Thursday, March 31, 2011

Support LIVERPOOL!!!!!!!!!

Samsung English Football Fanatics

Be the first 10 of each Fan Club to get all 5 questions correct weekly and win free Tiger Beer!

Your points will go to your leaderboard score to win attractive Samsung prizes!


Saturday, March 19, 2011

Win a pair of tickets to the American Idol Grand Final @ LA!


Simply guess who will be the Final 4 and you might stand a chance to fly to Los Angeles to catch the American Idol Grand Final!!

Here’s a tip: don’t submit now, wait till the date is nearer and there are lesser contestants. Good Luck!


Tuesday, March 08, 2011

Celebrate Earth Hour @ Orchard 2011


Come on, let’s do our part for Mother Earth and take this opportunity to remind people to be green!

Register yourself NOW!

Saturday, March 05, 2011

BK: Make it EVEN Better


Burger King is going to make it even better this Thursday 10 March 2011 by offering Tendergrill Chicken Burger at ONE dollar!!! Just present the coupon/ad or flash your mobile phone/electronic devices. Now, doesn’t this promotion sounds strangely familiar? ^^


I want to step inside Johnnie Walker Jet Black

Picture-21 167230_485999642633_292053227633_6305483_1226602_n

Ho ho ho… Johnnie Walker Jet Black Party will be held on 12 March 2011 and the location will only be made known to the invitees!!! Imagine dancing next to some VVVVVVVIPs at a party with flavours from Abu Dhabi, Tokyo and London… Cool huh…

The location of the party will be announced later but I have a very strong feeling that it will be held at a place high high up in the sky. It could be the Sky Park at Marina Bay Sands or 1-Altitude at One Raffles Place. Both have stunning views of the skyline of Singapore and they are definitely the most stylish place to be at.

Of course, no matter where it is going to be held, I wish to be there at the party. Thankfully we have Nuffnang who is giving out invites to some lucky fellows. I hope one of them is me. Anyway, what “Keep Walking” means to me is…


No matter what happens in life we have to KEEP WALKING.

Flunked the exam or passed the driving test or ate something yummlicious? There are happy times and lousy times and I believe this is call LIFE. Nobody’s life is straight like a line, we will have our ups and downs. This is what make life so interesting.

When we fell down, we have to look back and wonder why it happened. Try to think of things to prevent it from happening and carry on with life.

If you struck Toto, remember that feeling. Whenever you are down and requires some positivity, recall it and move on.

Life is short but it is great. Balancing work and play is what I believe we should all try to do. I have worked hard and now I wish to play hard at the Johnnie Walker Jet Party – *hint *hint!

And, my birthday is around the corner. (^.^)v double *hint *hint.

Thank you Nuffnang for giving us a chance to attend the event.

Thursday, March 03, 2011

Julia Dimon: “Dubai lacks soul”


I just caught an episode of “Word Travels” on TV. Two travellers, Julia and Robin went to places all over the world, did something crazy aka interesting there and wrote about their experiences. I have not been to Dubai so I do not know how true Julia’s statement (as of above) is but one thing for sure, Singapore is different.

With the many races, cultures and religions here, Singapore is pretty vibrant. Although I think we are still far from being New York City, we have done things with our own unique characteristics. With more foreign talents and workers coming into Singapore, maybe things might get even more interesting. Before that can happen, I hope that the infrastructure can be ready to accommodate the increase in population.

Maybe we can build more roads. Maybe we can add two more carriages to the MRT trains. Maybe we can implement water taxis. Maybe we can fly to work. Maybe we can have more shopping malls. Maybe maybe maybe…

Still, the important thing here is to remember our identity as Singaporeans. What makes Singapore, Singapore? Answer: Singaporeans!

It is lighter, it is faster, it is iPad 2!


While we were sleeping at this side of the world, Apple launched the iPad 2. I don’t know why but I am not that excited about it anymore; maybe there are more tablets in the market now. Maybe it will be for sales next week during the IT Show.

Wednesday, March 02, 2011

5cm cost me two hundred bucks


It was a very last minute decision to take IPPT today. Without much training and a suddenly-don’t-know-why painful left knee, I cleared the test. Just 5cm more on the Standing Board Jump and I would have left Bedok Fitness and Conditioning Centre (BFCC) with another $200 richer.

I have always enjoyed going back to BFCC since I had spent half of my NS time there. The current batch of Fitness Specialists behaved just like what I did last time – cold, no smile, no nonsense. This is after all the army and not some country club.

I can never forget the toilet at Level One. When we just moved over to Bedok Camp, our Encik was super duper garung that he made us cleaned that toilet. What for? I still don’t understand. Why did he want FS to do a cleaner’s job when there were cleaners around. Why? Oh well, this is the army.

Maybe I shall train properly and return to BFCC again for another attempt before my window closes soon. Maybe I will… ($.$)v

Tuesday, March 01, 2011

I feel most Singaporean when…


… I am HOME.

Exactly a year ago, I was at Changi Airport at this time. I had an opportunity to go to People’s Republic of China (PRC) to work for half a year. Together with me were my Dad, Mom and two younger sisters who were there to send me off.

We had breakfast and time somehow slipped past quickly. And then suddenly, it was time for me to go. We hugged and bade farewell as we will only meet again six months later. I walked into the departure hall alone and turned back to say my final goodbye.

That was the first time I ever left Singapore alone. That was also the first time I was away from Singapore for such a long time. That was one experience I will never forget.

Being away from home allowed me to look back at Singapore from another perspective. Some government policies which I wasn’t happy about eventually made sense to me. Now that I can compare Singapore with PRC, I realized that we Singaporeans had taken so so many things for granted.

Our MRT system might be packed during the peak hours but imagine if we do not have it? We will have no choice but to take the bus or cab or drive and the roads will be packed no matter how high ERP are.

During the 1950s, the Fullerton Hotel (former General Post Office building) was along the costal line. Today, we reclaimed land and created the Marina Bay. Not to forget the skyscrapers at Raffles Place, they were nowhere in sight 50 plus years ago.

If we face problems, we can always look for our Members of Parliament (MPs) during the Meet-the-People sessions. I can’t think of another country whose MPs provide such easy access.


I had the Singapore Flag by my side to feel secure. When family and friends are thousand of miles away, surprisingly this worked miraculously. And when I caught the National Day Parade (NDP) from the internet, I almost wanted to pack my stuff and come home.

Now that I am back home, I am doing more to give back. I strongly believe that together we can make things happen and make Singapore the best place to live, work and play.

Singapore will always be my home.