Thursday, October 26, 2006

Goodbye LingZhi...

If you ever tune in to YES 933, you will definitely know who Ling Zhi is. But if you don't, fyi, she is a DJ. Almost 2 years ago, LingZhi hosted the night show, 11pm - 2am ; it was know as 2300 ji mo you ren pei. Being a student, especially when exams are coming, i will tuned in to her programme from 11pm to 2am. Almost everynights, tuning in to her program and mug and mug. Mainly because she has an unique voice and has her views on certain things. Her way of thinking is kind of similarly to mine, hence, i anticipated listening to her every night.

When 933 changed the schedule for the programmes, Peifen took over the time slot and Ling Zhi was arranged to host with Zhi Yong for the morning show. Seriously, after Peifen took over, it was really different. Very different. The voice, the way they think.... very very very different. And i don't know since when, i stopped listening to that time slot. Initially, there was an empty feeling about it, and it takes some time to get use to it. Even till now, when Jia hui is the one hosting the night show, i will still give it a miss.

I began to tune in to LingZhi's morning show, which is from 7am - 1oam. As it is a morning show, the DJs have to be livier and sounds happier. It is a change from her night show where it was a more relaxing feel. The change is a must and i got used to it. Ling Zhi is still Ling Zhi. Then she introduced her "joke of the day" which is like the hightlight of the program, sometimes, the jokes are not funny but there are times when it is really really funny !! Being a straightforward person, Ling Zhi is pretty frank in her remarks. Not that harsh but some people just cannot take the joke. Some listeners wrote in to the Lian He Zao Bao to complain about her. Nonetheless, she still keep to her style of hosting.

When Mary was introduced to the morning show during july, and with Ling Zhi hinting that she hoped to do something else, there is a clear sign that she is leaving. And when music dairies was stopped, i also smelt something fishy. Ling Zhi was not involved in the Global Chinese Music Award, which is on this Saturday. Many obvious clues, but the most obvious would have to be the one on tuesday. Mary and Zhi Yong had to prepare for the GCMA and so Ling Zhi hosted Mon and Tue shows alone. On Tue, as the show was about to end, Ling Zhi said: " Well, that's it for today. I hope that you will like what i have done today and today will be the last time i will be hosting alone."

This morning, it was official. Ling Zhi is leaving. And, tomorrow will be her last day.

This morning, Zhi Yong played Kit Chan's "Tian leng jiu hui lai" for Ling Zhi. Ironically, Ling Zhi played the same song for Shi Han (her previous partner for an earlier morning show) before. She didn't announced her plans for the future but i just hope that she can do what she want and be happy about it. Ling Zhi has been part of my life for some time, now that she will be gone, i guess i will have 1 more chance not to tune in to 933 le.

So, i guess it is time to say goodbye.

Goodbye Ling Zhi, Remember to return to air leh !!

Hope to hear you soon.

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Selamat Hari Raya Puasa !!

It is Hari Rayaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa !! Well, i don't celebrate it but it is a public holiday !! Woo hooo !!

It has been a week since i last shifted into hall3, so far still so good. I really liked the bed and the aircon !! Very shiok. Haha...

Talking about NTU, recently, a NTU Lecturer was in the limelight for the "wonderful" comments made about him. And what is a better way of telecasting that video to the rest of the world ? Yeah, YOUTUBE My favourite comment is : " no grass on a busy road, no hair on a clever head" simply wonderful !! And for those who are so curious of this "handsome" dude, here is his picture. NTU lecturers are really getting famous for all the wrong reasons. Before this, there was a lecturer who was involved in a court case where he is on trial for passing false information to a public official ; oh boy he was rich man!!

He spent his money on a China woman, how stupid is that ?

And on the other hand, there are people who are so poor that they don't have extra to spend. A man jumped onto the MRT track and he died. Quite horribly. Can you imagine, 1 human body into 3 parts... Haiz... Everytime, from the news, it was reported that so and so amount of jobs were created and so and so amount of increase in GDP. We always hear the good news. So does that make us live in a good and prefect country?

Do you notice the old man who put his hand into the rubbish bin to look for drink cans ? 30 cans = $1. If a simple meal costs $3, this old man will have to find 90 cans.

For those who don't know, there are really people who slept on the streets, at the void decks. Don't they have a home? Well, i don't know.

Seriously, what can we do to help them ? Alright people, it is time for us to wake up and see the world from another angle. Rely on our ministers ? But they are busy with their hip-hop practises and their blogs, where got time.

What can we do ?

Friday, October 20, 2006

MR BROWN SHOW - Hossan Leong

Well, this is indeed something funny !! haha...

What is wrong ?

wth, something is definitely wrong with my blog. It just won't load properly. Why huh ? jia lat...

Is it because of the post about the PM's pay ? or the despo P65 MPs funny acts ? why why why ? Did somebody hack my blog site ?

I guess there is a big possibility. Especially since we are in spore and i talked about the so-called leaders of this island.

But then, it could just be a technical problem.

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Shifted into hall 3 yesterday, didn't bring a lot of stuffs so it was quite easy. (only 2 big bags !!)

