Saturday, February 10, 2007

Saddest Blog entry ever ...

"God, please protect uncle in heaven..." exclaimed J and G's 5 yr old cousin. J and G are equally young as well, J being 6 yr old and G, 7. Their father, D, collasped yesterday and their life changed since then.

D was a salesperson and on 9th Feb, he was suppose to represent his company for a dinner. An expensive dinner to be exact, it costs $1600 for a person to enjoy the dishes which includes things like abalone and shark fin. Before dinner, D went back home to take a shower. In the afternoon, J & G were in school and only their mother, M, was at home. So D headed for the washroom to freshen himself.

All of a sudden, M heard a loud "thud". It came from the toilet. She rushed there and knocked hard at the door.

"D, are you okay ?? "

There was no reply.

She shouted and banged on the door.

But there was just no reply.

She began to worry for D. Using her strength, she tried to force open the door. It was hard as she ain't a strong woman. Then when she finally managed to force open a gap, she squeezed herself in. And there she saw D lying on the ground. Motionless. His face has turned purple. She shaked D's body but, there was no reply.

She then rushed out to call 995. But some how, the line was engaged and nobody answered her call. She tried a few more times but she just couldn't get thru. Remembering there is a clinic at level one, she got her keys and ran for the lift.

Upon reaching the lift, she fell to the ground. All of a sudden, her legs gave way and she got to crawl into the lift. She was too shock by what has happened to D. As the lift reached level one, she managed to walk that few steps and shouted her way into the clinic.

Her screamings caught everybody's attention and the doctor (from the clinic) came out and listened to her. He then went up with her. But it was too late.

At the hospital, D was officially proclaimed dead.

J & G and their drawings of D

The above is a rough description of what happened. It was also feature in today's Shin Min. I was at D's wake just now and i heard it from L(J & G 's auntie). J & G were running and laughing around. It seems that they don't really know what has happened to their father.

It was sad to witness something like this. Imagine losing either one of the parent at such a young age, i will feel terrible.

All of a sudden, the family burden fell onto M ; who always rely on D to bring home the income and settle the bills. What can she do now ?

Recently, there are many cases of people dying in their sleep, during a run, etc. These people dead all of a sudden, even in those who exercised regularly. What is wrong ah ? I don't know the cause but it definitely requires lots of attention and investigation.


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