Friday, September 14, 2007


I am so sorry Blog, i haven't been filling you up with more posts.

I am truly sorry.

I have settled into Hall 15. Single room is indeed shiok; but it cost more at the same time. So i guess there is this pro-cons thingy.

Last week, i took up balloon twisting. It was a course offered by Safra Tampines, they got a professional balloon twister - Richard Lim - to teach. The moment i stepped into the classroom i was amazed to see many kids in it. But there were 3 other adults who looked pretty comfortable with themselves; can see the excitement in their eyes.

I sat down and scanned through the materials on the table - balloons, balloons and more balloons, an air pump and a big plastic bag. And there was this man in a funny vest. I then guessed he might be the instructor and true enough he really was.

Lesson started on time and i had fun twisting, pinching the balloons. The balloons provided weren't enough and i had to buy more from the instructor. I learnt how to create dog, sword, hat, heart, flower... Once again, the theory of "practice makes perfect..." make me want to practice more to perfect the skill.

So, i have been going around, creating and giving balloons to those who i saw. Since i am making balloons, it would be a waste to make and throw. So might as well make and give so that the happiness can be spread to the others.

FYP not going smoothly. A bit lost now, direction isn't very clear. Haiz...

One thing for sure, I need more people to help up with my data collection.

Can you help?

If you can, please help!!

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