Tuesday, April 10, 2007


Woo hoo !! In the end, they still insisted to upz their salary. PM of Spore will then be earning 5 times more than the President of US. Gosh, the PM of Spore must be a really "VERY IMPORTANT PERSON". Hmmm.. i wonder who he is...


By the way, when has the government ever listened to the people. So, no matter what we said, they will listen and forget.


Actually, i am not against the increase in the salary if Spore has becomes a better place for you and me. If the poor are really being helped, if life is not that stress, maybe it will be more justifiable for the increase.

So, is the increase in GST to fund the increase in their salaries ?

And gosh, what's with the release of the economical figures today. What is the government trying to prove ??

That, we are really doing very well ?

That, they really deserved the increment ?

I used to dislike a very old man. Then after reading his book, some respect for him. Then after his "threats", i find him rather disgusting.

But, come to think of it. Is there a hidden agenda somewhere ?

What is this old man trying to do ?

Questions questions questions, so many questions but no answers. Who can help ah ?

EXAMS are really really really CLOSE !! 加油 desu !!

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