Sunday, December 31, 2006

My DreamD8 II

This is a blogging contest organised by Singtel Moblog. And i am in it !!

This is my moblog, so will be updating it more frequently. would be taking a short break for this time being.

This is how the contest works.

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Sunday, December 24, 2006

i am who i am

introducing a song by Guang Liang, "i am who i am"

词:孔胜民 曲:光良


在熟悉的街道中 寻找你影踪

在世界奔走 我感觉不寂寞

有一个人 熟悉又遥远


夕阳紫色天空中 你我承诺过

众多掌声的背後 你给我最多


现在的我 站在舞台 挥洒自我

I am who I am 看著你的眼 眼神的交接 不许语言穿透我心田

I am who I am 想念你的眼 温柔却坚决 这一刻最美我失去防线

Wednesday, December 20, 2006

《满城尽带黄金甲》to be released on 21st Dec

Looking forward to this show !! Especially after it has created so much news, from Gong Li's boobs to Jay Chou's acting to Chow Yun Fatt's charisma. Yes, i am anticipating it. Liked the song, 菊花台, very much as it was beautifully arranged and the lyrics are nice. Listen to it if you never did.

黄金甲(正式版) MV


菊花台~周杰伦 (满城尽带黄金甲片尾曲)

Sunday, December 17, 2006

i saw ma ma kissing santa claus...

la la la... Xmas is coming !! in a week's time, it will be here... wooo...

today went to cover Martin at Town Club and there was a new CSA, Richael. But it turns out Richael has been working since a year ago just that she was previously busy with her exams and hence didn't work until recently. Since Aishah has gone on leave (her baby is coming out anytime now... ... ... ) Richael is covering most of the CSA's duty for the next few weeks.

Some how, the CSA is either too young - 17 or 18 - or too old - 27-32. Weird leh. What happens to the gals between 18 and 27 ?? CSA which refers to Customer Service Administrator who deals with admin stuffs. Pretty easy job but can be rather boring. Maybe that's why... hmmm...

Anyway, today was quite okay. Fun in a way. If not for the job, i would be playing mahjong for the day... But then, the tot of getting more $$ attracts me more than the "hong zhong bai ban". MJ anytime can play but a job may not come everyday.

Well, today we, or rather richael played a prank on Hueijing who was working @ TPY. Hueijing actually fell for it. WA ha aha ha a... And Richael actually got Patrick to play along with her... hahaha... Richael was like, "can i wear a G-string into the jaccuzzi... " she's only 17 so don't blame her lah Hueijing !!! It is just a joke... and... i am not evil... i am the innocent party... i was only beside Richael, laughing and playing Sonic the hedgehog nia...

Well, towards the end of the day, we played Xmas songs from 5.30-6pm !! Don't know whether will we kena complain or not but it was fun lah... haha... we brought festive moods into the gym !!! And out of 5 users, 3 actually hummed along... "we wish you a merry Xmas... "

The font for this post is bigger than normal coz last fri, terry said the words for the previous posts were a bit hard to read... hopefully this will be better...

Remember Rima ?? refer to the previous post, here is her website and her point of view on the Standard Chartered Marathon, go read :

Friday, December 15, 2006

Mawai Photos !!

Mawai Photos !! Just copy and paste the following link,

Monday, December 11, 2006

[M]awai Eco Camp 8-10th Dec 2006

Woo hoo !!! Was over at [M]awai Eco Camp (MEC) over the weekend. A very nice place. It is an Eco campsite where visitors can stay and get close to mother nature. I am lazy to explain more but here are some sites with the info,

"Mawai Eco Camp is situated by the Sedeli River, at Mawai Lama, north of Kota Tinggi town. It is designed by "

"Tay Kheng Soon, can be viewed as a pro-active participant in the above"

"The Sedili River is the camp's life-line; bird watching"

So, the company that i am working for is Edu Outdoor Activities which deals with outdoor tours and camps. It was my first trip to Mawai even though i have heard about it some times ago. Hence when Lisa was asking around whether anybody wants to go to Mawai for an instructors' gathering i immediately replied. As it has been slightly more than a year since i have met the rest of the instructors especially Pei, Yuan, Sophia and Sunny who worked with me for my 1st camp Over at farmland camp. The participants were from Woodlands Ring Primary and it was really great experience with the kids and the instructors. But unfortunately, all except for Sunny were all busy and didn't go. From what i heard, they had not lead camps for a long time due to their commitments. Haiz...

All along, i had thought that this trip is going to be a relax one ; Lisa has mention that times and times again. So i really really really thought it is a relax one. All until the night before departure, she sent the namelist of the participants to me and Jac. Suddenly, i realised myself and her will be the bus I/C for the trip, and that the participants are not solely EOA staffs but members of the Nature Society. It has turn into a "Sai kang" thing. So all of a sudden, we have to be in charge and take care of the participants, how to relax ??

The stress level begins to bulid up on the actual day, 8th Dec. When me and Jac reached Newton Food Centre, Liz started to give instructions as if it was a standard trip. And i slowly, yes slowly, realised it was not exactly a relaxing one. Coz she began to get stressed up and she will transfer her stress to the rest by screaming and frowning her face. This is normal as she has high standard in things and demanded people to reach her standard. But having experienced her demand for "high standard" before, it was okay. Just that, i couldn't changed from a relaxing mode to a working mode. It takes some time.

When we reached the campsite, my first time there, she was expecting me to know this and that. When A was suppose to be A, and i was doing B, she would blah blah blah. But there are times when she said it nicely probably because as she mentioned herself, this will be a relaxing trip, for her. On the whole, it was really okay dealing with the unexpected mood changes. As a friend, she is definitely a good one. As a boss, she is unpredictable.

Even with the sudden surprise with the load of sai kang, the trip is still a very good one. The mangrove forest trip was cool and fun. I would not have gotten dirty if not for the VS boys and Jac. Some of their shoes got struck and i have to pull them and Jac some how got herself trapped in the mud. There were leeches and an auntie or two were screaming and screaming. But seriously, it is just leeches... Probably they have gotten too used to a comfortable life or they are just not used to mother nature. A year without trekking has also resulted in me missing hot water for shower. I think i should go trekking more often.

Gunung Arong was an interesting one. The journey up is very very easy but going down can be rather tricky. But at the of the foot of the mountain, what welcomed us was the south china sea... wooooo... Nice !!!!! But after that is a long walk back to the chalet where we stopped to wash up and makan makan. That same night, Kok Peng, the big big boss came. And he sure is a good guitarist. That night, after dinner, we had a great session of singing and fun. It sure beats going to KBox or any where else.

On the last day, it was the time for the water obstacles !! Quite fun. Although it wasn't really that easy . I am really darm bad with my balancing. Tsk tsk... By right we were supposed to go back on a 1.30pm bus, but that bus met with an accident and so we were without a bus. The next bus can only reach at 5pm. So we do nothing and waited and played Dai dee. At about 4.30pm, Jac and i walked around to settle the stores and checked that everybody has returned their stuffs. Then came another "good" news, the bus will only reach at 7pm and we can have one more dinner. So we settled down again and waited and waited. Had our dinner but the bus was still far far away, it didn't reach at 7pm. Instead, it reached at about 8.15pm. By then, many people were rather tired and sianz...

