Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Surf N Sweat 2008

Team photo

The most anticipated event organized by NTU Sports Club was held last Sunday. Myself, Xy, Wil, Engel and Sam signed up for the Beach Volleyball competition. But we didn't play in the end, coz we were very very late. The main reason for this was because we were not confident of ourselves.

Only myself is proficient of the rules and can play reasonably. The rest have almost never touch a volleyball. Haha... funny hor... then why did we sign up for it? Come to think of it, i'm not very sure too. Maybe, in the initial team formation, we've got good players but then, they "fly aeroplane", so we continued to look for replacements.

But then, i would say it was still a great outing. When would you see Tanjong Beach so spiced up? It was fun and it definitely felt like an event in other countries. I enjoyed myself although we didn't do much. If only we hang around longer, but then, the weather didn't look good. So, we actually made the right choice to "evacuate"!!

More photos @ Facebook

One more group photo.

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ncSue said...

Hey, dropped by your blog and found out that you joined Surf n Sweat last year.

Anyway, the event is back again this year on 1st March 09 at Tanjong Beach! Sign up now at http://surfnsweat.ntusportsclub.sg! Registration closes next Monday, 16th Feb.

Hopefully, Surf n Sweat will be even better for you and your friends these year =)