Friday, June 09, 2006

EN104 is over.... Yeah ...

The battle to become the best company is finally over!! EN104, it is all about outdoing your competitor and understanding what your customers want. And in NiSEi Pte Ltd, we have done it and we did it better. And the rest are, Luz Pte Ltd, Zenith, Ostinato, HighWay and eCube.

Clockwise from top left : Ostinato, Luz Pte Ltd, NiSEi, Zenith, HighWay, eCube.

The simulated marketplace had all of us running around, planning this and that. And some groups even discussed till late at night. For my team, we only spend Wednesday night trying to put everything together. It was a new experience working in an all guys team. Different feeling, different working styles. We adopted a more "relaxed" way of doing things. When a decision is required to be made, we talked about it and it was implemented rather fast. Coz, some time with gals around, they tend to worry about this and that. That is not a bad thing but it would just dragged the whole decision making process down. We started out with a backfired product, NiSys which wasn't popular with customers, but surprisingly, our other product, NiSys Mini sold very very very well. It wasn't our main target market, however, with this little motivation, we decided to shift our focus and concentrate on NiSys Mini ; which was a good thing as it still sells well in the 3rd quarter. However, as we don't have enough fund, we couldn't produce more and that is a great burden on our production cost... Then it was the VC Fair.

There was a total of 5 Venture Capitalists. 2 didn't even bothered to enter our room to listen to what we have to say. 2 were rather sarcasti in their comments, and 1, who happens to be my fren, gave us the chance. When i realised eCUbe got $4million, i was rather upset as they got the $$ very fast. Then, they were offered another $2million but it was capped to a maximum of $4million so they can't accept the offer. For us, NiSEi, it was a torture, i was like thinking, "could it that we are the only all-guys team that all this VC are not interested in ? " I suppose, the all gals team have an advantage in this case. Haiz...

We didn't give up. Or rather, we were not stressed by all this. But a lot of disappointment. We settled down and start to plan for the remaining quaters. Our advantage is that, we didn't got stressed out too much. And true enough, quarter 5 turned out very well for us. We were first in total performance. And with the R&D that we have bought and traded, we believed the last quarter will be good for us. We hope to achieve the 3rd place. 3rd place only.

We stayed thru the night to discuss and plan. At about 3am, we decided to call for a break. Then we decided to search another place as TR 124 has no air con and we were getting a bit sick of the still air in it. Hence, we moved around the sch, and we ended in Neo's room. Putting our stuffs there, we then headed for the coffee shop across the road and had our breakfast. Had a good guys-to-guys talk. Then it was time for us to return to NEC. In fact, for the whole of Thurs morning, NiSEi was the only team that was relaxing in its breakout room. It is not that we have given up, just that, we have completed our stuffs and were waiting for the results.

Then came 12noon. Results were out. And the over winner is... ... ...


Mixed feeling as we can't believe this.

Then we realised, the other groups were facing other problems which affected their total sales. We were lucky that the customers like our products. We didn't get the 3rd placing, but i am more than happy enough. Great job guys... Great time working you people - Anbhnur, Neo, Ivan and Eugene.

* Found this template on thurs morning, still not very happy with it, will upgrade again once i find a better one.

** Results not good, very sad. Will have to work harder next sem.