To make the thing worse, there was a jam at the Secondlink. Jia lat, so we were trapped in the jam for 45min. Strange leh, we took less than 10min to clear the malaysian custom and yet we have to wait so long for the Spore one. Strange strange strange.

On thw whole, i would say, it was a great trip. [M]awai eco camp is really a nice place. It is peaceful, quiet and the food cooked by Ana was bagus !! I would really want to lead trips to here. So that more people can experienced what i enjoyed. Especially if Sutemi is around, the trip will be even better, bringing joys and laughters to everyone and sharing his knowledge of the nature. Su, you da man !!!

More photos coming up after i get them from Jac !!

Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Yummy yummy yum !!

Who will not enjoy a cheap and good buffet ? ? ? Wa ha ahha

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Feeling Happy...

For some reasons, i am happy.

I don't know why.

Maybe, it is because i completed my 42.195km.

Maybe, Rima Chai really touched my heart with her effort of conserving the environment.

Sunday, December 03, 2006

Standard Chartered Marathon - Run your own Race

Woo hoo !!

Finished 42.195km today... what an achievement !!! Haha... Some more the timing is way better than last year's. This year was 4hrs 35 minutes, last year's was 5hours and 05 minutes. Slight improvement, guess the training and carbo loading really works. I shall try harder next time and aim for 4hours.

Have pegged myself to Patrick Hoo from the beginnning, but reduced my speed at about 22km. He was maintaining his speed but i had to reduced mine so that i can cope with the remaining 20km. It wasn't a joke loh, the first half was good and easy, while the remaining half was tough and tiring. I was like jogging, walking, jogging, walking to the end of the race. Met many people along the way, it was like a form of gathering just that we were all moving about... Towards the last stretch of the race, about 3oom to the end point, i saw Sharon and Lina among the many many supporters. When they saw me, they cheered for me!! Having people cheering you on is good feeling and with this good feeling, i ran all the way till the end.

Now my legs are darm "soured" aka tired. Machaim become very heavy le... I was like blaming myself during the run, "why do i want to pay $36 to suffer like this ?" Seriously, it is really a self challenge. If you ask me whether i will be joining next year again, my answer will be a big YES !!!

Tuesday, November 28, 2006

CSJ's Message From Prison

Interesting video by Dr Chee.

Saturday, November 25, 2006

Race pack collected, carbo loading in progress, ready for 42.195km

My number tag is 4936, must buy 4D. Who knows, might win.

Last paper on 30th November. Yes indeed, it is a big day !!! And unfortunately, it will also be my last day in hall 3 3c-03-13. IKEA Tampines will officially open on this day too. So i guess it will be a day with mixed feelings... haha...

Just can't wait for that day to come... and ... 3 days later, will be the marathon. Anticipating it...

i know my entries nowaday are a bit short and BORING... but that is because my current life is BORING... is Mug, Eat, Sleep, Run. Same old thing everyday... Haiz.... But once 30th comes... it will be back to the normal.... WA HA HA HAH AH A>>>>

Friday, November 17, 2006

Hungry Ghost Festival in NTU

This is NTU Lee Wee Nam Library during the exam period.

Scary right ? It is like that everyday now.

That's why i choose to go to NIE Lib which is cleaner and quieter.

**Take note of the gal holding on to the reddish-orange file towards the end of the clip, she is my fren!! Lina Lo, U are famous now !!! Hahaha...

30th Nov is going to be a big day... why leh ??

I will tell u in a while...

Saturday, November 11, 2006

Mug mug mug mugging muggy mug mug

wooo... it has been a week since i last wrote anything here... sia lah... saya tidak blogger anymore...

but then, who to blame for this ?

the EXAMS !!!!!

every year this time, it is always like this... Mug mug mug mugging muggy mug mug... Camp here camp there... Study this study that...

*cough**cough* a bit sick now... *cough**cough*

Saturday, November 04, 2006

no mood to study leh....

jia lat... i am losing the momentum to study le. how how how ??

anyway, i happened to read this article about a guy who pulled the plug on his mother

It is really sad that this happened to his family. Before he can do more to love his mother, she had to go. And, i would say, people really pay attention to all these so called "minor" details after the person is gone or rather the worst has come.

Chasing Cars MV was done last week, so, now i can only wait for ZY to send me. After which i will upload to the popular Youtube and then link to my blog. Haha...

Alright back to my geotechnical textbook.

Thursday, October 26, 2006

Goodbye LingZhi...

If you ever tune in to YES 933, you will definitely know who Ling Zhi is. But if you don't, fyi, she is a DJ. Almost 2 years ago, LingZhi hosted the night show, 11pm - 2am ; it was know as 2300 ji mo you ren pei. Being a student, especially when exams are coming, i will tuned in to her programme from 11pm to 2am. Almost everynights, tuning in to her program and mug and mug. Mainly because she has an unique voice and has her views on certain things. Her way of thinking is kind of similarly to mine, hence, i anticipated listening to her every night.

When 933 changed the schedule for the programmes, Peifen took over the time slot and Ling Zhi was arranged to host with Zhi Yong for the morning show. Seriously, after Peifen took over, it was really different. Very different. The voice, the way they think.... very very very different. And i don't know since when, i stopped listening to that time slot. Initially, there was an empty feeling about it, and it takes some time to get use to it. Even till now, when Jia hui is the one hosting the night show, i will still give it a miss.

I began to tune in to LingZhi's morning show, which is from 7am - 1oam. As it is a morning show, the DJs have to be livier and sounds happier. It is a change from her night show where it was a more relaxing feel. The change is a must and i got used to it. Ling Zhi is still Ling Zhi. Then she introduced her "joke of the day" which is like the hightlight of the program, sometimes, the jokes are not funny but there are times when it is really really funny !! Being a straightforward person, Ling Zhi is pretty frank in her remarks. Not that harsh but some people just cannot take the joke. Some listeners wrote in to the Lian He Zao Bao to complain about her. Nonetheless, she still keep to her style of hosting.

When Mary was introduced to the morning show during july, and with Ling Zhi hinting that she hoped to do something else, there is a clear sign that she is leaving. And when music dairies was stopped, i also smelt something fishy. Ling Zhi was not involved in the Global Chinese Music Award, which is on this Saturday. Many obvious clues, but the most obvious would have to be the one on tuesday. Mary and Zhi Yong had to prepare for the GCMA and so Ling Zhi hosted Mon and Tue shows alone. On Tue, as the show was about to end, Ling Zhi said: " Well, that's it for today. I hope that you will like what i have done today and today will be the last time i will be hosting alone."

This morning, it was official. Ling Zhi is leaving. And, tomorrow will be her last day.

This morning, Zhi Yong played Kit Chan's "Tian leng jiu hui lai" for Ling Zhi. Ironically, Ling Zhi played the same song for Shi Han (her previous partner for an earlier morning show) before. She didn't announced her plans for the future but i just hope that she can do what she want and be happy about it. Ling Zhi has been part of my life for some time, now that she will be gone, i guess i will have 1 more chance not to tune in to 933 le.

So, i guess it is time to say goodbye.

Goodbye Ling Zhi, Remember to return to air leh !!

Hope to hear you soon.

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Selamat Hari Raya Puasa !!

