Tuesday, March 07, 2006

U cannot discover new ocean unless U have the courage to lose sight of the shore..

Cool... just went OBS last weekend. 3 days 2 nights camp. I went to OBS before but it is really a new and different experience this time round. The things that we did are more challenging and the people we have are more active people.

Things were really thrown to us to make it look like the real world scenarios. High element obstacles are not the same anymore, it is not just climbing up and climbing down. Instead, it is more like a real life version of the board game, Monopoly.

We had bloody lotsa food !! For the 1st day, we had expedition, and we were suppose to bring along the dry food that was prepared for us, it was alot loh... i think with that amount, can last us for 2days... becoz when we are tired, we won't be eating much. And when we got back to camp, all meals was wonderful. Delicious. Different!! Very different from 5yrs ago when i was there. But i must say NTC is rather rich to be able to offer this camp for us, as from my understanding, it costs $500 for one person and we had 33. Go do your calculation and you will see, it is not a small sum.

I found friends, people who are of the same mindset with me. Last time, when i talked to someone about starting a business, i only got back negative response. This time round, i have actually managed to find people who are willing to listen and share their views with me. Steady right!! But of course, just like army, there are always a few who can't take the pressure, or rather they are not used to being in harsh environment. I must say, i will try to look on this point and view them as normally as possible.

Whenever i met a strong competitior, i will kind of hate him or something, as i felt that he/she is a threat to me. Good for me, i managed to overcome this and actually accept him and make him my friend. Is not easy, but it is definitely worth it. As they say, Life is a continuous learning process until the day we died.

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