Monday, January 17, 2011

4 Must-Dos in Camp (if you need to do ICT)!!

(1) Shop at the Emart!!!! You get credits every 2 years and all you have to do is to flash your 11B or NRIC and wala… you can walk away with running shoes, tshirts, lots of socks and even towels!!!! I bet the Great SAF Emart Sales can sometimes be better than the Great Singapore Sales.

(2) Look out for the Mess. That will be the place for you to hang out, chill out and play pool or table soccer. Sometimes, movies will be screened at the Mess and it can be so fun that you will not want to leave. But then, look out for the Mess boy. Nope he is not a messy person, just that he is in charge of the Mess. Well, in a way, he has to ensure that the Mess is not in a mess.

(3) Canteen is the place to go at least twice a day. In the morning, go there for breakfast. Maybe before lunch, go there for tea break. Then, around 3pm, it is tea break again!!! It is highly recommended for everybody to go there whenever possible.

The above 3 Must-Dos are definitely highly recommended by me and it is definitely possible to squeeze time out from the training everyday.

(4) Eat at the cookhouse!! You might never know that the nearest cookhouse in your camp could be one of the best cookhouses in SAF. And surprise surprise surprise… that is what you get each day, you never know what is for breakfast and lunch and dinner! Prawn Mee, Nasi Briyani, Laksa, Chicken Cutlet… like it or not, be prepare to be surprised.

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