Monday, February 25, 2013

How I used my NS45 vouchers…


I gave my dad a treat at Astons @ SAFRA Toa Payoh!!! Yum yum!!!


I still have some vouchers left and I might use them up at Cold Storage for the grocery that we need.

Thursday, February 21, 2013


Ever since the telcos limited the data plan to 2GB, I am always on the lookout for WIFI so as to prevent myself from exceeding the 2GB. I am thankful that there is free WIFI at SAFRA since I am at the clubhouses most of the times. I can tap on to the free WIFI to do my work, surf the internet and watch videos.

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

2013… a fitter me!


So the other day, I had some time before class and I headed to SAFRA Jurong for a work out session. What I like about SAFRA’s gym, EnergyOne, is that they are affordable for students like me. There are no pushy trainers trying to get me to sign up for PT packages. I don’t need the aerobic/yoga/pilates classes so I think EnergyOne is the best option for me. 


All the SAFRA clubhouses come with swimming pools and after a workout, a swim is the best way to cool the body down. 


There is a good mix of machines and free weights. Lots of space here at SAFRA Jurong and the crowd is not that bad in the day. I am not sure about the crowd in the evenings and nights since I will most probably on the other side of the island.


So do consider signing up for EnergyOne’s membership if you are thinking of changing your lifestyle to a fitter one.

At SAFRA, there is something for everyone!

SAFRA is not just a place for NSF/NSmen to chill or relax. There are many programmes and activities cater for young and old. Learn to play tennis or you can even send your children to a 'Kids Survival Camp'.
Over the years, I have noticed that SAFRA has been trying to come up with new and interesting programmes and activites for members like me. And sometimes, there are badminton and table tennis competitions.  

Sunday, February 17, 2013

U Run 2013


Collected my race pack today and I must say I am really looking forward to this race. There are two parts to this race – run 15km and climb up the One Marina Boulevard building!

6 more days to go!

At the top of SAFRA Tampines…

SAFRA TM Rooftop

… there are 2 tennis courts and 1 practice court!


I like to ‘jio’ my friends who are staying in the area to play a game or two. And, this is one of the few places in Singapore where you can play tennis and enjoy watching air planes flying in and out of Singapore. Sometimes I feel like I am playing tennis at the airport.

The rates for booking the courts are affordable and it can be done via the SAFRA portal. For more info, you may want to c l i c k h e r e!

Saturday, February 16, 2013

NS45 SAFRA Vouchers!


Woohoo!!!! My NS45 SAFRA vouchers have arrived and I even get an extra one year of SAFRA membership!!!

Many thanks to the various authorities who put this together to reward Singaporean sons and daughters who served and are still serving the nation.

Although serving the nation should not come with a price tag and it is something that we should do as citizens, it is a nice gesture from the government.

The SAFRA Vouchers can be used at more than 5000 outlets including attractions such as the Singapore Zoo and S.E.A. Aquarium. I will use the vouchers to give my family a treat at one of the F&B outlets since they have been supporting me whenever I have to go back for ICT.

Check out the outlets where the vouchers can be used:


And you might want to ‘LIKE’ the official NS45 Facebook page:


Tuesday, February 05, 2013

Please ‘APPROVE’ me!


I want to go to New Zealand and I need you to ‘APPROVE’ it! Please go to and hit that ‘APPROVE’ icon!!!

Thank you!!!!

Friday, February 01, 2013

Hello NOTE 2!


I couldn’t wait to rush home and unbox the Samsung Galaxy Note 2! I held it in my hands and it was like shouting for me to open it up.


A quick look at the things that come with NOTE 2 – charger, ear piece, warranty card, etc etc.


Just look at the difference between NOTE 2 and my previous phone. The size of the NOTE 2 is really impressive – with the 5.5 inches screen, watching videos, editing documents, playing games and so on and on and on… will be like a breeze….. weee!

Jiafu Spa Therapists Foot Reflexology Centre


I guess I might have over trained myself as I get tired easily from the trainings and recovery seemed to take a bit longer. Hence, I have been searching for good massage across the causeway.

Google really helped me since there are not much information regarding this. Jiafu Spa Therapists Foot Reflexology Centre is one that was on top of the search list.

It is located along Jalan Dato Abdullah Tahir in the MAA Assurance building and it is just a stone throw away from the New York Hotel. Hence, it is pretty impossible for one to get lost.


I tried Item 3 on the menu – Traditional Chinese Body Therapy Massage. Other than the massage, it also includes the usage of the Jacuzzis – one cold and one hot – shower facilities and food! There is a buffet line but the variety of food is quite limited. To me, I am more than happy enough to have things to eat and it was considered tasty to me. As what my mom always said, “Mai Heam Bey Pie” (If you don’t fuss over it, it is actually not too bad). 

The massage offered by Jiafu is indeed different from the usual Thai massage that I am used to. Not too bad and I think I might go back again. The idea of soaking in the Jacuzzi, massage, a meal and then Jacuzzi is too good to forget.