Thursday, March 09, 2006

Cutting hair @ Kovan today is so so fun...

Today is a werid day. I went to Kovan, with Xiaoqi, Weijing and Tianhe to cut hair. But i was only there to see see... coz my hair is really short enough... Darm... So why was i there ? As i have already said... to see see...
Think the past few days of mugging really has gotten over me, now feeling like a nerd, ok lah, got mug but not a lot but at least something has been done, and i kind of proud of that. Haha... With the first lesson of minor in entrepreneurship commercing on tuesday, i have come to realise that this course is going to be an inspiring one. A/P Tan was saying,
" Entrepreneur is not out to make a lot of $$ but instead, he has a dream, a dream to change the way... "
Back to cutting-hair-@-Kovan, well, i must say the hairstylist impressed me one way or another, as i eavedropped to her giving comments to Weijing about her curls, i was like, "woo... she's good..." So, even neighbourhood hair salon can be as good as those big names... Then after like 1.5hrs of cutting, they are finally done, Weijing with nice curls, Xiaoqi with layered hair, Tianhe with a shorter version of what he had before. It was all nice and cheap, ranging from $9-$14 with cut and wash. Quite worth it. I think.
Then we headed for Yoshinoya @ Heartland mall, i was like... " Got student price leh... $3.95 only or 1 bowl, a plate of 3 pieces of chips and 1 drink... " I was quite happy with it... really, since it has been a long time since i had had Yoshinoya. After lunch, it was jounery back to NTU. I have many things to settle, so i guess deciding to go back to sch was the right choice.
1. Getting surveyors for the career fair
2. Lab report
3. Sending emails to Fuji Xerox and Adventure 21
4. Study
Then, round 5plus, i had a call from Rachael, forgot from where one... she was telling me that i have been selected to be one of the models for the Converse show on 15th and 16th. Yeah!! Meaning, i will get $30 out of it... not a lot... but i hope it will be fun... so dudes, watch out for me as i catwalk in converse next week at NTU Canteen B and A respectively from 12pm - 1pm... haha... sounds kind of Himbo... but then... who cares...


Anonymous said...

Enjoyed a lot! » » »

Anonymous said...

may i know which salon did you guys went to?(: