Friday, August 24, 2007

Arghh Subway Promotion

Subway is offering more special offers for you and for me!!

From now till 4th Sept 2007!!

Download the coupons here!!

Friday, August 17, 2007

Entrepreneurship & Innovation Week (E&I) 2007

E&I Week is here once again.

If you still have no idea what in the hell this is, you must have been out in space or something.

An annual "mega" event uniquely designed to promote and foster the culture
of innovation and entrepreneurship. The objectives of E&I Week:
promote entrepreneurialism and inspire NTU community to act on their
entrepreneurial and innovative talents, ideas and energy towards producing
tomorrow's leading companies.
To showcase NTU Entrepreneurship
Ecosystem and provide an experiential learning platform on the process of
evaluating and creating new business ventures.

That probably sum up the whole event; to awake the entrepreneur in you and me. The official website is

But let me talk about one of the most look forward segment of this event, the High-Tea Networking Session.

It is on Wednesday, 22nd August 2007, from 2pm to 5pm.

Participants will get to mingle with local entrepreneurs and learn more about starting a business.

For the girls, the guest of honour is Mr Teo Ser Luck, Parliamentary Secretary, Ministry of Community Development, Youth and Sports. SCREAM ~ ~ ~

For the guys, we have Ms. Jacelyn Tay. SCREAM ~ ~ ~

And we have many other entrepreneurs from different industries, from Ya Kun to Muvee to, err, World Toilet Organization .

One thing for sure, it will be an exciting experience for participants.

Last but not least, there is free food. Haha...

What more can you ask for, so SIGN UP now!!

Sunday, August 12, 2007

One Life Saved ~ ~ ~

Do you know 4 minutes of an unconscious person's time is very precious?

As the clock ticks, his chances of surviving is decreased by 10% every minute.

What can you do?

What can i do?

Well, i can do CPR, can you?

This is pretty old news i know; i retook my CPR last month and for this month, i took up Standard First Aid. It was interesting to learn the RIGHT way of bandaging and procedures to follow where accidents happen.

Although Singapore is safe and peaceful, we shouldn't take things for guaranteed.

We never know when accidents might happen so it is good to be prepared!!

Instructor Jeffery explaining the lesson.

Jeffery demonstrating the correct method to tie up a bandage.

Me all bandaged up.

Jacob "injured" in the head.

CPR revision ~ ~ ~ Hi Anne !!

Jeffery demonstrating "choking"

PS: Mr Goh Tong Wee was in the same First Aid class as me. He was my JC PE teacher, and he is still with SR. Gosh, i heard lots of teachers have left and yet he is still with SR. Amazing... And from him, i realised Annabelle has graduated from NIE and will be joining SRJC as a teacher very very soon. All the way girl !

Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Happy Birthday Singapore ~ ~ ~

There's no Place i rather be ~ ~ ~

Heard that Kelly Poon was suppose to sing this song. But somehow Kit Chan got to sing it in the end.

Will You

Very interesting song, Jimmy Ye penned this song questioning Sporeans whether they will bring Spore to greater heights.

"The global backdrop is favourable. The winds and tides are with us. Our spirit is high, and our ship is ready," Singapore PM added in his National Speech.

Thursday, August 02, 2007


It really saddens me to see harsh remarks on my tag board. Don’t bother looking at it now as I have already cleared all the messages. Maybe I should just remove it totally.

To that anonymous person, I would like to apologize to you if I had offended you in any way in the past. I have learnt from my mistakes and have moved on. You should do the same.

By posting harsh remarks anonymously, you are being a coward.

How credible can you get?

Time has flown passed and I’m really curious why are you still struck in the past?

Be a Man (or Woman), post the remarks with your REAL name and settle whatever things once and for all.