Wednesday, September 19, 2007

New SBS 179A

For those who have no ideas why I am standing at Boon Lay Bus Interchange (BLBI) in the mornings looking dumb dumb, i am going to tell you why.

I am doing my FYP which got to do with the bus services from BLBI to NTU Campus, they are 179 and 199.

I got to find out the demand for 179 while my project mate will deal with 199. Since the queue for 179 stretches all the way to the MRT station almost everyday, what is actually the problem?

Why is that this has been happening each and everyday from, gosh, i don't know when?

Why is it not solved?

That's for me to find out.

Well, got the news that there will be a special 179A starting from 1st October. This service will run on the normal 179 route but will skip the bus stops at Jurong West st 64 and Pioneer Road North.

They will only operates on week days (except for Public Holidays) during the following peak period:

Morning : 0745 hrs – 0930 hrs

Afternoon : 1600 hrs – 1930 hrs

So is it going to improve the current situation?

I don't know but i will continue to observe the situation.

Hey, if anybody wants to help me collect data for this project, please feel free to tell me wor.

I can't pay you $ but i can treat you to yummy breakfast and if you want, free hugs...

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