It is Hari Rayaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa !! Well, i don't celebrate it but it is a public holiday !! Woo hooo !!

It has been a week since i last shifted into hall3, so far still so good. I really liked the bed and the aircon !! Very shiok. Haha...

Talking about NTU, recently, a NTU Lecturer was in the limelight for the "wonderful" comments made about him. And what is a better way of telecasting that video to the rest of the world ? Yeah, YOUTUBE My favourite comment is : " no grass on a busy road, no hair on a clever head" simply wonderful !! And for those who are so curious of this "handsome" dude, here is his picture. NTU lecturers are really getting famous for all the wrong reasons. Before this, there was a lecturer who was involved in a court case where he is on trial for passing false information to a public official ; oh boy he was rich man!!

He spent his money on a China woman, how stupid is that ?

And on the other hand, there are people who are so poor that they don't have extra to spend. A man jumped onto the MRT track and he died. Quite horribly. Can you imagine, 1 human body into 3 parts... Haiz... Everytime, from the news, it was reported that so and so amount of jobs were created and so and so amount of increase in GDP. We always hear the good news. So does that make us live in a good and prefect country?

Do you notice the old man who put his hand into the rubbish bin to look for drink cans ? 30 cans = $1. If a simple meal costs $3, this old man will have to find 90 cans.

For those who don't know, there are really people who slept on the streets, at the void decks. Don't they have a home? Well, i don't know.

Seriously, what can we do to help them ? Alright people, it is time for us to wake up and see the world from another angle. Rely on our ministers ? But they are busy with their hip-hop practises and their blogs, where got time.

What can we do ?

Friday, October 20, 2006

MR BROWN SHOW - Hossan Leong

Well, this is indeed something funny !! haha...

What is wrong ?

wth, something is definitely wrong with my blog. It just won't load properly. Why huh ? jia lat...

Is it because of the post about the PM's pay ? or the despo P65 MPs funny acts ? why why why ? Did somebody hack my blog site ?

I guess there is a big possibility. Especially since we are in spore and i talked about the so-called leaders of this island.

But then, it could just be a technical problem.

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Shifted into hall 3 yesterday, didn't bring a lot of stuffs so it was quite easy. (only 2 big bags !!)

It is indeed a very new place. Better than the rooms i stayed before. Somemore, my room is near the pantry and there is aircon and there is a lift in every block and the reading room is dang conducive to mug and the lounge is so new... woooo... Plus, it is very near to the north spine, about 10minutes of slow walk can reach liao... everything is so good so what more can i ask for ? Well, firstly, the person sharing the room with me is a total stranger. So, i got to know him from scratch; current impression of him - a guy who like to watch anime and laugh out loudly. Then, i don't know my neighbours !! Of course, that being the case of me being new ! Everybody's doors seem to be closed 24/7. No chance of seeing who they are. There is going to be a block BBQ this thursday, thanks to the blk rep (forgot to ask for your name ... ) who asked me so sweetly... haha... but then, i am still thinking of going or not... so well...

I only know of a few people who stayed in hall 3, and they are, Qing Rong, Eugene, Jill, Adelene. Hmm... that's it bah. Hopefully will meet more people that i know of. Well, since i am going to stay till end of nov, should i go and know the hall 3 people better ? I donno leh... how ?

Friday, October 13, 2006

Hall 3 here i come !!

...One exam cleared means that the day that the day that i graduate will be nearerlayout...

Woo hoo... Somehow, i managed to get a room at Hall 3 !! Thanks to zhongyi who linked me to si kai. Now i can have no worries for the exams !! 3 morning papers... wooo... initially thought can tahan, but eventually i can't help but to feel worried for the long distance from home to school. The feeling of having a hall is good. Really good. It has been a while since i last felt this way. =) Less than 5 weeks to exam, haiz... sianz... One exam cleared means that the day that i graduate will be nearer. Seriously, i don't know whether i should be happy about it. Haiz... I managed to meet some older, hmm, or rather matured people who have been working for years. Well, they are not exactly happy and for most of them, they are really not enjoying their job, if not for the $$ they will have quitted or something. My cousin was telling me to join NIE, then another friend was saying might as well try becoming a pilot. I have something in mind, but upon so many advices, i guess i just need to think about it again and more seriously. Now, a bit tired. Can't say much... tommorrow need to wake up early for TC. *yawnzzzzzzzz...

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Still hazy...

Haiz... the haze is still around. *cough**cough*

It is darm irritating to have this burnt smell in the air. *cough**cough*. I don't even feel like running in the outdoor. Why do we have to suffer because our "good" neighbour is burning trees like it is nothing?? Laws were passed to ensure things go smoothly, and for this case, it IS illegal for them to burn the trees like that, and why isn't their leader doing anything ? They themselves are in a more critical situation than us and yet they are not doing much. Or, is it because they don't have the ability to do much ? Hopefully the wind will change its direction and blow the bloody haze away.

Then, for those who donno, the post 65 ministers have come up with new tricks !!! After announcing that they will be dancing hip hop next year for the Chingay, they have actually come up with blogs. Are they so desperate to reach out to the younger generation ?
Seriously, i don't think it is going to work for me as i think there are certainly other ways for them to reach out to us. Well, they are paid "peanuts", (Mrs Goh said $60,000 is "peanuts", we will remember that !!) , some of these ministers are sitting in the parliament because there wasn't any opposition to challenge them. And yet nothing much has improved. Or do we need to wait till months before the next election to see improvements ? Or do we need another event like IMF to see more flowers on the streets ?

Now, a difficult question for all, who earns more ? Our PM lee, US George Bush or China's Hu Jintao ? Now click on this link and you will find the answer.

And of course, we will never be able to read such news in the local papers. After all straits times is ranked 140 in the world for press freedom.

Friday, October 06, 2006

Haze in Haze out...

...Yesterday was working @ E1 Tm normally for thursday, the numberof users is normally quite small...

The haze improved and got worsened the past few days. Mainly because the number of firespots have increased from 96 on Monday to 226 yesterday. Horrible isn't isn't it. Yesterday was working @ E1 Tm, normally for thursday, the number of users is normally quite small, however there was a huge increase yesterday. Sia lah, just when i thought i can read my notes or something, there were many things to do. More users = more problems. So, i got to attend to the users one after another. Plus, the boss came for a surprise "visit", but luckily my notes were nowhere near the counter at that time... Phew... heng ah. Then, the Running club chairperson came into the gym and asked whether they could used the trenchmill for their training. Holding a small role, of course i can't make the decision just like that, so i got them to call the boss. Well, permission was granted and they started to use the trenchmills.

...There were cases of molest theft, blackout, quarrelsHopefully none of this will happen...

There were about 18 trenchmills at E1 Tm, so when almost all of it were activated, the electrical power tripped and tripped and tripped. Was kind of paiseh for me, but not my fault lah... coz i guess it must have something to do with the buliding itself. Safra Tampines is already 20 yrs old, i think. So must blame the place bah. Then, i scanned thru the incident reports for the past 3 years. Only a few, but each incident is exciting in their own ways. There were cases of molest, theft, blackout, quarrels. Hopefully none of this will happen on the day when i am on duty(crossing my fingers). Hmm, still no reply from ChannelU(still praying hard...).