It is indeed a very new place. Better than the rooms i stayed before. Somemore, my room is near the pantry and there is aircon and there is a lift in every block and the reading room is dang conducive to mug and the lounge is so new... woooo... Plus, it is very near to the north spine, about 10minutes of slow walk can reach liao... everything is so good so what more can i ask for ? Well, firstly, the person sharing the room with me is a total stranger. So, i got to know him from scratch; current impression of him - a guy who like to watch anime and laugh out loudly. Then, i don't know my neighbours !! Of course, that being the case of me being new ! Everybody's doors seem to be closed 24/7. No chance of seeing who they are. There is going to be a block BBQ this thursday, thanks to the blk rep (forgot to ask for your name ... ) who asked me so sweetly... haha... but then, i am still thinking of going or not... so well...

I only know of a few people who stayed in hall 3, and they are, Qing Rong, Eugene, Jill, Adelene. Hmm... that's it bah. Hopefully will meet more people that i know of. Well, since i am going to stay till end of nov, should i go and know the hall 3 people better ? I donno leh... how ?

Friday, October 13, 2006

Hall 3 here i come !!

...One exam cleared means that the day that the day that i graduate will be nearerlayout...

Woo hoo... Somehow, i managed to get a room at Hall 3 !! Thanks to zhongyi who linked me to si kai. Now i can have no worries for the exams !! 3 morning papers... wooo... initially thought can tahan, but eventually i can't help but to feel worried for the long distance from home to school. The feeling of having a hall is good. Really good. It has been a while since i last felt this way. =) Less than 5 weeks to exam, haiz... sianz... One exam cleared means that the day that i graduate will be nearer. Seriously, i don't know whether i should be happy about it. Haiz... I managed to meet some older, hmm, or rather matured people who have been working for years. Well, they are not exactly happy and for most of them, they are really not enjoying their job, if not for the $$ they will have quitted or something. My cousin was telling me to join NIE, then another friend was saying might as well try becoming a pilot. I have something in mind, but upon so many advices, i guess i just need to think about it again and more seriously. Now, a bit tired. Can't say much... tommorrow need to wake up early for TC. *yawnzzzzzzzz...

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Still hazy...

Haiz... the haze is still around. *cough**cough*

It is darm irritating to have this burnt smell in the air. *cough**cough*. I don't even feel like running in the outdoor. Why do we have to suffer because our "good" neighbour is burning trees like it is nothing?? Laws were passed to ensure things go smoothly, and for this case, it IS illegal for them to burn the trees like that, and why isn't their leader doing anything ? They themselves are in a more critical situation than us and yet they are not doing much. Or, is it because they don't have the ability to do much ? Hopefully the wind will change its direction and blow the bloody haze away.

Then, for those who donno, the post 65 ministers have come up with new tricks !!! After announcing that they will be dancing hip hop next year for the Chingay, they have actually come up with blogs. Are they so desperate to reach out to the younger generation ?
Seriously, i don't think it is going to work for me as i think there are certainly other ways for them to reach out to us. Well, they are paid "peanuts", (Mrs Goh said $60,000 is "peanuts", we will remember that !!) , some of these ministers are sitting in the parliament because there wasn't any opposition to challenge them. And yet nothing much has improved. Or do we need to wait till months before the next election to see improvements ? Or do we need another event like IMF to see more flowers on the streets ?

Now, a difficult question for all, who earns more ? Our PM lee, US George Bush or China's Hu Jintao ? Now click on this link and you will find the answer.

And of course, we will never be able to read such news in the local papers. After all straits times is ranked 140 in the world for press freedom.

Friday, October 06, 2006

Haze in Haze out...

...Yesterday was working @ E1 Tm normally for thursday, the numberof users is normally quite small...

The haze improved and got worsened the past few days. Mainly because the number of firespots have increased from 96 on Monday to 226 yesterday. Horrible isn't isn't it. Yesterday was working @ E1 Tm, normally for thursday, the number of users is normally quite small, however there was a huge increase yesterday. Sia lah, just when i thought i can read my notes or something, there were many things to do. More users = more problems. So, i got to attend to the users one after another. Plus, the boss came for a surprise "visit", but luckily my notes were nowhere near the counter at that time... Phew... heng ah. Then, the Running club chairperson came into the gym and asked whether they could used the trenchmill for their training. Holding a small role, of course i can't make the decision just like that, so i got them to call the boss. Well, permission was granted and they started to use the trenchmills.

...There were cases of molest theft, blackout, quarrelsHopefully none of this will happen...

There were about 18 trenchmills at E1 Tm, so when almost all of it were activated, the electrical power tripped and tripped and tripped. Was kind of paiseh for me, but not my fault lah... coz i guess it must have something to do with the buliding itself. Safra Tampines is already 20 yrs old, i think. So must blame the place bah. Then, i scanned thru the incident reports for the past 3 years. Only a few, but each incident is exciting in their own ways. There were cases of molest, theft, blackout, quarrels. Hopefully none of this will happen on the day when i am on duty(crossing my fingers). Hmm, still no reply from ChannelU(still praying hard...).

Monday, October 02, 2006

Hazy Hazy Day...

Haze was everywhere since last week. But today, it was more serious, reaching 77 on the PSI, highest at this moment. Some years back, it was even more jialat, reaching 120 and more, but somehow, i felt uncomfortable and irritated by this year's attack. Is it more of a mental thing ? Or is it just because i have become older and my health is declining ? I do hope that, it is the former as i am only 23. Not that old lah.

School started after a week's break. Short, it is. But i felt it was a wasted week as i didn't achieve a lot. Sad. Exams in about 6 weeks time.


Alright, i will i will. I will focus more on my studies. After all, i am a full time student. I shouldn't waste the school fee mah. The haze will improve the day after tomorrow, and hopefully, i will be able to mug and mug and mug efficiently...