Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Free WIFI!



If you are heading to Taiwan anytime before end of 2013, you are in luck! If you fly with China Airlines, you get 6 hours of free WIFI or if you purchase the travel package from China Airlines, you get 48 hours.

Sounds like a good deal to me. Maybe another reason to go Taiwan?

Sunday, January 27, 2013

2XU Compression Run 2013

2XU Compression Run

Woohoo… I just registered myself for the 21km half marathon. Guess it is time to start running all over again!

Spa Manja Johor Bahru


Guess the trip to Chiang Mai really made me craves for massage now and then. Yes, I know it is a luxury and it is not cheap too but sometimes we really to let ourselves down and just let the masseuse does the job.

Crossing the causeway to JB and I headed to Spa Manja. It is located opposite Mutiara Hotel and Holiday Plaza. KSL is nearby too, about 10 minutes of walk.


RM88/RM128 for a 60/90 minutes massage is not exactly cheap, considering that the massage in Chiang Mai costs 150baht (around SGD$6). The ambience is not too bad although I find the recorded chirping of birds a little bit irritating.

The deep tissue massage I did was alright and the best part was actually the ginger tea served at the end. Really shiok!

If you want to opt for something slightly cheaper, maybe you can go to KSL and try the one of these Dr. SoHo outlets at KSL.