Friday, January 26, 2007

Most bloody post ever !! Be Warned !!!

OUchhhhhhh... Tooth extracted but it sure hurts a lot after it has been taken out !!

The chipped tooth plus the roots... bloody...

Dr Ng, my dentist, was like :" jia lat jia lat... very bad... " I don't know if he is just scaring me or if the condition is really that bad, but his words sure made me fearful... O_o

It was a fast "operation" and within minutes, the damaged tooth was out. It happened last year when i was munching some biscuits when i felt there was some hard particles in my mouth. No pain no nothing and my tooth, 6th from the right, was chipped. That night, i felt very gan cheong and immediately the next morning, i rushed to his clinic. It turns out i have not been brushing properly even though i brush in the morning and at night. Now, this will be a very good reminder for me to take care of my teeth properly !!

It is still bleeding at this moment... slight pain... ouch...

Steven Goh, U must remember to take the medication and, NO ALCOHOL NOR SEAFOOD for 2 weeks !!

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