Monday, April 24, 2006

Why don't we have Mr Roti Prata or Miss Nasi Lemak also ?

Nah, the title is just for fun. Just like me joining the contest, is for fun. Really!! For the experience and the exposure. Well, hmmm, actually the prizes are very attractive... but that is not the main thing. The main objective is to have fun and enjoy it. Since i don't see the chances of me getting the title, so i guess i will just see how lah.

Come to think of it, being in the Dinner and Dance committee last year, the operational methods of the Mister Spore committee is about the same. Sourcing for sponsors, going for fittings, photoshoot, etc. Even the part about selling tickets, which rely on the contestants, is the same. This is a message from the boss :

Each contestants has to sell 10 pairs of tickets tothe Presentation Show at $ 18 per ticket that includes a drink; and 5 pairsof tickets to The Main Event at $ 25 per ticket.

Arghhh... so many tickets, how to clear ?? Headache... Big headache...

Haizzz... exam is not yet over, but because i survived hell week (4 papers in 4 continuous days), everything seems to be easier. Hopefully exam can be over soon, then that is the time i will be freed. So, anybody wanna help me clear my tickets ??

Thanks to Zhongyi who is officially the first person to buy a ticket for the Main Event.
Presentation Show = 20/20 tickets left
Main Event = 9/10 tickets left

Fav song at this moment of time : << 失恋学>> 歌手: 林宇中