Sunday, August 12, 2007

One Life Saved ~ ~ ~

Do you know 4 minutes of an unconscious person's time is very precious?

As the clock ticks, his chances of surviving is decreased by 10% every minute.

What can you do?

What can i do?

Well, i can do CPR, can you?

This is pretty old news i know; i retook my CPR last month and for this month, i took up Standard First Aid. It was interesting to learn the RIGHT way of bandaging and procedures to follow where accidents happen.

Although Singapore is safe and peaceful, we shouldn't take things for guaranteed.

We never know when accidents might happen so it is good to be prepared!!

Instructor Jeffery explaining the lesson.

Jeffery demonstrating the correct method to tie up a bandage.

Me all bandaged up.

Jacob "injured" in the head.

CPR revision ~ ~ ~ Hi Anne !!

Jeffery demonstrating "choking"

PS: Mr Goh Tong Wee was in the same First Aid class as me. He was my JC PE teacher, and he is still with SR. Gosh, i heard lots of teachers have left and yet he is still with SR. Amazing... And from him, i realised Annabelle has graduated from NIE and will be joining SRJC as a teacher very very soon. All the way girl !

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