Monday, October 02, 2006

Hazy Hazy Day...

Haze was everywhere since last week. But today, it was more serious, reaching 77 on the PSI, highest at this moment. Some years back, it was even more jialat, reaching 120 and more, but somehow, i felt uncomfortable and irritated by this year's attack. Is it more of a mental thing ? Or is it just because i have become older and my health is declining ? I do hope that, it is the former as i am only 23. Not that old lah.

School started after a week's break. Short, it is. But i felt it was a wasted week as i didn't achieve a lot. Sad. Exams in about 6 weeks time.


Alright, i will i will. I will focus more on my studies. After all, i am a full time student. I shouldn't waste the school fee mah. The haze will improve the day after tomorrow, and hopefully, i will be able to mug and mug and mug efficiently...

Friday, September 29, 2006

啊呀我的媽 !

今天已經是星期五了。 轉眼間﹐ 一個星期的假期就這樣的過了。 現在﹐ 有多點時間留給自己﹐ 生活也變得簡單了許多。當然一開始有點不習慣﹐ 也會想念以前的生活。 慢慢的﹐也習慣了。

前些時候﹐ 我有提到優頻道的尋星活動在招聘博客來為這個節目增加一些些的看頭。 我也呈交了我的申請﹐可是至今﹐ 一點消息都沒有。 還滿讓人沮喪的。 我再一次的閱讀了申請的條件後﹐搞了半天﹐ 原來他們只在-找一個人而已。 之前﹐我還以為是在找好多好多位呢! 既然只選一個人﹐恐怕我的機會也減少了許多。 悲哀啊! 到底還有沒機會啊!! 等待的心情總是辛苦的。 好啦﹐我就等下去吧。

對了﹐我要推荐來之台灣的"黑澀會妹妹" !! 她們真的是超卡娃依呢 !! 去搜搜看吧﹐一定能找到很多關於她們的資料。


Wednesday, September 27, 2006

U Better go watch before it ends on 30th Sept !!!

Well, yes, i am talking about the production, Forbidden City : Portrait of an Empress !!

It is really a good one, good lighting, great music, wonderful performance by all the actors and actresses, especially Kit Chan !! She is the BEST !! At one more of time, her singing really gave me goosebumps... of course, it was because her singing touches my heart. I could feel the pain of the "Empress Dowager". Haiz... yes, it was a sad story. A sad one about the Empress Cixi. If you know anything or have heard things about her, you might have the impression that she killed her son in order to secure the No.1 position. In this production, it says otherwise, i have yet to find out more about it, but i will. Definitely will find out more about the history for this.

Hmmm... and surprise surprise surprise, Andy Joshua Lim was one of the ensemble !! He, of course i remembered, was the person who choreographed the dance for Mr Spore. Hmmm... and i wonder who that special friend he mentioned in the programme booklet... hmm hmm hmm... Well, Mr International is round the corner. And yeah, people, please do give ya support to Mr Spore !! Wish him all the best !!

Well, the show really brought me out of this world. When the show ended, applauses was unstoppable. Everyone clapped and clapped. In short, the performers really deserved our applauses. They have been perfoming since early this month and will continue to perform till end of the month, not easy leh. Plus, they have really really put up a great show. Especially Kit !! Glad that she is doing something that she enjoys. How i wish i can do things that i like. Well, with more time for myself now, i think i could. hee hee...

So, U Better go watch before it ends on 30th Sept !!!

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Today's the day !!

Woo, today's the day for FORBIDDEN CITY !!

Have been looking forward to this day for quite some time, Wooo !! Can't wait to listen to Kit Chan sing. It was reported that last wednesday, Kit didn't perform and instead, somebody else stood in for her. Of course, this made those who went there to support kit angry. According to the organisers, it was because Kit wasn't feeling good and hence they got the substitute in to perform instead. Hopefully for today's performance, Kit will be there, after all, that is the main reason why i bought the ticket. Not Cheap leh !!

Just now went to work, as the floor trainer for EnergyOne Tampines. Well, it is kind of slack coz just need to collect the card, issue a locker key and 2 towels and just ensure that nothing goes wrong. Hmmm, think will be napping for a while, then later meet SY for the show. Wait for my review on the musical bah !!

Friday, September 22, 2006

Hmmm... YES or NO ?

Singapore is suppose to be a country with good economic growth. But still, there is a line dividing the rich and the poor. Of course this is something commonly found in all countries, but i really find it hard to believe that there are really poor people in Singapore. I have heard of a man who can only afford to buy Mac for his 2 sons once in a blue moon. And that is just one McChicken burger shared by his 2 sons (who are in the primary school.) The point is, they are so poor that the McChicken is a luxury item for them.

My family is not rich. I am not rich. We are just okay, got enough to spend, got a house to stay in. Life is still pretty alright and comfortable. And a McChicken is definitely a common food item that i buy as something to munch on here and then. Hence, i was rather shocked when i heard the story. Other than him, there are also many "tissue sellers" who can stand at the entrance of the MRT stations all day. They can be "ah ma" or aunties who brought their daughters along. I really feel sorry for them. Especially the "ah ma", coz they remind me of my grandma, i would never hope to see my grandma doing that at her age. So, i bought once, the tissues, from one "ah ma". But i didn't buy from the auntie and her daughter, coz she looked fine to me. She's not disabled, and she could easily get herself a job, even as a cashier at McDonald. Maybe she has her reasons but i still think she shouldn't play around with people's emotion.

So, should i continue to donate money to the next "tissue seller" that i see?

Thursday, September 21, 2006

Quiz X 4 + 1 drawing assignment = STRESS

This week was a tough one.

Quiz X 4 + 1 drawing assignment = STRESS.

Stress indeed. Tried to study but i guess i can do better as the quizzes weren't that diffcult just that i have only put in 60% to mug. Got to try harder the next time.

Then, there is the chaos in Taiwan and the latest, Thailand. I am neither a taiwanese nor thai but as a curious person, i can't help but to find out more about the happenings. To me, both countries are going thru a "messy" period which will go into their history. So, what the people and leaders do now will definitely mark the directions their countries will proceed.

In Taiwan, President Chen Shu Bian is accused of allegations implicating himself and his family. His son-in-law, Chao Chien-ming, was detained and indicted on suspicion of insider trading and taking bribes. His wife Wu Shu-chen is also under investigation for allegedly accepting department store gift certificates in exchange for lobbying efforts. And the people are definitely not happy with them. While there are people who wanted him down, there are also people who supported Chen. The former in red and the latter in green. It was rather peaceful from the first day of the anti-Chen campaign. But there was a twist on 16th Sept when the greens occupied the space that the reds occupied to show their support. (they had to get permits to hold their rally, the reds from 9th Sept - 15th Sept and the greens from 16th - 20th.) More and more violences are being reported with people from both sides beaten up. It is definitely not peaceful.

In Thailand, its military seized power from Prime Minister Thaksin Shinawatra in a bloodless late-night coup, imposing martial law. Coup leader General Sonthi Boonyaratglin said the military had seized power in order to unite the nation. From what i know, the Thai's politics have been rather dramatic the past few months. From Thaksin being pulled down and return to position and to the discovery of bombs near his home, i guess a plot like this was in progress. Not very clear of the situations at Thailand but i heard that things were still normal for the thai people. Especially since such a military coup happened some years back.

