Saturday, August 20, 2011 SMASHING PRICES


I dropped by the’ s HQ last Thursday and was introduced to the entertainment shopping website. It was launched in July 2010 and has now 34,000 registered users!!

A variety of products can be found at From PS3, iPad 2, iPhone, Wii to Kindle which cannot be found in Singapore.


There we have Qiuyan, one of the founders, telling us more about how works.


The bidding price start from zero. Each time an user places a bid, the bid price increases by 15cents and countdown timer increase by up to 20 seconds per bid. Bid is made using tokens which can be purchased from the website. Each token costs 75cents. So when the countdown timer reaches zero, the one who made the last bid wins the auction.

In short,


Simple huh??

Why not try it today?

Go to where treasures can be found!

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