearby campus.Yours sincerelyTan Siew Kuan (Mrs)Manager (Student Accommodation)Student Affairs Office

Then i got this :

To: All Full-time Undergraduate Students Walk-in application for hall for semester 2 AY2006/07 is open from 19 Mar 07 till vacancies are offered out. This application enables you to stay in the hall till 15 July 2007. Hence if you are interested to apply, please come to Student Affairs Office, Student Services Centre, Level 5 to apply personally. You are required to pay the hall application fees of S$15.75 by Nets/Cashcard. Payment can be accepted only at the following times to facilitate closing of accounts. 0830 – 1630 hours: Mondays to Thursdays 0830 – 1615 hours: FridaysIf your application is successful, you will be billed $10.50 JCRC fee of the allocated Hall.

And i replied :

-----Original Message-----From: #GOH ZHIXIANG# Sent: Thursday, March 15, 2007 10:51 AMTo: Ng Bee LengSubject: application fees of S$15.75

I can't believe it. SAO is trying to cheat students of their money. I applied for hall during the first round of adhoc application but wasn't allocated a hall. And now, i have to pay another $15.75 if i want to apply for hall.I simply cannot understand why there are still vacancies for the hostel rooms when i couldn't even get one in the first place. Is there a hidden agenda somewhere ?

$15.75 is not a small sum, it is equivalent to 5 meals of $3. Is this the way how SAO worked? By demanding money from students again and again. Is this how the school cares for its student?

If i pay the $15.75 the second time round and i still don't get the room, is SAO going to asked me to pay another $15.75 ?Please advise.


And SAO replied :

Dear Zhixiang

Please do not jump into conclusion and let us explain to you. The new round of adhoc application exercise is for partially occupied rooms only. Your application is unsuccessful because you applied for empty room with your roommate.

The system has allocated all available empty rooms to successful applicants and unfortunately you are unsuccessful as the demand for empty room is more than supply. Though all unsuccessful applicants have received the reply, we still put the unsuccessful applicants who had paid the application fee on a waiting list. Should there be an empty room available and it is applicant’s choice of hall, we will contact the applicants and offer to them.

In view of the misunderstanding that you have, we will now send an email to inform all unsuccessful applicants who have paid the application fees that they are put on waiting list.

If you still interested to be allocated to a partially occupied room please let me know by next Monday, 19 Mar 07 so that we can make arrangement for you. Alternatively, you can contact me at 6790 5155 to check the vacancies in each hall. There is no need for you to pay the application fee again. The same will apply to your roommate if he is also interested.


Bee Leng

Monday, March 12, 2007

4th for Xphysique !!

Woo hoo ... surprising results !! We actually got 4th !!

Amazing !!

We didn't expect this to happen as we only came with a "relax" mood hoping to complete the race with a good timing. But well, things just went smoothly for us.

It started at the Youth Park @ Orchard. At 12pm, yes @ noon time when the sun is bloody hot, we were flagged off. First checkpoint was @ Marina Bay. Far far away, take note, is Marina BAY not Marina Square. So, we got no choice but to start jogging towards this checkpoint. Everybody was clustered together initially ; eventually, we made a turn and lost sight of the rest.

Nearing Chinatown, we saw some teams again and this just motivated us to keep on moving. We bashed thru the grass patch with uncertainties and soon we were caught up by some teams who were behind us. They had copied and follow the path that we took. Darn !!

We reached the checkpoint and it turned out to be the cycling segment. 3 laps round the Marina Bay area. It wasn't that hard and the scenery was great. But i guessed i was a bit harsh on the station IC when she asked me to let the other team to go first.
Yes yes yes i know they reached first so they should go first, ya da ya da...

The next station was a nearby pond. River Crossing !!

Not very interesting but well, we still got to clear. Next, we ran all the way to Marina Promemade for the kayaks. the kayaking distance is okay, not too long not too short. I had fun, and we managed to score during this segment as we managed to overtook some of the leading teams.

Next, we jogged to the grass patch opposite East Gate where we got to dragged a pile of items over a distance. But it was during this segment that IV 0026 caught up with us. Abseiling was next. Not too tough as there was resistance somewhere somehow. Sianzzz...

