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Sunday, September 14, 2014

[Rinjani 2014] Tip 4: Bring food and hot beverage up to the summit!

The wind is strong and cold. It is a must to wear a good wind breaker, gloves and everything that you need to keep yourself warm.

It is good to bring some food and hot beverage up to the summit if possible. The summit push is not easy and it will definitely help to have some additional motivation to keep on going.

[Rinjani 2014] Tip 3: Get a pair of good trekking poles and good trekking boots!

The trekking poles and the trekking boots will come in handy especially when doing the summit push. The path up is full of ashes and gravels. Every step I took, my foot sank into the ashes and gravels. It is definitely a good time to demonstrate what resilience is all about.  

[Rinjani 2014] Tip 2: Start the ascent from the Sembalun.

To get to the top, we had to stay near the top.
There are two ways to start the trek - either from Senaru or Sembalun. I would recommend to do the trek from Sembalun as the ascent is gradual and the scenery is nice. Starting the trek from Senaru, on the other hand, can be quite boring as there is a long walk in the forest which can be pretty boring.

Within 6 hours, we reached the Sembalun Crater Rim and the tents were set up already by the time we reached. So all we needed to do was to rest and chill.

We woke up at 2 am the next morning to trek up the summit. The summit push is definitely challenging even for a seasoned trekker.

[Rinjani 2014] Tip 1: Engage John's Adventure

I just got back from Lombok and had a great time trekking up Mt Rinjani and chilling at the Gili Islands!

If you are planning to do the trek, you might want to consider doing it other than January to March as the Mt Rinjani National Park is closed due to the rainy season.

Do consider engaging the service of John's Adventure as I think they are really good and professional.

Visit their website at:

Read about the reviews on Tripadvisor:

So my group of 4 paid for the 3 Day 2 Night, Deluxe Plus Package for USD$235 + tips each. A guide and 4 porters accompanied us throughout the whole trekking. And we were taken care of very well.