Saturday, October 18, 2014

Singapore Airlines Charity Run 2014

I collected the Race Pack for the Singapore Airlines Charity Run 2014 from Kallang Leisure Park and I like that it comes in a shoe bag which is what I needed. I can't wait to dress up for this run and hopefully, I get to go home with the lucky draw first prize - a pair of SQ Business Class tickets to one of the destinations they fly to. 14 more days to go!

Friday, October 10, 2014

Dean Potter's Moonwalk

This must be one of the coolest thing I have ever watched. Bryan Smith is in town and I got to attend his sharing session and this was one of his work. I wonder... maybe... one day... I can do this too. Maybe...

Sunday, October 05, 2014

Project Blue WaVe is launched on 4 October 2014

Project Blue WaVe is an initiative by the PA Water Venture. The main aim to raise awareness on environmental issues and encourage Singaporeans to take care of our environment.

200 participants cleaned up the Pasir Ris Park while 100 participants got on to kayaks and cleaned up Sungei Api Api.

The message is clear: Singapore is our home and we should take care of it ourselves by not littering and destroying the nature habitats of our wildlife.

There is so much we can do and hopefully, more people will join us to do a part for the environment.

*It rained so heavily that we had to rush back to shore but that didn't dampen our spirits.

Outing with the Wheelchair Bound Seniors #3

It took some time and effort to organise an outing like this. But it is always worth it especially at the end of the outing, I have seniors smiling and telling me that they had a lot of fun. Hope to see more volunteers coming forward to #GoMakeADifference with us! I am already looking forward to the next outing!