Sunday, January 23, 2011

Xavier Ong Live – Kind of entertaining…


Who is Xavier Ong? Remember the kid who tweeted his O Level question paper? If not, the read this article from Straits Times, here.

Some how he is having a live web session at now till 10pm ( I think…). Anyway, it is kind of entertaining to hear his replies… but honestly, I do hope that most of our youths are not like him…

Deal or no Deal?

With a population of 5.077 million people, Singapore has at least 4 websites that have plenty of deals to offer. The deals ranged from outdoor activities (Forest Adventure) to dining (Fatboy’s The Burger Bar) to overseas travel (1-day CNY JB tour). Anything that you can think of, you can try to find them somewhere some how.

Seriously, these websites never failed to surprise me with their deals and hopefully with more competition, they will dish out even better deals!!! The following websites are arranged according to my personal preferences, that is, the good deals they offered so far:

Big Deal


inisng Deal


Monday, January 17, 2011

4 Must-Dos in Camp (if you need to do ICT)!!

(1) Shop at the Emart!!!! You get credits every 2 years and all you have to do is to flash your 11B or NRIC and wala… you can walk away with running shoes, tshirts, lots of socks and even towels!!!! I bet the Great SAF Emart Sales can sometimes be better than the Great Singapore Sales.

(2) Look out for the Mess. That will be the place for you to hang out, chill out and play pool or table soccer. Sometimes, movies will be screened at the Mess and it can be so fun that you will not want to leave. But then, look out for the Mess boy. Nope he is not a messy person, just that he is in charge of the Mess. Well, in a way, he has to ensure that the Mess is not in a mess.

(3) Canteen is the place to go at least twice a day. In the morning, go there for breakfast. Maybe before lunch, go there for tea break. Then, around 3pm, it is tea break again!!! It is highly recommended for everybody to go there whenever possible.

The above 3 Must-Dos are definitely highly recommended by me and it is definitely possible to squeeze time out from the training everyday.

(4) Eat at the cookhouse!! You might never know that the nearest cookhouse in your camp could be one of the best cookhouses in SAF. And surprise surprise surprise… that is what you get each day, you never know what is for breakfast and lunch and dinner! Prawn Mee, Nasi Briyani, Laksa, Chicken Cutlet… like it or not, be prepare to be surprised.

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Video Game Awards 2010!


I just viewed the Video Games Awards 2010 from Animax! The overall visual effects of the awards is pretty awesome – the lightings + the computer graphics = ultra super duper 3D!!!!


Red Dead Redemption won the “Game of the Year” but to me, Call of Duty: Black Ops is the best game for 2010.

My Chemical Romance also performed at the awards and they simply rocked the house. I would love to attend the awards one of these days.

MM Lee’s new book! To be launched on 21 Jan 2011.



Based on the 16 interviews MM Lee gave from December 2008 to October 2009, this book will covers his views on many issues. Maybe he will mention about the SGD$1 coin and explain why it is shaped like a bagua.

Think I will be buying this book on Friday.

Thursday, January 13, 2011

SAFRA Mahjong Challenge 2011


HUAT AH!!!! Go for this Challenge if you think you are MJ King or Queen!!! Huat AH!!!


Venue : SAFRA Jurong, Evergreen Room

Date/Time :
13th of Feb 2011   9:00 AM – 6:00PM

General Information :
Seeking all mahjong lovers! Join us at our SAFRA Jurong Mahjong Challenge 2011. Attractive vouchers and trophies for grabs. Hurry and sign up now at!

Terms & Conditions :
a.Submission of this registration form is not proof of acceptance. Registration will be confirmed in writing. NO telephone booking will be accepted.
b.Please note that registrations close 1week before activity day. As the activity is subject to minimum number of participants, members will be informed 7 days before activity day if the activity is confirmed.
c.All payments are to be made prior to the event. Payments are non-refundable unless in the event of the activities being cancelled by SAFRA.
Refund shall be determined on case-to-case basis. SAFRA shall deduct a nominal fee of 10% (Members) and 15% (Guests) as administrative cost for refund cases.
d.The Management reserves full rights to cancel or change details of event without prior notice.
e.The Management will not be liable for any mishap or injury, or any loss or damage by any participant during or as a result of the event.
f.Kindly be informed that all fees are inclusive of 7% GST.

Contact Person/No. :
Contact : 66864303 Fax: 66864313 Email:

Closing Date for Registration : 13th of Feb 2011

Friday, January 07, 2011

KOOPON!!! Discounts, discounts and more discounts!!!


Noticed this machine at Tampines One!!!


Registration is easy: just SMS <koopon XXX> to 81816664. Replace XXX with your own unique code and you shall receive a confirmation message a few seconds later. Otherwise, you can register yourself at their website.


Once registration is done, you can print out coupons from the machine. I got myself “Free Medium Upsize” with any Carl’s Jr combo meal (T&C applies)!! ^^

Bunny is here to celebrate Chinese New Year!! Huat Ah!


That is not a cat. That is a rabbit!!!!

Kind of surprised to see a rabbit running around my neighbourhood. Since CNY is approaching and it is going to the year of the Rabbit, I hope its special appearance is an indication of many good things to come.

I gave it some lettuce and water. Hopefully this rabbit can find its way home or have a new owner to bring it back home.   ^^

my paper Executive Look 2011


You think you have the look and charisma? Consider this challenge then, the prizes are really good!!! Good luck!!!

Download my Ovi Store App!!


“what you see is what you get” is available at Nokia Ovi Store!! Download it now!!!

SAFRA Dragonboat is recruiting!!


REQUIREMENT: Guys should have completed Nation Service and girls should be above 18 years old

Date: 23 January 2011 (Sunday)
Venue: Kallang Water Sports Centre, 10 Stadium Lane Singapore 397774
Time: 9.30 – 12.00pm
Kallang water sports centre:

Attire: Singlet/ T-shirt and Shorts

Footware: Sandals, Aqua shoe, Slippers

What to bring: Water bottle, sun block lotion (advisable), sunglass, cap, toiletries, towel, a set of fresh clothings (be ready to get WET!!)…. and your Fighting spirit!

Paddles and lifevest will be provided.

*Note: No orientation/ recruitment fees will be collected and we do not collect club funds from our paddlers. Do RSVP to me by 18 Jan 2011, Tuesday if you will be joining us in the orientation. Your promt reply will be greatly appreciated. (If you are unable to join us on 23 Jan and is still keen in joining us, do drop me a mail for other arrangement.)Do feel free to contact us at or reply to me if you have further enquiries.

Thank you and see you real soon!!

Paddles up!!!

Tuesday, January 04, 2011

A Special Golden Village and Ben & Jerry’s deal


What do you normally buy to eat when you go to the movies? Popcorn? Nachos? Soft drinks?

Well, from now till 10th Jan 2011 (or when the stocks run out), for just $12, you can get a Large Popcorn, Large Soft drink, 1 B&J’s mini tub and a B&J’s mug!!!

Only at Golden Village!

Twinkle twinkle little stars…


I am a frequent user of Google Map but seriously, I only know about Google Sky recently. Users can star gaze in the comfort of their houses. Cool huh…