Thursday, June 29, 2006

楊丞琳 給好友阿雅的話

阿雅is one of the taiwanese host which i liked a lot. She's leaving for New York to study, and she will be gone for 7 years...

EN105... Last module to go...

Ahhhh... EN105, the last module for the minor in entrepreneurship. It has been like at least 2 mths since we started with this course... 5 modules and shoo... i am in the final module. It has been a great experience doing all the modules, that's because they are different from the normal classes. And, the people that i have for the class is rather amazing... all got different yet great ideas. Cool people...

Just realised Grace donated USD 500 to the people of Vietnam... coz her purse was pickpocketed at HAnoi. And, it was stolen on the night that i came back to Singapore, to think that i "only " donated USD 100, comparing that to Grace, it was really nothing. I liked her Sony Ericsson handphone, but it is now gone. Haiz...

Sunday, June 25, 2006

Selling Brand New Handphone = NEC 411i

NEC 411i

Weight 95g
Size 93 x 46 x 24mm
Talktime up to 200 mins
Standby time up to 200 hours

i-mode features
65K TFT Colour Main Display, 176 x 220 pixels
Integrated 1.3 megapixel camera
5x Digital Zoom
Video Recording Features
MP3 Player
DoJa (JAVA) version 1.5
65 Polyphonic Ringtones
GPRS Class 10B
Bluetooth (only for voice & contact transfer)
SMS/iMMS/imode email
Supports SyncML
26MB built-in memory

It is an extra phone. it is, BRAND NEW !! I only took it out to check for the items in the box !! Normal Price = $470 without plan @ Starhub, but now... selling at cheap cheap price, $250 !! so, if you interested with it, quote me a price that you are comfortable with lah... But of course, a reasonable price will be appreciated...

Friday, June 23, 2006

Fan Si Pan

A short clip taken just before the climb...

Monday, June 19, 2006

I am BACK !!!

Wooo... I am back from Vietnam !!!

Hmmm... it has been a tiring trip. Real tiring... walking and walking and walking for a few days... Fan Si Pan is really all about endurance. There is no tough obstacles but the distance that was covered was amazing... The terrain was basically muddy path and be warn... it is really muddy... and your shoe will get struck in them if you are not careful !!

And to my horror, nobody knows that June is not the best month to climb Fan Si Pan. It was only when Jacob sounded off at the camp site that he had read from Lonely Planet that June is a rainy season for Vietnam then did we realised the reason behind this great amount of rain water for the past few days. And, the camp site that i mentioned has a hut nearby where visitors can stay there for the night. But for our tour package, it was not included so we had to settle for tents. And indeed, it rained in the early morning... water seeped in... sleeping bags got wet... lightning outside... and cold wind blew in... YES... it was COLD... brrrrr....

And because of this rain, the view at the summit was bad. Visibility was very very very very very low... we could see nothing... and i was hoping to see China from there... but darm it... haiz... will i go again ? hmmm... will have to consider again... But Hanoi is sure a nice place to be at. The things there are cheaper then Singapore (Of course...). Can bargain at the shops and they have shops which sell similar stuffs in one street and other stuffs in another. Interesting...

And not to mention that i have "donated" USD100 to the people there... Someone, i don't know who had stole my money... USD100 = SGD 200 = 2,000,000.00 Dong. I was totally sad when i realised that... and the funny thing is that... my bag which contained the money was with me all the while... who could have taken it ? I don't know... i chose not to think that the money was taken by somebody that i know... so i guess it should be the locals... I am not rich... So, that amount of money matters to me... Darm... So no choice lah... cut down on shopping loh... So if you didn't get a key chain from me... you know why lah... haha...

Will post more photos and the specify details again another time... when the rest got back 1 week later... oh and did i mention that i came back to Spore alone. Because Jacob chose to stayed back with the rest and left me to come back alone... Taking the plane alone can be scary and i felt that when i heard from him that he chose to stay... but i got over it soon... and it proved to be a challenge...

Sunday, June 11, 2006

Woooo... Mahjong mahjong everyday !!!

Wooo... this week has been fruitful coz... i had many sessions of mahjong... haha... uncountable... but on the whole, only managed to win $2 only, lose here win there... so in the end... *cough**cough*, $2 is quite okay bah !!

ATC was last Sunday. Many things happened. But, the comm did their best, and that is the most important thing !!

I really hate it when people do things behind my back. Is like they say this and this, and i only got to know after i ask about it. I feel left out... just hate that feeling...

anyway, just half finished packing my stuffs... conquering Fan Sipan this week...

Friday, June 09, 2006

EN104 is over.... Yeah ...

