Tuesday, March 14, 2006

a quick entry before i rush to man booth...

Darm... how could i have missed out seeing my name on the schedule, i was suppose to do the 12.30-1.30pm slot... but then... i didn't see that... so in the end didn't go... was feeling darm paisei... haha... careless lah me... "fortunately" for me, i have another slot at 2.30pm which is in a few minutes time... so will be rushing there soon ba.

I can predict my wednesday and thursday to be very chaotic, as i have many things happening at the same time. I wonder whether i will survive not...

1. Odac booth
2. Converse Fashion Show
3. Career Fair
4. Lessons

There will be times when i will have to be around at the same time... how how how ?? Guess i can only take a step at a time... ok... got to go...

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