Sunday, October 21, 2007


I was down with Flu last Thursday. Gosh, it wasn't exactly a good experience; fever, cough, running nose, headache, muscle ache ... the list can just go on like that... and to think i was wondering why i had not fell sick for so long the day before...

Marathon training was affected as i was too weak to run. And i had reminders from my mom that vigorous training would only worsen the problem, the virus might even get into the heart. This was further supported by the doctor from NTU Medical Centre. So i took the advice and allowed myself to be lazy; it isn't that bad really ~

Well, there are things to be done and hopefully i can finish them fast:

1. Integrated Environmental Management Project

2. Integrated Design Project

3. Final Year Project

4. 2nd last time Mugging for exam

5. Work and Travel USA.

Speedwing didn't allocate me a slot for the interview for WAT. I know it was based on first come first served and we only paid our $50 on the last day at the last hour but i think they can do better when it comes to informing the customers (that will be us.) Sending emails at 2230hr on Wednesday and "Demanding" us to reply by 1500hr on Thursday isn't exactly a good method, there wasn't enough time for us to react.

Actually, now i have second thoughts about this thing. Maybe i should just save all this trouble and go off to Vietnam or something.

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