In comparision, me being stressed out by the quizzes + 1 drawing assignment is nothing. Hopefully, like what beauty pageant constestants will say," i really wish to see world peace !" i hope to see that soon.

Saturday, September 16, 2006


Isn't it interesting ? Project Superstar 2 is making full use of the influence of bloggers to increase exposure for the competition !! Cool !! It is definitely a good news to bloggers and of course to me. Haha... Imagine, doing what i like ... ( that is, to BLOG !!) and watching a competition that i have always been following... ( Project Superstar !! i support Kelly !! ) Cool isn't it ? haha...

Pretty excited about it, have sent in my application. Hopeful they will pick me lah... hmm hmm hmm hmm ... crossing my fingers... Here are some of the rules and regulations...



应该不是什么大问题吧, Small case !! 我非常愿意出席 !!



发表文章啊,我经常都有博客的习惯!! No problem !!

【绝对SuperStar】博客的内容必须【与绝对SuperStar】有关。【绝对SuperStar】博客绝对不能有任何的粗俗、亵渎和/或煽动性评论(无论是有意或无意针对任何性别、种族、宗教或政治)。所有的文章依然是【绝对SuperStar】博客的个人意见,并不代表新传媒集团, 【绝对SuperStar】赞助商或参赛者的看法。新传媒电视将保有去除被视为不合适文章的权利。





Wednesday, September 13, 2006

What a day !?! 2 presentations ...

There was 2 presentations today. Not that they are important, but because a presentation is still a presentation after all. So preparation and efforts were still required and i am totally exhausted from the 2 of them...

Luckily tml is thursday !! Yeah !! Free day !! Can relax at one corner... =)

Yesterday, i gave my Ma and Pa tickets to "Snakes on a Plane". I got them for free, from where, hmmm i can't remember. It has been quite a while since the 2 of them stepped into the theatres. So, i was kind of worried that they might go to the wrong place. I rushed back from sch back to tampines just to check on them. Sounds a bit werid but i felt the roles was exchanged - is like them sending me to sch and watching me go. Strange...

Andrew today mentioned that our generation is the MTV generation. We can accept things pretty fast. Unlike our parents, they are less receptive to the new technologies and stuffs. But seriously i do hope to hear Ma and Pa to adapt well to the changes that will take place now and then.

Get out of the comfort zone i would say !! And that includes myself as well.

*don't really understand what i am writing coz i am just too tired ... Zzz...zzzz...zzz...

Friday, September 08, 2006

Final Decision = IO

Yeah, and that is my final decision. Wooo, is really an internal struggle, a tough decision to made. Thanks to those who advised me and to Ms Chia from OPA who helped me - although it is part of her job to do so, i am still grateful for her help.

Woo, bought the tickets for Forbidden City, 26th Sept 8pm show. Usual price was $110, but because we are students (Yeah!!!) there was a 25% discount !! Cool !! But then, it is still kind of ex. I really do hope that the show will be a good one. Now left with not much $$, sianz... Got to look for jobs !!

Thursday, September 07, 2006


IA refers to Industrial Attachment and IO refers to Industrial Orientation. And NTU students got to choose either one of these programs in their 3rd year. IA is 20 weeks, so the thing that one will learn will definitely beats IO which is just 10 weeks. There is pros and cons to both IA and IO. Sia lah.

As my grades last sem was real bad, i was actually thinking of going for IO, so that i will have one sem to catch up my studies and do my IO during the May-July holiday. But seriously, i really want to go for IA which will be a good experience for me to decide whether i will stay in the CEE industry or not. So, it was really tough making the decision. Arghh, yesterday i went down to the Office of Professional Attachment, and even after talking to the officers there, i still cannot make my decision. They were kind enough to let me have one more day to think about it. At this point of time, i have already made my decision, but still not very sure about it. Haiz...

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Goodbye Crocs Hunter ...

Strung by a stringray, the famous crocodile hunter was poisoned to death. U will always be remembered for all the things you have done to educate the public about the reptiles. U have been really great.

Rest In Peace

Have always watched his shows on Discovery channel. I was always amazed by the things he did especially when he put his head into the crocs mouth like it was nothing. He was really knowledgeable. My idol when i was young. And if you have not realised what the rest has done, put a turtle (tu) @ your msn nick to remember Steve Irwin.

Sunday, September 03, 2006

Surprise, surprise, surprise...

Woo... Surprise, surprise surprise... My blog got featured on Axn-Asia... Cool !!! hahah...
I guess it all started from last week's Amazing Race Asia roadshow @ Suntec city. Well, we got the 11th position, but having my blog featured on Axn now sure beats winning the first prize... but still i would really really really want to have the nokia Nseries phones...

Well, if you noticed, i made some changes to the "friends" and "links" sections. They are now with pictures !! And they looked darn nice loh !! Took some time to create them, but the effort is worth it. Definitely !!

And, if you haven't figure out what you can do with the hamster on my blog, i will tell you now. It's name is kido by the way, @ the bottom right corner, there's a logo with "more" on it, click it. Then u will see a strawberry coming out, click the strawberry and you can feed Kido with it !! Yes, if you drag it nearer to the circular structure at the back, Kido will actually run on it.

Have been trying to mug, and yes, i did. Year 3 already, cannot play play... time to get more serious... [Said with a serious face!!]

Last night, there was a SRJC class gathering @ Andrew's Steamboat house. Those who went : Charmaine, Sabrina, Nelly, Huixin, Jessie, Pearly, Serene, Adelene, Pamala, Sliva, Lifeng, Seeyew, Edwin, Bernard and of course, myself. Last minute fly plane... weihan and zhongyi... pang seh !! Nevertheless, we enioyed ourselves lah... long time no see mah. It sure is a good feeling to see everybody again after all these years. Missed the 1S18 and 2S16 days... YEAH!!

Friday, September 01, 2006

Sunday, August 27, 2006

What a weekend !

AXN Amazing Race Asia Edition's promotional tour was in Spore on Saturday !! And YEAH, i went down to Suntec for it... is a cool event, many goodies to win back even if you just join the mini games. But of course, the main thing is to join the main competition for the day. The qualifying round just require one person to piggy back his/her partner blindfolded across a short 10m with mousetraps spread across the lanes. Shortest time to reach the other end and the least number of mousetraps stepped will have a higher chances to get into the top 10.

Here i am, taking a pic with Yee Ling... In total, we tried 3 times. Not very kiasu lah... coz there are teams who tried at least 8 times. Haha... So after we felt that we had tried enough, we went for a walk. Hoping to receive the call from the organisers... And indeed, after some time, they called. We got into the top 10 !! YEAH !! And, i was excited because, the winners get to bring back Nokia Nseries phones, round trip to Bangokok and other AxN stuffs. We happliy rushed back to the centre stage where we went thrown with a Bad news... : " Sorry guys, we made a mistake, you guys are team 11th !! "

Sad, we were. Disappointment, we were. Is like taking a ride on a rollercoster... woooooooo... we then slowly dragged our feets... and went to the food court... coz eating can destress...

Then after the late lunch, nothing much to do - since we had forked out the afternoon for it... Sianz... so we just go walk walk around. We even met Daphne Khoo, she looks better in person !! Cuter also... Hahaz...

