Monday, June 04, 2007

No Room No Honey

To "buy" a room in the hall

To "buy" a room in the hall

Hello everyone:This year I failed getting a room in NTU hostel. As I do not want to move out because of many inconveniences will be brought during my final year if so, I would like to find some guys who have successfully get a room to "buy" from you.Details are here:Firstly, I need to find two vacancies, one is male and the other is female. For any double room from hall 8 to 15, I would like to pay 200$ per month to you. For any single room in these halls, I would like to pay 240$ per month. I prefer getting rooms from hall 8 to 15. However, I will also think about other halls.Anyone who is interested in this please call 8113 8039. As I will be back to China during June 15th to July 12th, you guys please email me during this period.

Last last friday i received an email from Ng Bee Leng again. And she informed me about me not getting any rooms for my final year. Simply because i don't have enough points, judging from where i stay, i have 7 points but the minimum required is 14. I have heard that in some halls, even the friendly people from the JCRC didn't get their rooms. Isn't this system outrageous ?

Then, i happened to see the above email. A student from China without a room ?? Isn't that weird ?? Foreign students are guranteed a room isn't it ?? Strange... Just what's wrong with this new system ??

Gosh and exams results will be out on 8th June. Will i get flying colours or... ???

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