The battle to become the best company is finally over!! EN104, it is all about outdoing your competitor and understanding what your customers want. And in NiSEi Pte Ltd, we have done it and we did it better. And the rest are, Luz Pte Ltd, Zenith, Ostinato, HighWay and eCube.

Clockwise from top left : Ostinato, Luz Pte Ltd, NiSEi, Zenith, HighWay, eCube.

The simulated marketplace had all of us running around, planning this and that. And some groups even discussed till late at night. For my team, we only spend Wednesday night trying to put everything together. It was a new experience working in an all guys team. Different feeling, different working styles. We adopted a more "relaxed" way of doing things. When a decision is required to be made, we talked about it and it was implemented rather fast. Coz, some time with gals around, they tend to worry about this and that. That is not a bad thing but it would just dragged the whole decision making process down. We started out with a backfired product, NiSys which wasn't popular with customers, but surprisingly, our other product, NiSys Mini sold very very very well. It wasn't our main target market, however, with this little motivation, we decided to shift our focus and concentrate on NiSys Mini ; which was a good thing as it still sells well in the 3rd quarter. However, as we don't have enough fund, we couldn't produce more and that is a great burden on our production cost... Then it was the VC Fair.

There was a total of 5 Venture Capitalists. 2 didn't even bothered to enter our room to listen to what we have to say. 2 were rather sarcasti in their comments, and 1, who happens to be my fren, gave us the chance. When i realised eCUbe got $4million, i was rather upset as they got the $$ very fast. Then, they were offered another $2million but it was capped to a maximum of $4million so they can't accept the offer. For us, NiSEi, it was a torture, i was like thinking, "could it that we are the only all-guys team that all this VC are not interested in ? " I suppose, the all gals team have an advantage in this case. Haiz...

We didn't give up. Or rather, we were not stressed by all this. But a lot of disappointment. We settled down and start to plan for the remaining quaters. Our advantage is that, we didn't got stressed out too much. And true enough, quarter 5 turned out very well for us. We were first in total performance. And with the R&D that we have bought and traded, we believed the last quarter will be good for us. We hope to achieve the 3rd place. 3rd place only.

We stayed thru the night to discuss and plan. At about 3am, we decided to call for a break. Then we decided to search another place as TR 124 has no air con and we were getting a bit sick of the still air in it. Hence, we moved around the sch, and we ended in Neo's room. Putting our stuffs there, we then headed for the coffee shop across the road and had our breakfast. Had a good guys-to-guys talk. Then it was time for us to return to NEC. In fact, for the whole of Thurs morning, NiSEi was the only team that was relaxing in its breakout room. It is not that we have given up, just that, we have completed our stuffs and were waiting for the results.

Then came 12noon. Results were out. And the over winner is... ... ...


Mixed feeling as we can't believe this.

Then we realised, the other groups were facing other problems which affected their total sales. We were lucky that the customers like our products. We didn't get the 3rd placing, but i am more than happy enough. Great job guys... Great time working you people - Anbhnur, Neo, Ivan and Eugene.

* Found this template on thurs morning, still not very happy with it, will upgrade again once i find a better one.

** Results not good, very sad. Will have to work harder next sem.

Saturday, June 03, 2006

jolin tsai wu niang

Cool Video... Enjoy...

Arghhh... something is wrong with my blog template... hmmm... but i don't seen to know what the problem is...

Thursday, June 01, 2006

Brand New iBLOG

Woooo... New template for my blog !! Took some time, guess this looks better than the previous one... the previous one was... b~o~r~ing...

Do you have comments abt this design ? Leave a comment for me lah... @ my tagzboard !!

Have been slacking for the past few days... i was like... "finally... finally some time for myself..." But of course, i was reading up my notes for the En1o3 exam this friday. Heard that is open book, but like not very confirm... And, talking about exams... the results for Sem 2 exam is suppose to be out in the 1st week of june. Haiz... not very confident this time round... i just wish for a pass will do lah... for all subjects... A bit pathetic hor, while there are some people who wish that they will get all 'A's and here i am, hoping that i will just pass... haiz... haiz...

And, i have been going round for "auditions" for the past few days. To be exact, 2 "auditions". Actually, they are just interviews, but i guess in the entertainment industry, auditions = interviews. I need $$, i want to get a Laptop. I want to go oversea. Hopefully i will get more assignments... (praying hard...)

And, mahjong craze is back for me !! Have been playing a few time this week. But still, not shiok enough !! And, Sakae Sushi craze is driving me crazy... sushi sushi sushi... especially with the buffet in the afternoon where students enjoy cheaper rates... Hee hee hee...