Then, this morning got AHM !! Army Half Marathon 2006, 21.1km in a new route. Took 2 hrs 05sec to complete. The route was quite nice but as it stretched into the city areas, some of the roads were not block off, so we were stopped to allow cars to move on first. This, can be improved.

This photo was taken to prove to Roy that, Milo was given out free !! He insisted that there won't be free Milo, but there really is !! Haha... I even had 10 cups... Niceeeeeee...

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Wednesday !!

blogging again !! live from Wee Nam !!

Listen to this people ... i think is Funny ... spelt with a capital "F"

Was on 291 when i saw a lady stopping when the lights turned red. Suddenly, she got off her bike. Then did i saw an old man who was on a wheelchair. It then hit me that the nice lady was going to help the old man to cross the road. Kind hearted people like her should be praised leh...

Today is a light day. With one tutorial in the morning and one 3hours lesson in the evening. Now the time is 2.20pm, and i have 3 more hours before my evening lesson starts. It sounds stupid but i purposely planned it that way, not that i want to spend my time sleeping in Wee Nam, just that i am really interested to take up ANI260 -- Into to StoryBoarding. It is course offerred by ADM, Arts, Designs & Media. Now, i got ample reasons to step into their new buliding... Wa haa ha ha a...

Later meeting Pat to run before the evening lesson, coz the AHM is this sunday and sadly, i haven't been training much... hopefully i don't concuss or what ...

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Fart... what a day...

Haiz... something embarassing happened today...

"P.U.! What's that smell? How can your body make something so stinky?

Farts - also called flatus (say: flay-tus) or intestinal (say: in-tes-tuh-null) gas - are made of, well, gas!
When you eat, you don't swallow just your food. You also swallow air, which contains gases like nitrogen (say: ny-truh-jen) and oxygen (say: ahk-sih-jen). Small amounts of these gases travel through your
digestive system as you digest your food. Other gases like hydrogen (say: hy-droh-jen), carbon dioxide (say: kar-bon dy-ahk-side, the gas that makes soda fizzy), and methane (say: meth-ain) are made when food is broken down in the large intestine. All of these gases in the digestive system have to escape somehow, so they come out as farts!"

Today was a xiong day. With lessons from 8.30am to 5.30am... darm tiring... but then, i am happy to say that... i have gone for all the lessons !! Not that the lessons went on continuously... there were 2 hours of break... so, is quite alright lah !! Yeah !! Proud of myself... ha ha...

Anyway, as i was saying, there were 2 hours of break. 1st hour i was lucky to have Tianhe to lunch with me... then the 2nd hour, i went to Wee Nam to nap. (Now no hall liao mah... ) I went to level 4 where they have the individual study desks. So i found an empty one and sat down. Within minutes, i felt asleep... after some time... i was like kind of semi-unconscious... my eyes opened a bit... then my stomach felt a bit weird... then suddenly i hear a loud "Booooo..."

Yes, it was me. It was then did i realise what i did was rather loud and rude... so i pretended i was still sleeping... trying to think of ways to get away... i was struggling within myself... is like so malu... i slowly sit up... turned to my left... oh gosh.. there was somebody... i had hoped that there wasn't anybody... but darm... i realised he was looking at me... then i turned to the right... Heng ah... there wasn't anybody... but there were more people behind me... hopefully they didn't hear the "boo"

On the count of 3, i stood up and left without looking back. Sia lah...

The other time when i was at Bangkok, during the thai massage... i also accidentally farted. Darm... So malu... but that one was a soft one... but because there was only me and the lady(who was massaging me...) it was quite obvious to her. She giggled. and i pretended sleeping again.

Sooooooo Paisei...

Anyway, today was really a good day. Coz 3 good things happened to me. Yeah !!! They were the things said by people to me which is more valuable than money... (though i really hope to have more of money also...)

Happy Belated Birthday To Ching !! Thanks Ching !! ... by the way u have the same birthday as my grand ma... oh, happy birthday ah ma !!

Then also, Happy birthday to my Uncle !! Get a wife soon !!

Last but not the least... Some photos of Peiyu's Party... Haha... leeched from her blog...

Sunday, August 20, 2006

Happy Birthday to PeiYu and PeiRu !!

Yo Gal... sorry that i can't make it to your party... paisei leh... but hopefully, u had a great time... And send my regards to PeiRu too !!

and here's a cheesecake from me to ya !! er... and PeiRu !!

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

青藏高原自游行 赶圆一场青藏列车梦




之一: 昆仑山第一道亮丽风景




之二: 藏羚羊以外的可可西里



之三: 唐古拉考验游客的极限

我一边饱览窗外的自然风光,也一边注视着列车信息牌上滚动的海拔指数变化,当屏幕上终于闪现ALTITUDE 5081M的字幕时,心里五味杂陈,也唯有身历其境方能意会。

之四: 余韵









Monday, August 14, 2006

singapore fireworks 2006

found a better version... Niceee...

Sunday, August 13, 2006

Fireworks ~~~

Wooo... Nice fireworks brought to us by Team France !! By following Huimin and her friends to the bridge was a great gamble... coz... down from the Esplanade, we can see that the whole bridge was packed with people !! But i guess we did the right thing by going there, Huimin was looking for her other fren there... so, might as well... But the fireworks were really really niceeeeeeeeeeeee ...

Friday, August 11, 2006

JF's magic show !!

Well... we have nothing better to do... wa ha ha ha...

For those who are still unsure what Jf is trying to do... well... she is performing a magic show, by changing the interior of the card, from the coloured portion to the blank portion !!

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Today went to Zoo... Singapore's very own !

It was a great trip !! Really !! I felt happier... i was happy seeing the giraffe, there was the cute Binturong... the amazing Orang Utan... the cool penguin... and many many more... woo hoo... Nice... although it rained in the morning, we were right to wait for one more hour before cancelling the whole thing...

The whole started at about 11.40am with me reaching the Zoo first, then followed by Stella, Yi Jie and Wei wei... It has been ages since i last stepped anywhere near the zoo... it is now sooooooo different... But we were really very very excited...

"we are going to the zoo, zoo, zoo... how about you, you, you... you can come too... "

The moment we stepped in, we were welcome by the Gift shop... which is obviously, a TT, tourist trap... however, the stuffs that were sold in the shop were of good quality... yes... good quality... but still... too ex lah...

Judging from the map, the Spore Zoo looks as if it is a huge place... but in actual fact... it is rather small... walking from one end to another end is only a short distance... no matter if you choose to walk clockwise or anti-clockwise, you will be able to cover all the animals... really must catch the feeding time !! Really interesting to see the animals getting fed... plus, confirm cannot miss one is the animal show !! To me, the Zoo is like Disney land... but it can be better lah !!

Ohh, Happy Birthday Singapore !! I am really happy to born a Singaporean, although there are certain restrictions here and there... but i am glad to say that our streets are safe and our ecomony is doing well !!

MOST SERIOUS post ever...

This is an interview done by Zhixiang(Z), he will be interviewing Steven(S) who has quite a lot to say...

Z: Hello, Steven, how have you been ?

S: Hmm... not very good. My body is still rather screwed up, tends to get tired easily. And people like K is really treating me like i am invisible. Well, what to do, i was the one who resulted this... Haiz...