Then, it was back to the start point, Youth Park !!

The final stretch is always the hardest as everybody was tired and fatigue has hit in. But did we stop and take a break @ Mac ? Of course not.. haha... how could we give up now ?? So we ran and ran and ran and ran... and we finished it !!!

Overall, it was enjoyable although i think the obstacles can be more challenging. And to the station IC @ the cycling segment, paisei lah ~~~

Oh, and the goodies bag, it sux big time loh ; come on NTU sports club you can do better than this. From what i see, it is a budgeted race. Boo ~~

Great performance by King Kong Jane @ the end point. Great vocal power by the lead singer, but the shortformed - KKJ, is a bit ... well.. =)

And wah, it did seem like the whole NTU was there, people people everywhere. Sure feels good to be in a race where friends are competing as well. It made the whole thing more exciting, and not to mention beating them... wa ha ha ha...

Great job Hui Qun, Rong Qiang and Denis !!

Err, the picture is not clear... will post a better one when i get hold of it !

Sunday, March 11, 2007


Today is 11th March. Later in the day, Xphysique will commerce and some how i think it will be fun. I suppose there are 2 main reasons - it has been some time since i last joined an adventure race, then i haven't been in the outdoors for the past weeks... gosh... i am so fair now...

Seriously, i just hope that Sports Club will do a better job this year. I don't want to be struck at a station for N hrs and wait and wait and wait...

For Varsity Challenge, these are the teams...

3.5 Guys
4 Amigos <<
they joined ATC b4, they are strong !!
4 Friends
Disposable Heroes
Fantastic 4
Leonard's Team
No Name
<< what a name ??
Old Bird Warriors
Sex-Physic << trying to be funny ??
Super Bishi Bashi Champ
Team 1339m
Team JR
Teck Gee Adventure ClubThe Reds
<< kind of familar, now where did i see this b4 ?

I think my team name is quite obvious, so we actually have 1/32 chances to be the 1st.

Hmmm, maybe, just maybe...

We will WIN ~~~~~~ woo hoo ~~~~~~

Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Dear Blog,

Dear Blog,

How have things been going ? I am so sorry for not blogging that often nowadays. There are just too many things in my mind, i just don't know where to start from.

Yesterday, Dr Mak just confirmed with me that his company won't be able to employ me for my IO. Sad. He was one of two who actually replied to many tons of emails. I shall call Cindy later after lunch today to see how. 14th March is approaching and i am no where near clinching a IO company. Haiz...

Then, yesterday went to SAO to register for hall. Paid $15.75 and it is not refundable if i don't get any hall. So, i am crossing my fingers and hope that i will get hall2. Chris was saying, this is machaim like buying toto ; the result will be generated by computer balloting.

I am troubled, i seriously don't know what PMP i should get. Creative Zen M or V Plus or Ipod or should i just get a laptop or should i get a new phone with a player in it ? IT Show is this weekend, i have finally managed to wait until this week. Hopefully i will find some good buys then.

Exam is coming. Yes, it is. So, i guess i am falling into the Mugger Mode. I cannot afford not to do well anymore. Haiz...

A man fell onto the MRT tracks @ Bishan last Sunday. Again. Gosh, i think SMRT should just build barriers to prevent such cases from happening again. I don't think it will cost much, so for goodness sake, DON'T increase the fares again.

Tremors was felt by many yesterday after the earthquake @ Indonesia. Some how, i didn't feel it.

Looking at how those who went overseas for their attachment had so much fun, i just feel kind of envy.

There was this female MP who was featured in last Sunday's paper. She rebutted Sylvia Lim's comment about the hike in GST. She said something like "rushing around to find toilet paper only when you need to do it..." in hokkien. I think she is trying too hard to impress. I am also sick of the P.A.P ministers role playing among themselves. It is not convincing enough.

Then, we are still being bullied by the countries around us. Yes, i know, they are just diverting attention away from their own local issues. But is it necessary to do it at our expenses ?

I know this post is rather messy, so let it be bah.