Thursday, July 19, 2007

Appreciate what we have

Sri Lanka: JVP wants LTTE defeated in the North

Wednesday, 18 July 2007

The Military achievements during the recent weeks including the capture of Thoppigala was lauded in parliament by JVP parliamentary Group leader Wimal Weerawansa yesterday (17).
Making a special statement in parliament, the JVP parliamentarian said that the de-linking of the north-east merged under the Indo-Lanka Peace Accord in 1987 on a temporary basis was possible due to the JVP’s intervention which was completed by the heroic forces by capturing the entire east.

The MP said that the east was finally and completely liberated on July 11 for which the armed forces by capturing the entire east.The MP said that the east was finally and completely liberated on July 11 for which the armed forces made huge sacrifices."

It means that there one no LTTE camps anywhere in the eastern province. The troops have proved that they have what it takes," he said.Weerawansa critiqued these who have acted like prophets of doom calling the was un-winnable. "

This belief was market by the government, the opposition, NGOs and international agents.He noted that however, if the government used the victories for political expediency, and for the same purpose, the opposition undermined the successes, both parties were wrong.

He said that the LTTE had responded to the capture of Thoppigala by killing the Eastern Secretary, H M Herath Abeyweera which was proof of their hunt."What is how required is a programme that could reintroduce democracy to the areas and to ensure t he uplift of the people making Eastern Province their home," he added.

Urging that the LTTE be defeated in the North in a similar manner, the MP called upon the nation to celebrate the military successes by holding felicitation ceremonies.


It may look strange having this news in my blog, especially since when do i have anything to do with Sri Lanka.

But the thing is, the man who was killed was my colleague's father.

On Tuesday, she didn't come to work; we were told her father had passed away.

It was sad to hear this and normally, i would link the death with illness, accidents, etc

So, she rushed back to Sri Lanka immediately on that day.

But, it was only until today then did i realise that her father's death was not a normal case.

In Singapore, death would rarely be linked to gun shot as it is almost impossible for the commoners to own a gun.

Over here, we enjoy peace and stability.

Everybody has a stable job, a house to stay in, food to eat, TV to watch, malls to shop...

Let's appreciate and be thankful for the things that we have taken for granted and not complain and complain... ok?

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