Saturday, November 25, 2006

Race pack collected, carbo loading in progress, ready for 42.195km

My number tag is 4936, must buy 4D. Who knows, might win.

Last paper on 30th November. Yes indeed, it is a big day !!! And unfortunately, it will also be my last day in hall 3 3c-03-13. IKEA Tampines will officially open on this day too. So i guess it will be a day with mixed feelings... haha...

Just can't wait for that day to come... and ... 3 days later, will be the marathon. Anticipating it...

i know my entries nowaday are a bit short and BORING... but that is because my current life is BORING... is Mug, Eat, Sleep, Run. Same old thing everyday... Haiz.... But once 30th comes... it will be back to the normal.... WA HA HA HAH AH A>>>>

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