Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Entrepreneur Six BBQ @ Sentosa

It is never easy to organize a gathering. Especially when everybody is busy with his or her own things and the time just doesn’t match.

On 22nd July 2007, ETP Six had a BBQ @ Costa Sand Sentosa. Attendance was encouraging - Me, Tianhong, Eugene, Cindy, Huimin, Seth, Neo, Anubhav, Ivan and Albert.

The weather has been kind to us; it didn’t rain until we were BBQ-ing halfway through. And, it was more of a drizzle than rain, so what more can we ask for.

Food was great but there was too much. Why leh?

Because, there are people who flew our airplane. Tsk tsk, I wonder how credible they can be??

But still, we had fun. Especially towards the end when we really need help to help clear the food, we played the ever-so-much-fun game: Zhong Ji Mi Mah, Ultimate Number. The remaining food was at stake. Being a vegetarian, Huimin set the number.

And how lucky can a person get; Eugene kena 5 times wor!! Or was it more than that? Hmm, but still, he cleared 5 big premium Otahs for us!! Many thanks!!

The rest left, with me, Huimin, Tianhong and Albert staying behind. Albert was spontaneous enough to accompany us even though he has to “report” to work the next day. In the small Kampung Hut, we played Dai Dee and drank vodka. After several rounds, Tianhong and Huimin got high so we decided to go for a walk.

We walked along Siloso beach, which is rather scary at night. Even though there was music from Cafe Del Mar, the soulless beach at night is still eerie...

And all of a sudden...

Something happened.

Tianhong puked.

He did a great job imitating our Singapore’s icon, the Merlion.

Huimin remained strong although she looked reddish in the face.

We even sneaked into the Song of the Sea to take a peek. Of course, there wasn’t any more show at 1am. It was a replacement for the Musical Fountain and now we have to pay to watch it. Gosh...

Luckily for Albert, his usual Taxi uncle was willing to fetch him from Sentosa back to Woodlands. But, I think it will burn a hole in his wallet. Thanks for staying back dude.

We got back to the Kampung Hut where we could only managed one last game of Dai Dee. After which, it was lights off. Albert left at around 2.30am, i think.

I woke up at 7am.

Not wanting to disturb the rest, i headed down to the beach and was glad to have the whole beach to myself. Wa Ha Ha Ha...

Quoted from Eugene, “maybe we should not have this type of gathering in the future...”

Yes yes yes i agreed... it is troublesome to organize something like this. It would be easier if we just go to Marina South or maybe even Seoul Garden. But, let’s leave that to some other time. For now, we have the time to plan; in the future we might not.

Once again, to all who came, THANKS!!!

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