Z: Really doesn't sound good, but what really happen ?

S: Firstly, i didn't do a good job as a biz mag for ODAc. If you read my previous post, you will have understand a bit of the story. Cause of other commitments, i have neglected ODAC. In fact, i have actually gotten rather depressed during the period before Mr Spore. Is like... too much stress for one to handle. Plus, with the minor in Entreprenuership, it is really a hell lot of burden.

Z: Can't you foresee this amount of stress when you sign up for mr Spore and the minor ?

S: Actually i did see it coming, but i didn't expect it to be so jia-lat... And, i know i said something like i will commit fully to Odac for the year, but some how, my focus got diverted.

Z: Can you elaborate more on that ?

S: Hmmm... for the 1st half of the year, i was very committed to do things. However, a lot of rejections reduced my confidence. Plus, the other projects' biz mag are not cooperating with me... it takes 2 hand to clap, so i am not pushing the blames to them... everybody is at fault in a way or another... But well... And, my comm have not been encouraging enough... and that is really a huge turning point for me. The minor in Entreprenuership is also a killer... coz, after going thru the course, i have new things to worry about... like getting the $$ to pay my study loan... i am not from a rich family... i don't drive a BMW... so, i have come to realise the importance of other things in life...

Z: Hmm, well well well... would you say that for OMC as well ?

S: Yup ! OMC is the same story. The responses for the jobs that i suggested were not well received enough... the time taken for the subcom to get back to the main comm then to me is too long... i have nagged, and nagged... but then... still too slow... in the end, some of the jobs were taken up by others... that, i must say, is waste of my efforts... really... felt very bad when jobs were taken up just because the subcomm to main comm then to me was sooooooooooo slow...

Z: I see... so how do you feel now ?

S: Hmmm... of course, a bit of regretful... coz if only i could be stronger mentally, i might have overcome all this... being condemned by people is not a good thing... i can't imagine this is actually happening to me... serious. All i can do now is to apologise, to all those who i have let down... what has happened has already happened... there is no way that it can be altered... actually, i got prepare the membership benefits for odac, but i guess it is too late to make any differences liao... I know they went to C J for dinner, it was suppose to be a treat. But i just left... because i don't think i can go for it without feeling bad...

Z: I suppose, you have learn something out of this ?

S: Definitely !! No matter how much good things one does, he will only be remembered for the bad things that he had done.

Z: Thanks for your time !! I do hope that things will get better for you then...

S: I really hope so !

Sunday, August 06, 2006



女主持人李心钰、林翠芳以及933DJ 林佩芬和萧嘉蕙也将组成啦啦队,以行动为参赛者加油,非常有心。(注:据说许振荣将在现场大秀舞蹈,是否真实?请留意当天的表演咯。)制作单位也特别邀请台湾著名歌手张震岳以及Mc HotDog来表演。牛奶除了负责主持以外,也将在当晚加入表演阵容。精彩指数爆灯!

Well well well... Mi Lu Bing is now officially the SuperBand of Spore... so... what's next ? Will they become the next Taufik ? or is it Tau Poh ? hmmm... Singapore is simply too small a market to accomodate all these Superstars and Idols... well, we shall see...

Anyway, about the show, there is really limited chemistry between Dasmond Koh, Milk and Jeff Wang. And from what i heard, because this is a live show, Dasmond was called in to host with the other 2 to ensure that everything goes on smoothly. And indeed, there were occasions when the production crew wasn't ready and the hosts need to drag the time by saying something... And true enough, Dasmond managed to come up with words... Probably i have done hosting before, so, more or less, i can relate to the stuffs that is happening behind the stage. Is not easy leh...

well... managed to run yesterday... think i got to work harder... or rather... run harder... because AHM is coming real soon... 27th August... and that is like... woooo... 21 more days...

think i should run today... and go submit my resume...

Friday, August 04, 2006

Finally, some time for myself...

Woo... Have been staying home for the past few days... nope... didn't go for orientation camp... physically not feeling well... *cough**cough*... but then... i still managed to visit the gym once...

And lucky me met, who else but Yuwen... long time never see him liao... army days suddenly flooded my brain... well... those were the days... and Yuwen has a job for me... THANKS !!!

talking about jobs, last week... were working with Peiyu... and jingfen... well... basically, we were paid to drink coffee... eat chick drumsticks... and play sodoku... and sodoku...

Haiz... school starting next week... donno whether is it a good thing or not... but then... being a student got its good point... there are so many places offering student packages now... woo hoo... like Sakae sushi... cafe cartel... pastamania... burger king... and even the KTV in JB... all got student prices... but then... that's because we are poor people !!!

looking for jobs... if you have one to offer me... tell me lah ...

Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Ah yah... something is wrong with my body...

Oh no... i am falling sick... even after 7-8hrs of sleep, i still feel very tired. And, there are times when my hands felt numb to me. i wonder why ? But i have seen the doc, in fact, the chinese sinseh. As usual, she said that i am a bit heaty, and that there seems to be some 寒气 in my body, so i must stop my intakes of Milo Peng, potatoe chips and at the same time, cold stuffs....


Played mahjong @ Jeremy's place with Peiyu and Lewis yesterday... Lost $16... WTH !! Will try to win back again... somehow... i hope...

Last but not least, first there was youtube, now there is pornotube... dotz...

Monday, July 31, 2006

Holidays finishing ...

Hmmm... this is going to be a review of what i have done this holiday... Mr Spore, Minor in Entreprenuership, Vietnam trip and Bangkok trip...

It has been a great holiday, so unlike any other holiday that i ever had. Had experienced hell weeks - during the minor, happy and unhappy memories from mr spore and of course new experience from the 2 trips... But because of my divertion to these stuffs, i have neglected ODAC and OMC. Sad to say, i have failed in my duties, in a way or another... The minor wasn't really that easy, but it wasn't that hard as well, but, it really took up alot of my time and it caused me to be physically and mentally exhausted. Going thru the course has made realised that there are things which i should have done. And that left me with not much time to do other stuffs. Mr Spore was a total new experience, well, i got to know the entertainment industry better, it is rather dark... really, in order to survive in the entertainment industry, there's a lot of stuffs to look out for. Relationship with one another and the gossips and the backstabbing here and there... it is everywhere... just like in normal industries... Vietnam and Bangkok trips opened my eyes to the lifestyle of people outside Spore, I guess because i am so used to living here, i really appreciate what i have here, the peace, the stability, the clean streets...

I would give myself 8/10 for my odac biz mag performance for the 1st half and 8/10 for OMC. That is because, i guess i did my roles well, and i really put in efforts into whatever i was doing. But, i came to realise that, me efforts are not being appreciated. The returns wasn't what i thought it will be... so, as other commitments set in, i began to drift away from Odac and Omc. Sad to say, my grades for the 2nd half of the yr is 3/10 for both roles... By not going to Foot, i have once again upset some people... and i think i have been condemn by some people... this is sad... so sad... but i seriously don't know what i should do now... because, for once, i have come to realise i have been trying to enagage in all sorts of things and my life is so choked up by them...

How ? Now what ?

I think i will be toning down all other stuffs, and focusing more on my studies... Guess that is the more sensible thing to do now...

Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Voodoo voodoo...

Here are some of my voodoo dolls... wooo... I got them from Bangkok, it is really cheap as compared to the ones that are being sold at Mini Toons... I still have some, if anybody wans it, just tell me lah... before i give it all away...

It was the first day of the Lunar 7th month yesterday... so Happy Ghost Festival... Woooooooo...

Sunday, July 23, 2006

23rd July... hmmm...

Today is 23rd July and my team, R.I.S.K got 23rd position for the SMRT Challenge... interesting isn't is it? By the way, there's a meaning behind R.I.S.K = Roy, Iain, Steven, Kenneth.

SMRT Challenge is a free race which aims to promote SMRT services and most importantly, to promote courtesy and safety on trains, buses and taxi. There were 8 checkpoints where we had to clear, and there were 2 challenges at each checkpoint. The checkpoints were spreaded out quite evenly, i would say, but i think it could have been better if the stations in the east were included as well. And for the challenges, they were kind of easy. Too easy in fact. The first team took 3hours 6min to complete, we took 4hrs 10min. So, they were really fast. And they won the SGD2000. That is a lot of $$ ... Wooooo... I am jealous... Haha... Well, i am joining next yr again. But this time round i will join the student catergory. The first team for the student catergory is about 4hrs plus... so will be easier to compete... haha...

Today also happens to be the Children Cancer Foundation day or something... and from the 6.30pm news, i saw the "brave" people having their hair shaved off. There was an increase in the number of ladies who chose to let their head be shaved and i salute their bravery. Really!! It is not easy to make the decision to shave your head... FYI, those poor kids who, unfortunately, got cancer will start losing their hair after the radiation treatment. So, in order to show support for these kids, to show that it is not ugly to have no hair, these volunteers got their head shaved... So, when will be my turn ? Seriously... i don't know...

Monday, July 17, 2006

Bangkok Review

I must say, the Thais really love their king. This can be observed from the way they wear the T-shirt. A bright yellow type with the phrase, "We love our King." And it is not hard to not miss out the gigantic posters of their Kings everywhere. Yes, everywhere, just like TVmobile.

The Thais in Bangkok are definitely same same but different as compared to those in Phuket. Those in Phuket are more friendly, and i must say, Patong Beach is definitely more happening than Patpong. Bangkok is too concrete and in one way or another, it is like Singapore. But nevertheless, it was a great trip with Adolphus and Iain.

[Day 1 - 13/07]

Reached Changi Airport at 7am and checked in to the departure halls.

Had light breakfast and walked around inside the duty free areas.

Boarded the plane with the ease as we were allocated seats number, i prefer Jetstar to Tigerairway coz with the seat numbers, people don't rush to get in. And, Jetstar will be sticking to Terminal 1 for long... and that's good... Budget Terminal is rather boring and inaccessible.

The plane was smooth and we reached Bangkok International Airport in 2hrs time.

The passport control was horrible there, as we took 50 minutes to clear it. And by the time we got to the luggage conveyor, our bags were thrown on the floor.

We grabbed the free maps at the airport and got ourselves a cab. Costs us 300B and we reached our hotel in 30minutes time.

Over at Eastin Bangkok, our hotel, our room wasn't ready so we left our luggages at the hotel and went to walk around and have some food.

Streets in Bangkok are not hard to navigate but i still don't understand the system, "how come some time a single direction lane can become a 2 way lane ?"

We came to Pratunam Centre, and we found a food court there. Meals are rather cheap, one plate of chicken rice costs 30B which is roughly SGD$1.25. And for the food courts in Bangkok, we must buy the coupon card, which stores the value of the money that we had paid for.

Reached back hotel and woo hoo... Relax for a while... then we were all ready for Suan Lam Night market.

Walked to the Skytrain station, which is about 15minutes walk from the hotel. Wanted to get the tourist unlimted pass(280B) which can be used for 3 days. But trust me, DON'T BUY!! Coz, not worth it, won't use that much of credits anyway. We somehow managed to get the local students' pass which costs 160B for 10 trips. In the end, we only used up 5 trips... coz taxi is really better. Cheap and fast.

Suan Lam market is a place with a lot of local handicrafts, clothings, food and stuffs... quite a big market place. There is a detailed map of it, so can navigate with that. Then had dinner at Safari Steak there, the pineaple rice and tom yam soup is shiok ~~~

Went for Thai massage... something embarassing happened during the massage... well.. hmm...

Continued to walk around till late...

[Day 2 - 14/07]

Breakfast at Eastin was okay. Not as horrible as mentioned by donno-who.

Went to the Erawan Shrine to pray before we officially start the shopping trip...

Then, we headed for MBK. Can find bargains and cheap buys here. Had toast with peanut butter and chocolate and 1 steam bread special. It is not like the Yakun we had here, a bit different, but i still prefer Yakun. Walk and shop and walk...

Then headed for Siam Discovery Centre... then Siam Paragon... very high class places... Just like Taka...

Went back Hotel to put our stuffs and managed to swim for a while...

After which, it was Patpong time !!

Quite a happening place with a lot of bars and clubs. You will see men trying to interest you into their clubs to see thai-show... Well, he promised that it will only cost 100B per person but in the end it turns out to be 500B... a TT -- tourist trap... we were shocked, many others were shocked too... ridiculous... nevertheless, i enjoyed the show... i never knew that "V" can do soooo many things... amazing ...

Walked around again... and oops... almost stepped into a gay street. Heng ah...

[Day 3 - 15/07]

After breakfast, headed for Chatuchak.

It is really a huge place with many many many stores... and it sure was hot... hot... hot... Many things to see and buy. And towards the afternoon, makeshift stores appearred from nowhere and the place got real crowded.

Then we went to explore the World Trade centre. Had Swensons icecream.. mine costs 65B !! Cheap !! About SGD$2.75

Then we went over to BigC to try out the MK restuarant which is everywhere. The food was okay but the service was very good...

Went back to wash up and we were prepared to head for the Bed Supperclub. Quite a nice place to chill. There are areas with beds where you can lie down and drink and chat and listen to the music... but this is not for me... i prefer listening to live bands... am i getting "mature" ??

[Day 4 - 16/07]

Last day.

After breakfast, packed up everything and left our stuffs over at the hotel lobby.

Went over to the Platinum Mall which boasts about the wholesale pricing that they have... and true enough... the things were rather cheap... quite a good to walk...

After the last minute shopping, it was then time to leave...

Went back to hotel and get our stuffs and we were ready to get back to Spore...

Friday, July 07, 2006

Photos from Vietnam...

These are some of the 原住民 that we met in Sapa, they are very persuasive... they kept trying to sell us the stuffs that they made... but they hard sell in a nice manner so it is still rather okay

Looook at the padi field and the mountains and the rivers... is so unlike what we normally see in Malayisa... Vietnam is more beautiful than Malaysia...

This is something we don't get to see everyday... Moon rise from behind a mountain... nice right ?

We stayed at one of the 原住民's house... simple yet comfortable...

"Sinh-to" one of the dessert of the vietnamese... Very Nice !!

Some group pictures...

Some more group pictures...

Even more group pictures...

Finally, the conquerers of Fan Sipan... Jenny, Grace, Me, JJ, Kawei, Jacob, Nicholas.