Tuesday, July 21, 2009

ION Orchard is OPENED!!

Today is the day ION Orchard Opens!! We dropped by for lunch and was surprised to see a queue forming up. A nice uncle told me, "Queue up for the free ice cream..." I thought to myself, ""Is it really free?" It turned out that the ice cream is really free and without further hesitation, we joined in the Q at the Gusttimo di Rome!
The green tea and the cheese ice cream were very very good. The tiramisu was so-so only... The whole place is big, bright and nice. It is linked to the Orchard MRT Station, so there is no reason why you will never step into ION Orchard. They do have a lot of shops which are not common in the other malls. But Basement 4, where the food stores should be, was not ready yet. A bit disappointed as we wanted to lunch there. But well, our office is just a stone throw (must use strength) away, we will be back again. For the ice cream and for lunch.

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