Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Wat Arun



And look who else was here!!!! Mr ACTIVE!!!!

Somewhere along the Chao Phraya River…


We started the next day with a cultural tour! We visited a few temples along Chao Phraya River. And the best way to get to them is via the ferry!


And look at that! That is Wat Arun and there is a Prang (Khmer style tower) at the back of the temple. Visitors must must must attempt to climb up at least once.

Actually, once will be enough.



Tampines Changkat YEC!

Not everybody was able to make it for the workplan but 9 of us made good use of the time we had.

We looked back and planned forward, hopefully 2012 will be a superb year for everyone!

Somewhere in Silom…

After doing a bit of cardio, I headed off to the streets for something to munch while the rest of the ‘kids’ were still sleeping.


The first thing I saw was the toasted bread. Very simple stuff, butter and sugar were all it took to make it.


I wanted to try the fried flour dough but I forgot… I guess it would taste like our You Tiao. Maybe next time.


The market was full of hustle and bustle. One can find all the fruits (almost), vegetables and meats here.


The tip to find good food is simple – just follow the queues. Whenever you see a food stall and long queue, the food must be good.


I wanted to try all the food and fruits but there were too many things to savour. Some looked really good and some looked really ‘interesting’.


Special mentions to the glutinous rice thing that I ate. It was really tasty and somehow different from the ones we can find in Singapore.


And you can find many of this push carts selling coffee on the streets. It is cheap and good, some could be probably as good as Starbucks or even better. Probably.


Great to see mountains of fruits but too bad I couldn’t eat all of them.